New work: Asian Development Bank

Since its founding in 1966, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been driven by an inspiration and dedication to improving people’s lives in Asia and the Pacific.

ADB holds Annual Meetings for Governors of member-countries to provide guidance on ADB administrative, financial, and operational directions.

After an email out of the blue, and a few early morning conference calls to Manila, I was hired to develop a symbol to identify the Annual Meeting.

ADB Annual Meeting symbol

My rationale and a few sketches are on the ADB portfolio page.

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  1. Hi David, well done on this project! Based on their existing logo, I think this solution does give ADB a sense of growth and completeness, capturing an insight to any city in Asia and that definitely allows it to be consistent. I’m unsure if the same concept would’ve worked if the square was outside of the circle.

    Question, did you play around with the wordmark at all? Or did you intend to keep it the same to retain the organization’s brand equity?

  2. Great work David, very good identity for the annual meetings that solves problems for the client. Frames the photos of Asia nicely.

  3. Hi Jamie, I thought it’d be better to extend the circle outside the square so it acts as a container, as if it holds every ADB project — everything’s covered at the meeting. The ADB monogram in the square wasn’t part of my job. It was always going to stay the same, so I left it.

    Thanks, Luke.

  4. Nice work. Maybe you can reduce the opacity of the white circle/square a little. On second thoughts just leave it as it is… its nice.. :)

  5. David, what a beautifully simple and adaptable mark you’ve made, I really love how you considered the strategic as well as the financial needs of the client.

    It’s great that the mark is flexible enough for the host cities to bring some of themselves in; as an Australian I’m well aware that Asian countries approach design from a different perspective to Western countries, and you’ve straddled that cultural bridge skillfully.

    In regards to the positioning of the circle outside the square, I saw a gathering of chairs or people around a table before I’d read the rest of the post, and I think that’s a really lovely visual message for an Annual Meeting :)

  6. David – I would be interested to know what you think convinced the client that this worked during the development process. It’s a very simple idea that may have been tricky to propose to such a large organisation. For me, the square-in-a-circle conference table picture is a great pitching aid and really sells it.

  7. This is a nice concept for an institution that focuses on developing countries further. The symbol that you’ve derived from ADB’s current logo allows you to focus on various things within a possible image (your example above). It’s also up-to-date with the current graphic design trend of using various shapes, creating somewhat an abstraction. Thus opening it for further interpretation. Great job David.

  8. Oh wow. I’m just amazed at how you were able to develop something so simple yet clever like that. I totally love how you managed to develop a solution not only to a symbol that could very well adapt and unify different cultures in that format.

    Great Work, David.

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