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  1. A nice, clean concept, and always great to have a client be able to give a glowing testimonial – we just got one from a client who has generated £10k of business from his website in 6 months!

    I do like the logo’s motif on the website’s design (bottom left) – adds a nice touch.

  2. You never cease to impress me, David. At first glance, I said to myself “Yes! Great logo. Definitely works”. I tend to always do that with your work.

    What amazes me is that at first glance, everything about that logo works well. But at second glance, I almost ask myself “really? How does that work so well”. I think I tend to OVERTHINK my work sometimes. If I came up with this logo, I would get to your end result, probably not like it or think it wouldn’t work in application and move on to something else.

    But after seeing this logo work beautifully in application on their website along with the different types of variations that can be used, once again I am humbled. Good work David!

    As always, I take something very useful away from your work that I hope to apply to my own.

    Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

  3. I, as always, love the simplicity of your designs I do love the “little extra” changed you did to the original to arrive at the final logo. And despite the simple shapes, the logo has a very unique look (i.e. no other logos come to mind when I see it). My only “issue” with it is that I’m not seeing the “fitness” element in the logo, nor much of a “K”. Maybe I just need more information on the company to get a better feel of the connection between the symbol and what the company offers.

    Great work nonetheless. And also greatly appreciate your articles on your logo processes. Thanks!

  4. Great work David, I like the result very much.

    I noticed your use of whitespace: The composition of whitespace in the symbol is perfectly weighted in my opinion. I say this because it is always tempting to adapt certain elements to be the same – i’m referring to the space between the “pie piece” and its surrounding elements to the left and right. I usually find myself looking for harmony at such a point, and finding out how it looks if I make all three spaces the same. Which, in this case, would not be right.

    Your final symbol has a nice incremential increase in whitespace from left to right, which literally opens it up on a very subtle level. Very nice indeed!

    I love the type also. Is that P22 Underground you used?

  5. I really like the weight of the typeface you chose it compliments the logo mark perfectly in my opinion. Another great logo you have achieved here. Congratulations :)

  6. It’s one thing to add simple geometric shapes together to create a logo like your first concepts – it’s another thing to make those pieces work in harmony to create unique shapes for a brand identity. This is a perfect example of that concept–something I have always struggled to grasp in my design efforts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Richard, absolutely. They definitely keep me enthused. Great news with your own recommendation, well done, and yes, I also liked that bottom-left logo addition on the KF website.

    Phil, that’s kind of you to say. Thanks. It can be easy to over-think briefs when often it’s the simple ideas that are most effective.

    Paul, without that little change, it wouldn’t have been accepted, which just goes to show how the small details count.

    Robert, nice to have you point it out. The type uses two members of Gotham. Testament to the type work of H&FJ.

    Mark, Nate, thanks a lot for your thoughts.

  8. Very good. The first thing I thought of when seeing the symbol with the name, was a person laying down doing situps or laying on a bench about to benchpress.

  9. a really fantastic and interesting logo, its always great to see the working process, especially this one.always good to be reminded how much small changes can effect the dynamics of the design.

    I was wondering though about your logo ‘design questionnaire’. you may of already written a post about this, but do you have some sort of questionnaire template for all your potential clients?

  10. You make it all look so easy…until one reads your thought process behind all of that work. I like the end result and thank you for bringing us in on your creative process it helped me understand more about the inception of a logo. Thanks so much, very glad I found this site.

  11. Hi David,

    Don’t you feel the “negative space K” you created in the draft that you presented was compromised on when you tweaked the symbol to nudge the pie-piece into the half-circle? I like the way you simplistically break up your thoughts, which becomes apparent from your mind-map and initial scribbles. Real neat.


  12. I like the bold typeface with the thin type they compliment each other well. I also really like that you add the sketches I can see a number of strong concepts in the initial ideas. Good work David it’s a really nice logo.

  13. David I think the logo is wonderful. I personally like modern-looking designs that are simple yet very striking. You can see that you put a lot of thought into the logo design, and it’s not just a matter of creating a “pretty” logo, but one that trul embodies brand values and personality.

    I love the K that is formed in the negative space, and of couse the one of ultimate defining factors is how well it works in black and white, and it’s gorgeous anyway you take it.

    It would be lovely to work with you on stuff. One day when my budgets allow for the exchange rate. It’s one of my dollars to 12 of yours. But methinks that sometime in life, hopefully we’ll get to work on something together.


  14. Hi David

    Nice, simple application.
    Not entirely sold on the font selection, just my opinion – it leaves me a bit cold, it’s rather stark and if the audience is strictly “gym’ that’s great, but if we’re leaning toward the Health Care instiutions as well, I may have gone for a “friendlier” font choice. Nonetheless great work.

    Keep up.

  15. I really loved this post ,usually I just skim by design blogs and usually read as much as I can without commenting , but I was just shocked at how simple but complicated this seemed. As a graphic design student , I haven’t been taught yet the thought processes of anything just technical stuff right now. Anywhoo , I love the logo , and the post is very helpful.

  16. Great design, it is interesting to see the thought processes, looks great in context, and helpful to see some of the logo adaptability laid out.

  17. Daniel, you can see the initial questions I ask of clients here: my design questionnaire (update: no longer available).

    Anand, you’re right. There was some compromising of the negative space, but the argument towards it’s change involved an increased integration between the two main services offered. A kind of merging of the segments.

    Daiver, I mention the type in this comment.

    Karel, the exchange rate can sometimes prove a barrier — completely understandable. Here’s hoping we can work together at some point in the future.

