London 2012 Olympics logo disaster

Today saw the launch of London’s 2012 Olympic logo.

“The jagged emblem, based on the date 2012, comes in a series of shades of pink, blue, green and orange and will evolve in the run-up to the Games.”

London 2012 logo

It shows the numbers 2012 in a design aiming to appeal to today’s Internet generation. The chairman of London’s 2012 organising committee, said:

“It is an invitation to take part and be involved.”

I’m not feeling too invited.

London 2012 logo colours

The logo was designed by Wolff Olins, and while it’s certainly distinctive, it seems inappropriate for London and for the Olympics. The mascots are a bit scary, too (unsurprising after they were chosen from an open call for submissions).

What do you think?

Update: 01 March 2011
Iran is threatening to boycott the Games after “Internet documents have proved, using the word Zion in the logo of 2012 Olympic Games is a disgracing action and against Olympic’s valuable mottos.”

Update: 16 July 2012
Creative Review published a more comprehensive feature of the 2012 identity, giving some context. London 2012: the look of the games.

And the “brand police” have been called into action across the country. Quick, hide the chips.

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  1. Opinions can run riot when it comes to logo design…that is one of the aspects which makes it so difficult!

    But I have to agree with the “opinions” from your other comments …this logo is terrible. The 2012 number representation is just awful and “London” and the olympic rings just seem incidental.

    I think my 9 year old could have done better!

  2. David, I don’t know what you’re talking about. This logo totally encompasses the punk rock spirit London has been feeling since The Clash and The Sex Pistols made their debut. I think the 1981 London Olympics will be a big success.

    Oh, wait, it’s the 2012 Olympics. Sorry, this logo sucks.

  3. I was gonna write an article on this… you’re right, it’s absolutely shocking!

    Usually these things are quite subjective but the public’s response on this one does seem to be a unaminous “it’s bloody crap!”

    Not sure a logo design on it’s own would cost £400k, but as part of a wider contract to implement the brand over a number of years £400k would seem quite cheap!

  4. Oooh, snap! ;-)

    I just saw this on the BBC, and was driven to post about it immediately which is not like me at all.

    It really is truly awful, and if it’s only £400k I’ll be surprised. The contempt for the people of this country by our politicians reaches new depths every day.

    Are we safe from the crippling debt of the Olympics up here David? Or will only independence achieve that? (I’m not even going to go down the potential pitfalls of that course either….)

  5. That is horrible. There is nothing about it that speaks sports. I am sad. The Olympics are something I really enjoy every 4 years and this just doesn’t give a good first impression.

  6. I think the worst thing is what it is saying to the rest of the world about the standard of design in the UK. This for me is the single most unforgiveable thing about this logo.

  7. I’m hoping that bit about it ‘evolving’ as it gets closer to the games is a huge bit of it. Like this might slowly morph into a decent logo as the Olympics get closer. Still, a changing logo kinda hurts with the recognition of the whole thing.

    Who knows.

  8. I’ve been looking at it for a few minutes now, trying to see something in it that we’re maybe missing. My theory is, they’ve got their inspiration from some IQ Test or the like.

  9. The British design community is among the worlds elite. At least I though it was, it’s designed by Wolf Olins and I feel ashamed.

    Possibly the biggest major logo disaster EVER.

    NO redeeming features.

    Hated by EVERYBODY around the globe (I have had 3 emails from friends already and they all thought it was shit.)

    I actually feel really angry about it!

    On a second note, there is no way a design agency got £400,000 for the logo. Perhaps for the implimentations in all aspects, guidelines, stationery etc plus artwork yes, but DEFINATELY not for just the logo.

  10. ICK! I can’t believe that was selectted! If they were really going for an “Internet Generation” inspired look, why not go with the web 2.0-ish glassy, rounded logo style….

  11. Is it April 1st again already? This has to be a joke.

    Did you watch the first video on the official website? Wow… bad 80’s music video! And I see I’m not the only one reminded of the 80’s with this logo campaign, like the early days of MTV.

    However, to take this design seriously, do you think it’s possible for us to set aside our initial disgust with the logo and analyze it the way we would any other design? It creates a pretty intense emotional reaction, but is it really a poorly designed logo? Why? How did they meet/fail with their objectives?

