Five great monogram logo designs

Back to what I most enjoy, here’s a little logo inspiration, focusing on monograms.

“A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, and may be used as recognizable symbols or logos.”

From Wikipedia.

I searched some portfolios and found these five great monograms.

Fair Indigo logo design

Fair Indigo logo, from Raja Sandhu.

Raja was born in 1974 and lives in Toronto, Canada. He has quite an immense number of logos in his online portfolio, and an insightful logo design FAQ page. Notice the ‘F’ and the ‘i’ in this monogram?

social generation logo design

Social Generation logo, from dache.

dache is a creative studio founded by David Pache in 2005. It’s based in Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland. David has kindly spent some time commenting here on my blog, and I’ve admired his work since I first discovered it.

Dianne Dieplo logo design

Dianne Dieplo logo, from itsgareth.

The link to itsgareth will lead you to Gareth’s LogoPond showcase. At the time of writing there doesn’t appear to be a specific website for this talented designer, but I expect one to follow soon. Dianne Dieplo is a classical voice training coach. Gareth’s City Drinking logo also shows a thoughtful concept.

Art Machine logo design

Art Machine logo, from Art Machine.

Another logo designer who uses the LogoPond gallery to feature designs. Art Machine is a 20 year old, self-educated designer, providing tailor-made graphic design solutions.

First Rate logo design

First Rate logo, from Raja Sandhu.

Another from Raja, designed for a document handling company. This particular monogram is featured in LogoLounge 3, by Bill Gardner and Catherine Fishel.

If you have any favourites of your own that come to mind please share.

Thank you

My sincerest thanks to everyone of you who helped me retrieve my domain name after its theft. Every Digg, Stumble, comment and email all helped greatly.

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  1. Hey David,
    Wishing a very happy 2008 to you and yours! Great hearing from you – and awesome to see your domain name back. Missed meeting up with you in India though :) Would have been cool to catch up in Mumbai!

  2. Hi Michael,

    The Fair Indigo one is probably my favourite of the bunch, and I’m glad you liked viewing it too.


    Why thank you. I hope all’s well your side.

  3. I love clever logos like these. I especially find the Art Machine monogram appealing. Another one I like is Hilton Construction (ha! I knew it was on Logo Pond somewhere but couldn’t find it, so I did a Google search for it. Guess whose blog came up as the FIRST result, David! I must’ve seen it here first!).

    I’ve seen David Pache’s work before too, perhaps also via your blog. I really like his clean style. Even though I don’t know the companies of the logos he’s design, the logos feel (based on the name) like they strongly depict the essence of the business.

    I’m not particularly fond of the digital/pixel style of the First Rate logo. Is there a meaning behind it? I do like Raja’s Fair Indigo logo, though.

    I wonder what I could come up with for Creative Curio… hmm.

  4. I like David’s work; in particular his MyPinkCity logo. His own logo is nice too.

    I didn’t really see the ‘i’ in that Fair Indigo logo (I thought it looked a little dated, in fact).

    It’s good to see you back in the proverbial saddle. Looking forward to seeing some of those holiday snaps!

  5. Thanks mohdrafie,

    I’ve often looked at the F1 logo and thought it a nice idea, although I’d like to see a slightly different execution (perhaps a future blog post).

    Beth Ellen,

    Best wishes for 2008, and I hope you continue with your excellent photography for a long time to come.


    Many thanks. Everything’s looking up website-wise, and I appreciate your thoughts.


    Nice to know I came up in that search! I really like that Hilton Construction logo too. There are some gems amongst the rough ones on LogoPond, and I check back from time to time to see what I’ve missed.

    Perhaps Raja can add a little info on the First Rate logo, though I know he’s a busy person.


    I agree, the MyPinkCity logo is nice, although I prefer David’s own personal one.

    Take another look at the Fair Indigo logo and imagine the ‘i’ as the negative space, with the blue of the ‘F’ forming a 3D block moving back from the front side of the ‘i’.

    I’ll get those holiday snaps censored and posted very soon. ;)

  6. Hi David, Happy New Year and welcome back

    This is a very interesting posting and very timely too because I’ve just finished designing a monogram logo for an Optometry firm, combining an H and an O to create a simple eye graphic. It’s great to see the other examples. Let me know if you want to see mine (I haven’t posted it onto my web portfolio yet)

  7. Harris, hey! That’s a clever one! I get the blue arrows thing, but what does it look like if it’s a little more subtle (take out the blue and just leave it white)? And I think it would look nice lighter, both in font weight and strokes on the icon. Just a few little suggestions. Overall, great job though!

  8. Prox,

    If you’re looking at it purely from an aesthetic viewpoint, then it could be art, but in this case it’s design, as it fits a purpose. Thanks for commenting.


    I’d love to see your design, and I appreciate your welcome back. ;)


    I definitely think you’re moving in the right direction. The second option is clearer than the first – more simple, which I like. Good advice from Lauren, and always great to see it taken on board.

  9. Great examples, I love the Chique Benitez, and Fair Indigo is great, the design is excellent and I also feel that this sort of blue is quite a hard colour to work with.

    Strangely enough I tend to steer away from monogram designs, possibly due to a misguided obsession with a design ‘meaning something’ – for the symbol to have some sort of meaning.

