The beautiful Balearics

Back from Menorca (the slowest-paced Balearic island). Here are a few photos.

Cala Galdana Menorca

Cala Galdana (above) where I stayed, and the view from the hotel balcony (below). I quickly pieced together a rough 180 degree panoramic.

Cala Galdana Menorca

Ciutadella streets Menorca

The cosy streets of the Menorcan capital, Mahon (above) and walking through the old capital, Ciutadella (below).

Ciutadella streets Menorca

Mahon harbour Menorca

A section of Mahon harbour (above) and Naveta des Tudons (below) — the oldest roofed building in Spain at around 3,000 years old. The tourist guide said you can crawl inside, but the bars across the entrance said otherwise.

Naveta des Tudons Menorca

Latin typography

The latin above is inside Ciutadella’s cathedral, and the ceramic tiles below front many Menorcan houses.

Menorca type

Menorca is the easternmost of the Balearic islands. Flights to Mahon from Belfast last just under three hours.

map of Spain

I finished reading a couple of books on the trip: Made to Stick, by Chip & Dan Heath, and Buzz, by Emanuel Rosen. The first is ideal for anyone who writes — be it a blog, book, or similar. The authors talk about what makes ideas take hold, and what makes them come unstuck. For instance, stats are notoriously difficult to remember, but tell a good story and people won’t forget. The second book is useful for those interested in word-of-mouth marketing, so if you have a service or product to sell, and you want to get people talking, I’d pick this one up.

Menorca’s a gorgeous island, with more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza combined.

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  1. Great photos David, I was beginning to think you had abandoned your blog! its been a while with no updates, great to have you back tho! Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  2. Happy to see you back. Will you use Autostitch software ( for the Panoramic photo? It will give better results. My friend always uses this software to create great panoramic photos.
    Expecting some funny stories from your holidays…

  3. I was nervous about checking my websites when I got back, half expecting them to be hacked and showing some offensive messages. But alas, the internet was still intact. :)

    It was important for me to finish reading Made to Stick. Especially as it was recommended by Nikki, my contact at Peachpit Press. Having thought about it, I now have a much better idea about my own book’s content, so it’s head down where that’s concerned.

    I’ll have to visit that Autostitch website. Sounds good.

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

  4. Welcome back David,

    Always good to get a rest, switch off and revive yourself from the world of work – and perhaps pull inspiration from somewhere else in the world.

    Some of the scenes look absolutely breathtaking.


  5. Gorgeous! I see that you mentioned Made to Stick. I’ve been trying to get my husband to read it and now maybe he will get to it if David Airey did. :)

  6. Welcome back David. I thought that you’d must have gone on holiday—and not announced it like a previous time when your site was hacked.

    I went to Menorca when I was 13, and I definitely agree, it’s a great place to relax. Looking forward to some more great posts from you. AK

  7. Awesome pics… And thanks for the book recommendations. Will pick them both up this weekend.
    Take care David.

  8. Thanks Paul.

    Some of the scenes were pretty inspiring. Have you ever been? I’d recommend it.


    I loved walking through the streets. There weren’t too many of them, given that each town has a population under 30,000, but still…


    That book gets my vote. 100%. What does your husband do for a living?

    Thanks Andrew,

    Well remembered. Past experiences are exactly why I didn’t mention the trip.

  9. You’re more than welcome, Jonathan. If you get both books, I think it’s best to read Made to Stick first, then Buzz. The order is better suited, and you can see how lessons learned from one are used in the other.

  10. Love narrow streets like that! They’re all over the Med countries. Reminds me of Naples. Just makes you feel so good and tranquil while wandering through them.

  11. Welcome back David..
    Its really nice to see u again . Your tour’s pics are very beautiful n nice.
    I didnt know that fascinating Iseland…If i got a chance i must go there coz
    photos show the peace n calmness of that place….
    Thanx alot to share ur visit n photos with ur fans..
    Take care

  12. Thanks for sharing the photos David, lovely place, I’ve been a few times to Menorca with my family, it’s beautiful.

    Best wishes

  13. I’ve yet to visit Italy, Valentino, but one day soon (I hope).

    Helene, there’s a tissue coming via email. ;)

    Sualeha, Graeme — my pleasure. Cala Galdana was a great area to stay in. I rented a car to tour the island, and think I made a good choice.

  14. Being a resident of Spain and with family in the Balearics I spend a lot of time in Majorca on the coast directly opposite Menorca (which you can go to easily) by ferry. What is wonderful about the Baleares is how they have retained their traditions and unspoilt architecture. The picture of Mahon is excellent and on Majorca there is Palma which also ouzes history compared to many of the Provincial capitals along the Spanish Costas. Even Granada which is one of the exceptions (Alhambra Palace etc.) struggles to compare with these beautiful Spanish island retreats which attract a lot of wealthy Spanish families in the summer months.

    Unfortunately being islands compare to where I live for most of the year (on the Costa Tropical in southern Spain) they do not have particularly good winter (or spring weather).

  15. That looks so relaxing! The view from your balcony, gorgeous!! The water is cold there, yes? So no chance of snorkeling? :D The diver in me always must know! I think it must be so cool to visit these places in Europe (to LIVE there would be awesome!); there is so much history. I think I’ve said before, it’s one of the things I wish we had in Southern California, a little more history. Not much is older than 150-200 years!

    I saw that Made to Stick book at the bookstore shortly after you mentioned it. Picked it up to look at (looked good!) but haven’t bought it yet. Went straight to my Amazon wish list though! Glad to hear it was really good.

  16. Hi Lauren,

    The water was pretty cold, yeah, but I’m sure it warms up in the hotter months, and there were plenty of diving teams regularly setting off from the slipway at the hotel.

    Made to Stick will be a great help with my book, no doubt. I’d recommend it for any blog author.

  17. What a coincidence – I’ve just started reading Made to Stick. Thanks also for recommending Buzz, I’ll look it up. I’m also reading Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz and I can recommend The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, which details how ideas move from isolation to a mass movement (and which was an inspiration for Chip and Dan Heath to write Made to Stick).

    Nice to see your photos. They remind me of my visits to Spain and Italy – too long ago now!

  18. The Tipping Point gets mentioned quite a lot, Tracey. At least where I’m looking. One for the wanted list, and thanks for your personal recommendation. Hope you like Made to Stick.

  19. I have not gone yet to Menorca and in the Balearics but your post is quite interesting that I have to make a choice if I can make a visit too.

  20. Hi Amanda,

    Although I’ve not yet been to the Caribbean, I can imagine this bay being there. Did you see the panoramic shot? Looking at it again makes me want to go back!

  21. Yes I saw the panoramic, that’s my kind of view … :) Gorgeous blue sea.

    The Caribbean has lots of colourful buildings like this and even the white trim on the buildings looks very Colonial as with the buildings I saw in the Caribbean.

    I love architecture, I find it fascinating.

  22. I love architecture too, which is why I can’t wait to visit Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome, the Tuscany region etc.). My folks came back from a recent trip and the photos look amazing.

  23. We have just got back from Cala Blanca, which was lovely, but your pics confirm a rumour we heard that Galdana must be the prettiest place on Menorca! What was the name of the Hotel you stayed at? We were particularly impressed by the view from your balcony!

    Kind regards,


  24. Great shots of a beautiful place. My ancestors came from Mahon to Florida in the 1700s. I’ve always wanted to visit. Must do it now. By the way…I lived in Carrickfergus (I was in a Texas rock band) for a while during the 70s and have played many times in Bangor. Beautiful place and wonderful people.

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