    These are the goals that I found when I read about their reasons for this logo:
    1. “everyone’s Games, everyone’s 2012”
    2. “invitation to take part and be involved”
    3. “reach out to young people”
    4. “inspired to either take part in the many sports…or inspired to achieve personal goals”
    5. “welcome the world”
    6. “dynamic, modern and flexible”
    7. “visual icon, instantly recognizable”
    8. “reflecting London’s commitment to hosting a truly integrated Paralympic Games”

    My critiques of the logo and how it relates to the goals:
    1. I think the marketing campaign will accomplish this goal more than the logo.
    2. I don’t feel invited. The jaggy edges are prickly, the intense colors are alarming.
    3. Does it reach out to young people? Perhaps they went to MySpace for inspiration? Oops. And it’s suppose to be everyone’s Games. Why are they specifically targeting young people? I don’t think the senior citizens will find this logo very attractive.
    4. That’s a nice goal, but the logo doesn’t do it. I don’t think that second video (with the personal achievements) has anything to do with the logo. It could’ve been any logo. I do think it’s a really inspiring movie and goal, though, and it’s good they want to get people involved in this way, but we are critiquing the logo, not the campaign.
    5. Again, not very welcoming/inviting. And did they take other cultures into consideration? Are there any people groups that might be offended by this logo? I’m not sure myself, but I wonder if they took the time to research the meaning of color, shape and such in other countries. They had plenty of time, after all.
    6. Dynamic? Such a vague term. I hate it when people say “make it dynamic.” What does that mean?? Modern? We’ve already established it looks like it’s from the 80’s. Flexible? I suppose that is yet to be seen.
    7. Instantly recognizable, yes, but in a more infamous sort of way.
    8. I think it’s very noble and long awaited that they integrated the Paralympic games, but does this logo show that? The only thing I see is that they used the same logo for both games.

    I think what I’m looking for is a basis for this hatred of the logo. Anyone else’s thoughts?

  12. Yeah, as Alex mentioned, that word ‘evolving’ makes me think this isn’t the final design. However, it was a very bad move to release this without a “Under Construction” sign attached.

  13. When I first saw that logo, I had to quickly check the date – thought it might be April 1st.

    I know that the Olympic Games is pretty emotive, but this logo brought tears to my eyes.

    What is going on with that. What a shambles! Its only redeeming feature is…um…–nothing comes to mind!

    Looks like the profile of an old man carrying a crushed cardboard box for a rucksack – that’s it: it’s the “Tramp Olympics”…silly me.

    I’ll come back later when I’ve calmed down (and when I’ve found my rose-tinted spec’s).

    David, if you write a post entitled “Worst Logo Design of the Millennium”, I’m pre-submitting this one – I’ll take the winning submission prize now, thanks.

    Got to go…in search of a sick bag…

    And just one more thing, while I’m on a roll:
    “It is an invitation to take part and be involved.”– an invitation to what? The “ZOR”? More like an invitation to the bathroom.

    Thanks for posting this one, David; it helped relieve a little stress.

  14. This is geared towards screenagers? my ass, it’s academic at best and they completely over-thought the design. It looks like an animal squatting down.

    As for releasing it early, let’s hope the firm is using us as a case-study and evaluating our reactions. All-though, I wouldn’t give them that much credit. But it would be cool if the world voted on the final design. It would certainly be a great PR stunt.

    I’m still not sure why the logo is constantly redesigned in the first place. A bit redundant considering. Whatever happened to the concept of the Olympics? This is poo-poo.

  15. I’ve tried my hardest to offer some positive thoughts about the logo on my site, linked to via my name.

    My opinion hasn’t changed drastically from my first post, but given a few hours thinking about it I don’t dislike it as much as I did.

  16. I can see how they were aiming for a “Twenty-Twelve” youth vibe with the logo, but they missed by a mile!
    The BBC has an article showing some alternative logo’s that people have been sending in:
    At least a couple of them are better than the one they chose and these guys have only spent a few minutes working at it. I might give it a try myself! ;-)

  17. I love it … NOT.

    Anyone notice that the 2, in 2000, is different than the 2 in 12?
    Nobody in my studio even realized it’s 2012. Kind of like one of those WW2 boats painted with zig-zags to keep you from being able to focus on it, LOL.