    Also I’ll admit to thinking of them as somewhat old fashioned, and most of my clients are looking for modern – clearly monograms don’t equal old-fashioned.

    This blog has opened my eyes to the beauty of monograms :)

  10. Nice choices. I like the Art Machine one the most. It’s kinda interesting the designer used a sans-serif font for the logo typeface, while the monogram is a serif font.

    I’m a fan of Raja’s work as well. He’s done some great logos.

    Monograms are fun to design, but can be a bitch if you have letter combinations that don’t really go together well.

  11. Dean,

    I’m with you there. The Production Department monogram was a worthy ‘logo of the month’.


    That’s fantastic that you can see the appeal of this style. It doesn’t always work, and can lead to very un-original ideas, but when crafted well they can be very effective.


    It is an interesting combo (serif / sans-serif) and that was mentioned on the LogoPond feature.

    I’m sure you agree that you should never set out with the idea that a monogram is the only option, because as you say, some letter combinations aren’t good to work with.

    Art Machine,

    You’re very welcome. Keep up the good designing.

  12. Hey David…..nice to see you back in business….this monogram post is good (although I don’t understand much of design and logos :) )…by the way did you visit Delhi in India?…and yes…wishing you a happy 2008!!!

  13. Great that you are back and the trouble is over, hopefully forever. :) I am really drawn to the Art Machine logo, but all of them are very inventive. Happy 2008 to you my friend!

  14. hey David, good to see you back in form. these logos are fantastic, i like them, particularly the Social Generation one, found it very artistic. i really enjoy reading your blogs. Wishing you a lot of success and happiness in 2008:) you rock.

  15. Hi David, glad to see you back – I was disappointed for you to lose your domain especially your first day that you went away! Glad you are back and writing more good posts :) Nice list of monograms… I thought you could have added more though :P All the best for the new year.

  16. Abhijeet,

    I didn’t make it to Delhi, although it’s a city I’d like to see in the future. Is that where you’re based?


    Happy new year to you too! I hope you have a fantastic one.


    I’m also subscribed to the LogoPond RSS, and agree there’s some nice work posted there.

    Lost Forum,

    Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad there’s something of interest for you here on my site.


    Go for it, I’d like to see what you come up with for that JP logo.


    You’ve got a very creative logo on your site. Shame I didn’t remember about it before publishing this post eh? Hope you had a great time on holiday.

  17. @David
    It’s all good. Some people even don’t realise the logo is the initials of JCD (Just Creative Design) – I suppose it’s a tricky thing much like the FedEx Logo – half the people that see that logo don’t even notice the arrow!

  18. Hi David,

    It took me a little longer than I expected to upload this recently designed monogram logo (I’ve been playing around with new FTP programs) but it’s now online at

    The client’s target market is the aged care sector so the brief called for a logo which was traditional in style and very easy to read and interpret. The notion of the “O” also portraying an eye was something the client initially wanted to steer clear of, but was very happy with the outcome.

  19. Didik,

    Do you think the graduated background on the social generation logo is what gives you a futuristic impression?


    I wonder what your sketches looked like for your logo. Did you sketch that example then think, “that’s exactly it”?

    When I sketch, I come across different ideas, but more often than not tweak them slightly on computer. The idea stays the same, but the end result turns out differently (I’m no Picasso).

    Thanks for linking to your logo, Tracey. I’ve pasted it below:

    At first I found it a little difficult to see the ‘H’, but once I got it I thought it was clever. Great that the client was very happy.

  20. David,

    I am going to be posting an article on my design process in the next couple of weeks which will show how I came up with that design. It had about 100+ different variations (on the computer) but I did a lot of sketching before it as well with many other concepts but this one I liked the most.

  21. Hi Lauren,

    Glad I piqued your interest, although sadly, I can’t get the ‘edit comments’ plugin working.

    There’s one thing I don’t like about comment editing, and I’ve had this happen when it used to work here:

    People would leave a simple comment, and I’d approve it, or read their pre-approved message. Then they’d edit their comment to ask a specific question, and I had no idea they were looking for a response. Still, it’s a little thing.

    As for seeing how this CommentLuv plugin goes, I already like it because it prompts me to visit reader blogs more often, which is great.

  22. Tracey, I really like that logo. Even if all people see is the O and its resemblance to the eye, I think it accomplishes its purpose. Good job!

    Oo, David, what is this new checkbox at the bottom? I’m curious to see what it does! *pressing submit*

  23. Now if only you had the edit comments plugin ;) , I could edit my last comment to say “WOW!! Very cool!” I think this will get a ton more people to comment on your blog. What a great way to offer a little back to your commentors. I like it! I’m curious to see how it goes

  24. Hi David –

    Thanks for the props man, much appreciated. And thanks to the fellow comment makers. David, your site is cool, all kinds of good things going on here!

    Much love,

    – Raja

  25. Hello Maarten,

    Quite the phallic monogram you have. I believe it works better alone than it does within your name, because I read the text as ‘maarter houwer’, and not ‘maarten’.

    Good luck.

  26. I really like the Social Generation logo, the Dianne Dieplo logo and the logo for Chique Benitez (Dutch DJ). They are all brilliantly simple designs. nice post.

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