New work: CampusIT

CampusIT designs, develops, implements and maintains student management information systems for universities and colleges in the UK and Ireland.

I was hired to create the company’s new brand identity.

CampusIT sketches

CampusIT logo before and after
CampusIT logo — before (left) and after (right)

You can view the full portfolio entry here: CampusIT.

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  1. Hi David,
    simplicity is sometimes Genius. Good job on research again that’s usually where all the complexity lies and leads to a simple and yet solid concept. I also appreciated your first proposition the application of the brand was really convincing to me. BTW what’s the trick to make these 3D mock ups look real, are you using a special software besides Illustrator and/or Photoshop ? Thanks

  2. I’m so glad you got rid of the typical circle/swoosh/Saturn rings that communications companies use. The new typeface with the subtle slant in the ascenders/decenders is much fresher looking.

    Totally enjoying your writing.


  3. It’s a much better solution than their old logo. I second Amanda’s vote though, I think they lost out on a much more versatile brand experience by dumping the symbol you created and that was even after giving them mocks and everything? They’re out of their mind ;)

    Great work as always David.

  4. David, your version of the CampusIT logo stands out better unlike the old logo. I think the slants in the typeface are a fine choice especially how well it looks with the subtle angles. It does make the logo more unique now that it is bolder and uses a darker color although I wonder how it would’ve looked in red instead of gray. It is still a great job ;)

    By the way, your case study on the logo was very good too. You certainly can dish out some perfect mock-ups to go with your concepts! Photoshop is grand! Also thought the names “Transaction”, “Touchpoints”, and “Montara” for your ideas were pretty neat.

    David, forgive me for asking but, would you have the time to take a look at my case study for a photography logo I recently designed and let me know what your thoughts are?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing David and keep up the good work :)

  5. Hope things have been good with you lately, Chris.

    Jamie, I stopped by and left a few thoughts. I hope they’re of some use even though your project’s complete.

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