    My guess … a classic “design by commity” botch job.

  18. Even worse than the one from last year’s world cup in Germany. ^^ Aaron makes some valid points, but all in all I am pretty sure the logo will be redesigned.

  19. A complete disaster! The logo looks very 80s. There’s “pushing the envelope” and then there’s “pushing the envelope” to the point where it looks like trash, disconnecting your audience. I wish I could get paid that much money to do a hack job like that haha.

  20. Well, considering that the Mayan calendar predicts that year as when a new cycle begins, (some say the end of the world; I don’t think so…) perhaps they just thought that they didn’t have to make much of an effort if all of us are buried under water? LOL Sometimes, in an effort to be ‘different’ creators like the ones who did this logo go WAY over the top. As many have said, even I could have done better than that. The design emotes “crooked” to me..not a good message in today’s world. :(

  21. I think he got it WAY wrong.

    I would never have guessed it was supposed to be 2012, because it just looks like random shapes thrown together. I’m not very impressed with the colors either.

    I think he missed the whole target audience altogether. Why would it need to appeal to today’s internet generation? Don’t people young and old enjoy the Olympics? I think it’s not always good to just target one group, but try to think on a bigger scale and include many. I know that’s not always easy, but come on, they had a YEAR and a huge budget!

  22. It makes me think of broken glass…

    And honestly, isn’t Web culture today still leaning towards more rounded logos?

    They got the simplicity part down, but failed miserably at the rest…

  23. When oh when will the big branding agencies stop fleecing the world with crap creativity. The design will probably only cost a couple of grand (but it’s not even worth that) yet the branding bullshit to back up their incompetance will cost hundreds of thousands!!!!

    Here’s a challenge to Seb. If it is to be redesigned our team at Wave will do it for free as long as you donate £10,000 to charity.

  24. It is just horrendous. I want compensation for my design sensibilities being seriously injured for having to even look at this. I’m baffled as to how Wolff Olins could create something like this, let alone be paid what they were. I would be utterly embarrassed to even present this to a client as an option.

  25. Just because they got paid 400,000 pounds doesn’t mean it’s good design. Hard to believe that this design firm would produce something that says nothing and means nothing.

    It’s shame.

  26. i have to say as a designer first impressions of this logo reflect badly on UK design. At a time when there is some innovative and truly creative designs coming out of the parts of Europe, U.S, Asia and AUS it feels like the UK has taken a step backwards with this.

    Even the landing page of feels cheap and almost shows contempt for the task at hand. I have seen first year web design students create more professional feeling pages than that.

    It’s a real shame.

  27. I think its a genius approach.

    Wolf Ollins and the 2012 committee have turned the business of branding on its head and have established a brand new methodology for inclusive identity development.

    We’ve all missed the boat here – they’ve fooled the entire world and led them down a truly dynamic and interactive approach to identity design and the business of branding.

    ..let me explain.

    Wolf Ollins Have released this design into the blogosphere , perfect in the knowledge that it will be immediately despised by 90% of the great unwashed. In response to this the great community of bloggers, designers, art students, school kids and artists will re-design there own versions. Pages will spring up on MySpace, Second Life, Face Book etc. showing more inspired and relevant designs.The BBC will feature these designs on their website, TV and Radio channels. The great British Public will decide.

    A new logo will be chosen based on an audience of millions – the new logo will have been designed with passion by a street kid with an Etch-A-Sketch, a love of London and sport; and will be championed as the true identity of the Olympics. Simon Cowell and Wally Olins will give the winner a big hug on Saturday night TV. “Brand X Factor”.

    Identity design by user-generated content – its new media, it’s “Yoof”, it’s cutting edge, it’s inclusive, it’s contemporary, it’s genius and above all it’s sustainable ( well isn’t everything these days ?).

    Polarise the nation, encourage rioting in the streets over a logo (the greatest mass gathering of an iconic graphic design since Nuremberg) and then let them build something better. Democracy in action. The Romans would have been proud.

    Its why they get paid £400k for their thinking and brand strategy – Wolff Ollins and the 2012 committee are way ahead of the curve here – we’re just mere hamsters on their wheel of creativity.

