Milton Glaser: Art is Work

Six minutes well-spent — Milton Glaser talking about art and design.

A few quotes:

“Where am I going with design? That’s a hard question, because none of us has really the ability to understand our path until it’s over.

“My idea about graphic designers and social commentary is that, that is part of the practice. I’ve always believed that, because you have access to peoples’ minds and you communicate to people… there is a corresponding responsibility — the responsibility of being a good citizen.

“If you have the ability to transfer ideas from one point to another, those should be ideas that cause no harm.

“You want to do things that have some relationship to your community, to your family, to your city, to your country, to the world.”


More info on Glaser’s iconic I love New York logo.

Thanks for the video tip, . Made me reflect.

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  1. Wow, David! Your subscriber numbers have sure jumped since I last visited! I liked that quote about Glaser doing stuff close to his community, family, city, country, to the world. It shows how down-to-earth he was despite his fame as a designer.

  2. Well, hi, i am from Venezuela, i am a design student yet but i love this. I like your blog and the way that you get comunication is really nice.. i would like to know your opinion about venezuelan design… will be nice. sorry about english (tha’s why i can´t tell you more) :D very complete information.

  3. Hi Eliza, thanks for commenting, and no need to worry about your English. My Spanish is non-existent. I’m not sure if I’ve come across much Venezuelan design. If you have any resources I’d love to take a look. I hope your studies are going well.

  4. hi david. so happy to found out ur wensite.
    now im studying visual communicatuin design in Idonesia.
    i have a project to make a book about milton glaser and this web is help me alot..

  5. Hello David,

    I sure have a habit of finding your old posts ;) (I was actually googling Milton Glaser when I found you had written this article) I suppose that I will be playing ketchup for a while since I’m such a new subscriber.

    Milton is one of my most influential designers, The Hillman Curtis short was nothing less than inspirational, I too wrote a couple blogs dedicated to the influences of this wonderful designer. ISeeing your interest in him, I thought I’d let you know that ArtHouse Films out of NY is going to be releasing a film that follows him as he invites you into his creative atmosphere and gives insights on some of his famous projects (apparently he didn’t get a cent for the I ♥ NY project!!).

    Hopefully I’ll be all caught up on your great posts some time next year ;)

  6. I have to say that Milton Glaser has to be one of the most influential designers on my own work. watching him makes you want to create stuff.

    David , thanks for sharing all these great posts. Certainly your sites are great reads.

  7. Milton and the rest of Pushpin Studios were my rockstars as a design student. I’m now 57 and he continues to inspire me. Thanks for all your great work David.

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