New work: TalkTo

TalkTo logo colours

I recently created a number of identity design variations for Massachusetts-based startup TalkTo.

Talkto logo on signage

TalkTo logo on tshirt

TalkTo: They'll listen

Stuart Levinson“You’re pretty awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. Easy to recommend you to others, happy to do it.”

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You’ll see all iterations over on the TalkTo portfolio page along with a few sketches.

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  1. David, I’m constantly impressed with your work and of all the newsletters I get, your’s is probably the one I look forward to the most. You are inspiration, especially to someone like myself who runs a small web design business in Scotland.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Absolutely love your creative process. If it was me I’d pick option 3. I looked at each option several times and its option 3 always for me.

    I am curious of what made you develop four options for this client?


  3. David, of the four options presented (which are equally well fleshed out), I think the first and fourth work best for the client’s brand identity. It’s unfortunate that option four was chosen over one, as I think option one was a bolder and more creative choice overall.

    But altogether you once again show a complete knowledge of the company, its core message, its audience, and how best to visually convey those to the business and the consumer. Well done, sir.

  4. Thanks a lot for the comments and compliments, folks.

    Robert, I guess you’re numbering the options in the order shown above, and not by the numbers listed on the feature page. If that’s the case, I was also pushing for use of your favoured design (a customisation of Miles Newlyn’s Quoge typeface). In the end, as always, it’s a group decision.

  5. I like the option with the opposing Ts. Although the “many conversations” brand pattern has more of a cemetery vibe (like those American war memorial graves we see on movies) so probably best they went for the rounded version. A good choice.

  6. Very nice, David, as usual.

    I think the best one was chosen: it’s simple, matches what the company stands for and can be customised easily, as the Valentine’s Day example shows.

    Great stuff.

  7. Thank you so much for putting your processes online. I am working on a rebranding and have referred to your site for advice and resources many times. Great work!

  8. Although it’s been a long time since I’ve commented, I’ve got to admit that I’m amazed at the way you go about your business, Mr. Airey. Wonderful presentations here: I, too would have gone with option four. Option two, ‘Talking’ was also fascinating. How do you come up with those ideas and rationales? You’re simply blessed, creative and hard-working! Well done, sir!

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