    Its a brave new world and we’ve all just been had….

  28. Wolff Olins have done a lot of good work in the past, but this is bloody crap to be frank. Wrong colors, wrong font, wrong shape. Sends out the wrong message and just looks ugly. I hope they do a re-design.

  29. Well. Let’s think it over. First the colors. They’re interesting. I think it’s a cliche using the traditional olympics colors (red – yellow – blue – green – black)… I like the cyan-magenta-white design.

    About the design: at least it’s not like a man running as in barcelona-92, sydney-00 and beijing-08 logos.

    At least it is different. I like it.


    I’m not british, so i think i have not to do with the decision.

    I’m not a friend of the desiger :)

  30. Reminds me of those cheap Cartoon fight sound things that come up on Underdog reruns or the old Banana man shows.
    You Brits can do better than that in your youngsters classrooms for sure.

  31. It’s an ugly image. I don’t like it. I wouldn’t like it either if I saw it at the Tate Modern and it had been painted by Kandinsky.

    I don’t get it. Is it not implicitly part of any design brief that the users need to be able to connect with the brand? What’s gone wrong here? Am I too old? Too conservative? I didn’t think I was.

  32. …and in other news, the residents of Vancouver, BC in Canada have found great relief in seeing the logo for the London Olympic Games as they thought they had the crappiest logo in Olympic history.

    People now don’t feel so bad about teir logo and can now go back to the 15 other controversies including budget overruns and the eviction of the areas homeless.

  33. It’s ugly, aggressive and uninviting – sums up London perfectly.

    My design team here in Vietnam regularly do far superior work at a fraction of the cost, shame the job wasn’t put out to open tender.

  34. The second I read the headline about this logo that read “2012 Olympic Logo Starts Controversy”. The first thing I thought it was was either the nazi SS symbol broken apart or the swastika broken apart…as if the Brits were trying to make some kind of statement :P

    So yeah… this logo is total BS. Appeal to the youth? LOLOLOLOL!

  35. It’s absolutely chronic. I’m going to give my design students a “re-design this logo” project when I go back to work next Monday and I guarantee every single one of them will be better than this.

  36. this is very much design-by-committee failing.

    see how everyone is blaming the designers, when i’m sure it’s those on the olympic commitee which actually was leaning over the designers going move that bit here… no make it smaller… what about white…

    when i can see lots of problems with the reproduction in the logo already.

    london is too small and going to get lost. font isn’t remotely like main image and so looks lost. olympic rings too fine.

    two colour print with text in white reverse? very hard to get printed correctly in different materials with out getting a halo effect around lettering, going to have lots of rejected print material = higher costs.

    i don’t mind the logo, but i think the typography is shocking and badly integrated. i expected better.

  37. This design has got so much stick in the british press. I don’t like it much either but maybe that was part of the plan? The design may get some stick but it’s certainly brought attention to the Olympics and got more people talking about it!

  38. This logo breaks most of the rules of good design.

    So what?

    Sticking to the rules is the opposite of creativity.

    Sometimes you have to forget what you know. Or at least question it.

    If more designers did this, the world would be a better place.

    I find most of the comments here faintly depressing.


  39. it’s good to break the ‘rules’ of design…

    but if it doesn’t actually reproduce well, it’s ridiculous waste of time and effort!

  40. I was shocked … What does it got to do with Britain or British culture. Failed to see how it comply with the design brief which looked for an emblem that represented the four key ‘brand pillars’ of access, participation, stimulation and inspiration, culminating in the brand vision of ‘Everyone’s Games’.

  41. I don’t think you can defend a design soley on the grounds that it “breaks all the rules.” While the result can at times be spectacular, it’s easy to find examples that were just plain flops (the 1958 Ford Edsel leaps to mind).

  42. I think the logo is absent of any nationalism. I found only one place that talks about the lack of nationalism, which I think is the more important issue. Click my name to read.

  43. Wow!
    I loved this Logo!
    It looks wicked!
    I am 15 so basically a teenager and my parents hated it but it looks really cool to me…
    Maybe you have to be younger to understand it?