    Thanks for everyone else’s comments.

  18. I agree with what others have said David, wonderful work. I too tend to over think logo designs and probably wouldn’t have settled on this one had I designed it because it’s pretty basic. For whatever reason I develop something that is minimal and seems to work but I keep adding to it and eventually turn it into something that doesn’t work. I wish I could get to the point where I settle for something simple yet effective as this logo is. A lot of people may look at this logo and think that there’s really nothing much too it and they’re right, but that is what makes it great. I think a lot of people have no idea how much effort goes into developing something like this that seems to be so simple that anyone could do yet it’s really not that simple. Again you deliver a great design.

  19. I’m not a designer and I’m not an expert, but I am impressed.

    Not just with the final project, but with your willingness to spend the time to share your process with all of us.

    It increases my appreciation for those of you in the design biz and it’s just flat-out interesting, too!

    Thanks for a glimpse into a the creative process!


  20. Hey David, long time no see!

    I’ve been checking back here every now and again but struggling to find the time to post.

    This logo has made me find time though!

    I’ve not been a huge fan of your last couple of designs (no offence! You know i’m a big fan generally ;) ) but I think this is very much back to your best.

    I love the choice of font and particularly the different weighting.

  21. David, it’s good that you drew the business direction and process chart.

    On it’s own, and without any additional information about the company, the name “Komplett Fitness’ only suggests the physical aspects – like getting fit, building up muscles and buying equipment. Most people will not assume that it is also offering lessons, nutritional planning, supplement and more. Your chart suggests that they are providing a full spectrum of service. That makes the “circle” all the more meaningful. To me, the “circle” is “all encompassing”. The “K” in the centre means Komplett is the brain controlling and commanding all the activities.

    I guess I’m one of those who don’t judge a logo by “nice or not nice”. I appreciate the bigger picture behind a logo.

  22. Hi David,

    Great work (as usual!)

    Just a quick question, where did you purchase your squared pad that you use for your sketches? I have been looking round and can’t seem to find one like that.


  23. Hi David,

    Always love reading your design process posts. Very inspiring. Its good to see the workflow and the thought processes. I also don’t think there’s a logo of yours I’ve seen that I don’t like!

  24. Hello David,

    My name is Fernanda and im a Junior at a Graphic Design College in Brazil.
    I found you website 3 days ago and so far im lovin it.
    As a designer, I can definitely say that the articles and especially your design process posts are so inspiring and interesting to read.
    Congrats and get the good work!

  25. Wow. Great work david.

    In first look, It seem to appear as if the small portion towards the right is being removed from the left part. Some thing removed from, may be the body fat…. :)

    Nice work.

  26. Shaun, no offence whatsoever. My aim isn’t to please everyone. That’d be unrealistic. My aim is to provide my clients with designs effective for their businesses and audiences.

    Karl, I picked up a few of those graph pads in a stationery shop. I can’t remember the name, possibly Eason.

    Chaitanya, I like your rationale. Hope you’re keeping well.

  27. It’s amazing to see the amount of thought and effort that goes into the whole process. I beleive the chosen logo is the best. Nice and Simple not to over the top.

  28. I really like this. I’ve looked at tutorials on making logos in Adobe and other apps. But nothing has ever shown this side of it.

    Its easy enough to learn to use an app but to develop ideas like this is much more important.

    One other thing – you’ve inspired me. I thought designers just went ‘PING’ and it happened as if by some great magic. But seeing as even the qualified and experienced allow themselves the time to brainstorm I think I may just give this a go myself on some of my own logos.

  29. I liked the first logo (with those three bars, two of them inclined to the third) quite a lot. It is a pity that Komplett thought it was close to BMW or whatever.

    Logo for DoshDosh and now this – both circular, color-reversible and all – awesome, David. The logo looks better on the website screenshot than others – maybe because of the greyish background.

  30. On its own, to me at least, not your strongest logo. Most of yours I tend to love straight away, however it really does come together in execution with the website. On a bigger scale, especially as a watermark, the shapes have an excellent interplay. Maybe it’s the circular edges combined with the angles inside? Something to think about anyway if you ever need to design any stationary.

  31. Very nice informational page thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I can only imagine people would pay millions just to have a piece of your creativity and clean craftsmanship and organized planning prior to working on a computer..


  32. Nick, thanks for your recent email, but it wasn’t me who posted that last comment.

    Brian, I’m not taking on any new design projects at this time, but thanks for your inquiry.

  33. Hi David,

    Just an observation:

    “The wide version (top-right, above) was ideal for the website framework which was already in place…”

    Shouldn’t it be “top-left”?

    Love your designs and reading about the process. Keep it up!


  34. I like your way in thinking and design, and I hope to read much more about the process of the logo birth moment :) if we can call it that.
    Thank you for sharing this information and I hope to reach your level of experience.

  35. David congrats on another great piece.
    I love the use of negative space and thank you so much for sharing your design process.
    Do you think that the bolded and then regular type is competing with the symbol/logomark for attention?
    I’m only a student not a practising professional so far be it for me to question. However I thought that maybe it would benefit from simplicity in the type treatment in order to allow the logomark to become more dominant visually.
    I’m interested in your thoughts.

  36. Hey, David. I’m an upcoming graphic designer and I really do like your touch on logos. Must have taken a long time to get this far. You make logo design seem so easy. I just accidentally pounced on your site and saw amazing stuff. Nice work with your book Love Design Love, I just love your touch of simplicity.

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