Nicolas Ritter: One

Nicolas Ritter’s photography project, One, caught my eye.

Nicolas Ritter: One

“The project » one « focuses on the individual in a crowd. It particularly imitates the way in which the human eye observes: not viewing a crowd as a crowd, but observing little micro-scenes inside of it. All images are taken in London.”

Nicolas Ritter: One

It reminds me of that superpower I wanted as a kid, where I could stop and start time with a finger-click.

Nicolas is currently studying at the Academy of Art and Design in Offenbach, Germany.

More moving images on his website.


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  1. I really had to look hard at the second one for a moment. Great stuff!

    (The advertising potential for a concept like this is way up there. I know that’s not what it was intended for, but I’d love to see this as a commercial.)

  2. ErickP

    Although always cool to look at, I don’t know what makes these any more special then what’s been done. I understand his focus but it’s still doesn’t make it special. Perhaps I’m missing something. Especially when creating these are rather simple via software like…

    Don’t get me wrong, like I mentioned before, I think they are really cool but not stand out work. Again, I could be in the minority. ;-)

  3. Acrobat

    Freezing the image and having one focus of movement is very effective.
    I assume this is done by combining a still image and superimposing the moving elements. It’s very clever – would love to know how it’s done.

  4. Great stuff, made me look, thanks for sharing!

  5. Jamie Beck does a lot of these cinemagraphs too

  6. Meredith

    made me smile especially the second one! Thanks for sharing

  7. Very subtle, very clever. If this could be weaved into a campaign that looks like a traditional poster campaign but in fact contains elements of video I think that could be very effective in capturing attention in a micro movement way. Great stuff.

  8. Nice take on the animated gif thingy that has been so popular of late:

    This clip from Guide to the Senses, great documentary on BBC Four last week is about how our brain blocks out distractions allowing us to focus.

  9. Wow! This is extraordinary.

    I love it – and I’ve never come across anything like it. That superpower sounds like a nice shout David ;) Thanks for sharing, incredible work!

  10. I love this, so NEW, though it does feel somewhat sinister don’t you think!?

  11. Really fun stuff. I wonder if the two subject stumble upon these what they will think…
    (although I am sure waivers were signed!)

  12. Wow this such a great concept. I really like how he chooses which individual and its almost as if he knows where the human eye will look.

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