  44. The comment from the 15-year-old is very telling. The Olympics are an international event, viewed by millions of people from different countries, backgrounds, and age groups. By designing a logo that appeals primarily to youth (and by the design I infer pre-teens to early teens), the logo completely sidesteps any appeal to those of us “old folks” in our 20s and beyond. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of everything having to appeal to “young people”. If the Olympics want to appeal to a younger crowd, then by all means add more “extreme” sports like the Winter Olympics did with snowboarding.

  45. From the beautiful people who gave you that BA grafitti tailfin and the PriceWaterhouse Monday fiasco now comes the hat trick, for the London Olympics.
    How apt, that the founding father of this strange outfit should be called Wally.

  46. Hi David I just read your enlightening post above and thought you may like to know I have given my opinion at the following link about this situation. ausis Thoughts…

    I also put a link back here for my readers to view this post…


  47. i have been working on on this in school and practically i think my younger sister could have done school we were asked to make some new logo’s and to be honist i think my ideas are much better.

  48. The argument for giving schools the chance to rescue this account is compelling. The case for scholars benefitting from Coe and co’s largesse, as opposed to Olinistas, has much merit.

    Mark Lyndon

  49. It’s a poor, cheap, BASIC logo, which in NO WAY WHATSOEVER reflects a year of research into the public (maybe the blind segment of it) and i felt like hitting the TV when I saw Lord Coe say: “we don’t do bland”. Fair enough. It doesn’t give you the right to do crap instead. It takes a while to notice that the characters on the logo are actually numbers, They look like “ZOIR” to me. We live in an age of computer generated art, where we can manipulate millions of colours to create images that appeal to the eye. This uses 6 colours, if you count the other “dynamic” (i feel sick on hearing that word and that logo in the same sentence) colours. And i’m being generous by saying white is a colour. A Microsoft paint job(16bit), to be honest. If you saw the final design for the Olympic Village, it looks beautiful and elegant. Imagine when they slap this s**tty logo on the front. URGH. Now that they’ve wrecked this stage of preparations, imagine what the opening event for the Olympics would be. approximately 2 hours of pure nonsense and bad planning. And to think the queen would have to sit through it and smile?! Poor lady. Hold your noses and cover your eyes people, London 2012 is going to be the stinkiest, most eye-watering Olympics in terms of aesthetics and design. Definitely.
    This brings up another subject: Where is your money really going? It can’t be into this? Can it? Oh no.
    Written by a 17 year old, so the youth in general definitely do NOT approve.

  50. I hate it!..this is worth £400k and took a year of research?

    Well i have been looking at this for a while.At first it looked like it was numbers! “2012”

    after it looks abit nasty!. It looks like a woman going down on another man :P haha.

    i hope thats not what it is meant to be!!

    overall this is a big disapointment, and this sign is going to be on TV more and more and the London 2012 Olympics get nearer:D. haha

  51. Logo is Excellent. Sorry but i believe it’s very good and doesn’t reserve all these negative feedback. It’s just about a paradigm shift. I can see that conservatives are dissappointed. Greeting from Istanbul.

  52. I think the logo is fantastic. No apologies here, I like it. I’ve already seen evolved variations of the logo and it works brilliantly, you can frame almost any image within the framework of the logo. It’s so simple but that’s the key. I’m amazed at the weight of negative opinion across the board as it’s so different from the vast majority of logo’s. The colour for example. I like the fact they’ve had the balls to do something different as opposed to toeing the line with the usual bland design Olympics have adhered to for decades.
    I’d argue rather than the logo being the embarrassment the reaction of the “great British public” speaks volumes for our cynical attitude to any major project. Use your imagination people.

  53. What if the entire sorry chain of events were part of a thoughtful strategy to engage with consumers…not in some generic, ‘awareness is everything’ Web 2.0 exercise in wasting our time, but a planned campaign with a direction and ultimate purpose (i.e. selling tickets, raising corporate money, driving viewers to the events)?

    I’ve written that fantasy business case history at Were it only true…

  54. quote: “It looks like a woman going down on another man :P haha.”

    yeah, you’re not the only one.

    It took me forever to see that it said 2012, many people around here didn’t even see it.

    what a crappy design, it would be great if it was for a kid/tween audience only, but they’d still need to do something about that 2012, it’s just too hard to read, a big NO-NO for any logo.

