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  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s great to see how other designers and specially one like you develop their designs and how they present their work to their clients. Which design did they choose?

  2. I totally agree with Manuela. It is great to see how other designers, especially a successful freelance designer like yourself, develop their ideas and present their work to clients.
    David, I’ve seen/read many of your case studies and “Feru” is probably my favorite by far. I enjoyed reading about the original font you chose and the customization you did for Feru…and the reason behind it.

  3. Neither idea has been chosen yet. For me, the first one’s stronger (the idea shown above). And you’re both more than welcome. Glad it’s of interest.

  4. David, I cannot emphasize how much I love this design!

    Any brand identity that incorporates both shape and photography seamlessly gets my vote. I love this kind of design and the contrast of colours works really well for both red and blue.

    Also, looking at the portfolio entry, I much prefer this variation over the other. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you, this is lovely work and such a joy to see how you progressed/developed the design. I really enjoy your posts and this one is particularly inspiring.

  6. David, your case study was highly enjoyable and beautiful to behold. I am also a quilter, and I can’t tell you how much your 8-pointed design is whispering to me to re-create it out of fabric…

  7. Interesting work, I particularly enjoyed the tweaking of the wordmark to make it more appropriate, and the origin of the symbol is interesting and relevant, allowing for a nice graphic system.

  8. Thanks for sharing your case study. I’ve enjoyed all of them so far and think it’s a great idea to explain your thought process behind your concepts.

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