  55. This kind of garbage should be known as the “No Go Logo”. It’s just a logo for logo’s sake. The concept clearly was the result of a night out on the piss…drawn on the back of a beer mat six hours before it was due for presentation.

    C’mon UK design! We can do better than this.

  56. It looks like some pieces of scrap that could not be put onto a recycle machine. I suggest, that logo should be print on top of each recycle bin ( suggestion only).

    It really does not represent the greatness of London (a multicoloured race city with simple but attactive figures). Never a sport or a game have that kind of lazy design. It’s a “PERFECT SHAME”.

    Can you hear that, “the world is laughing at us”. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Barcelona’92 olympic mascot “Cobi” had the same bad feedback in 1988 and in 1992 OH SURPRISE everyone loved it…. We are talking here about doing something DIFFERENT … we all (not)remember predictable-easy-conservative logos like atlanta or sydney but LONDON has to show why is the worlds design capital. Because it has the best clients!!! Congrats to the designers and to the Comitee, i guess there was no polemic 4 years ago in Sydney. btw: completely agree with:

  58. i think its dead good to be honest, why do things have to look complicated to appeal to everyone, people have different views an thaughts on things and at the end of the day there must be a hell of alot of people who like this design for it to be the one for such a huge event an tbh from lookin at the pictures of some of you people you obviously are living in the past or havnt u noticed tht fashion an design are minimal these days

    i for one appretiate this and i like it alot its very mondern. well done wolff olins i like it :)

  59. wel i think that it looks crap and that man who designed it has made a lot of money for designing a load of rubish! im only 15 and i could of made a better one.
    you cant even tell wot it is surpose to say!! it looks like a load of random shapes for a three year old!
    love yas xxx

  60. Surely this has to be awful PR for the agency that designed this sad excuse for a logo. Does anyone know which agency is responsible? Someone posted it made them angry and I feel the same way… If graphic design good be a crime then this logo deserves to be on death row!

    The only thing that cheers me up about this is thinking of when the agency first showed it to a bunch of stuffy old men on the olympic board and they sat round thinking ‘yes’ this is the one to go with.. think the olympic guys were just scared to offend?

    Good choice for a blog topic David, I couldn’t resist posting a comment on this issue… ;-)

  61. Hi Robert, don’t worry about any typos, I appreciate you commenting. Thanks also to everyone else who has pitched in, and sorry for not having time to respond individually.

  62. To the 15 year old who posted:
    I loved this Logo!
    It looks wicked!
    I am 15 so basically a teenager and my parents hated it but it looks really cool to me…
    Maybe you have to be younger to understand it?
    Are you blind? I’m 15 also, and it has to be the most appalling, eye-scarring mess I’ve ever seen. Cool? Hell is cooler than that. In SUMMER!!
    Rant over.
    And by the way, why is Australia in the top right hand corner? Is this the UK games or have I missed something?

  63. Please tell me this is a joke?! Sadly I don’t think it is and i’m sick to my stomach on so many levels.

    Who in there right mind would approve a logo like that and pay an agency 400K? If i did something like this for a client they would most likely laugh in my face and fire me right then and there.

    And what’s with the bastardized comic sans font for london and lowercase wtf? Last time i checked the graphic standards for the olympic rings is “you are not allowed to change the colours in anyway whatsoever” and here they’re knocking out on a pink background? Wow I’m flabbergasted *shaking head and sobbing*.

  64. What I really want to see is a video of the people at Wolff Olins pitching this logo to the Olympic comity… because that must have been one brilliant presentation. As terrible as the logo is, there is something impressive about the ability to sell such a piece of crap to such a highly controlled organization.

  65. Guys, we’ve got a problem here.
    Though how much we try to tell people to change the logo but as time goes by more and more people are also trying to accept the logo. That means more and more people are now being converted to think like stone age.

  66. I think the logo is kick ass. I always felt Olympic logos were boring but this one actually caught my attention. Well maybe because I’m only 20 years old.

  67. I reckon the shapes are simplified representations of the geographical shapes of the five continents – Clockwise from top right: Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia in the centre. Unfortunately, it has an unfriendly vibe arising from the jaggedness of it. At least it will be distinctive – hard to forget.

  68. I know that if the logo was good (or even brilliant) I probably wouldn’t be mentioning it to other people in conversations, emails or forum posts.

  69. At first, I thought it was a new Nazi logo spoof on the Olympics or some ancient hieroglyphic. Looks like it could a new album logo for Rush! They are coming to my town, so maybe I shall go to a concert.

  70. After I stumbled upon an article of this at encyclopediadramatica, I can hardly visualise it as anything else but somebody bumming somebody from behind.. good god this is just awful.

  71. That London Olympic logo which the organisers/officials are defending and say we’ll have to get used to and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds is only being defended because it cost so much, in my opinion.

    If it had only cost 5 grand, they would have seen how bad it is and not felt stupid to face up to it and say ‘lets move on with a new design’, but to admit to wasting that kind of money on something rubbish would rightly make them look beyond stupid.

    Maybe just slightly more dumb than defending it.

    They could let the public submit ideas for ten pounds each and get a much better logo, and their money back into the bargain.
    Show up the company that did such a nasty job.

  72. I was just instant messaging with a friend who had sent me a page of weird corporate logos. Then I sent him the animated (.gif) version of the new OGC logo. He was nearly on the floor. When asked if he’d seen the 2012 Olympics logo, he said he hadn’t, so I sent it to him.

    He’s now an honorary Bloke following his comment that “it’s a piece of [beep].”

    . . . and so say all of us in The Colonies.

  73. Wake up, People!! New world order is to be in total control on 2012 target date. The logo is disguised to hide the word “ZION” Bow to your new leaders.

  74. Okay, at the risk of getting lynched by the entire UK, I don’t think it’s all that bad. My first thought was that it’s a good idea, poorly executed, but it’s not poorly executed at all—it does have the coat of polish that you’d expect from a seasoned logo designer (whether or not it has £400 000 worth of polish is debatable, but I digress).

    In any case, 99.99% of the public hates it, but as a logo designer, I can attest to the fact that 99.99% of the public wouldn’t know a good logo if one crawled up their leg and bit them in the ass… the public is looking for a pretty picture with some kind of clever ambiguous twist in it that they can easily understand, but this is not the kind of approach that makes a brand effective. Someone posted a comment above criticising the logo because the 2’s look different from each other… uh, okay, would you then fall in love with the logo if the 2’s were the same? Most of the other criticisms levelled at the logo reflect the same kind of pedestrian thinking, unfortunately.

    Don’t believe me? Consider one of the most effective brands of our time: Nike. Nike’s logo is a “swoosh”, an ultra-simple set of intersecting ellipses which was literally slapped together in a few minutes by a student. Simplicity is good. A logo should also provoke a reaction, and this one gets full marks for that—everyone knows and remembers the old Starbucks logo, with the topless mermaid spreading her legs (eh, tails…); the formula is pretty simple: provocative = arresting = memorable = effective.

    The Olympics are an event with thousands of years of history and tradition, and I give Wolff-Ollins full marks for having the guts to take such a bold, “deconstructed” approach. Maybe I’d feel differently if I were a Londoner, but then again, maybe not. Anyway, I’d better scoot now, before I get nailed with a rotten tomato against the head (: …

  75. Do the linear shapes symbolize anything?
    London as a poorly designed city?
    Really ugly public housing clusters in London?
    Brits that really don’t care how their olympic logo comes across?

    Sorry, folks. but it’s damn ugly!

    Joe M.
    Chicago, IL (2016….yeah!!!!)

  76. NK, I don’t think there’s much chance of a linching. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Sure, the logo’s memorable, but my overall opinion hasn’t changed.

    Thanks again, folks.


    I am not at all surprised to see the reaction this logo has received from the public.

    With a worldwide concern for the health and state of our environment, it would have been an excellent opportunity to reflect this in the logo, especially as this logo was targeted towards our youth.

    Magenta is not a natural colour. It is an extra-spectral colour, meaning it cannot be generated by a single wavelength of light, being a mixture of red and blue wavelengths. So it’s not a huge surprise that people have had such a strong reaction to it.

    The year 2012 is probably one of the most interesting and anticipated dates in history. For those of you who know nothing about this date, have a look around on the internet and see what you find. There is an emerging interest in its worldwide signifificance that can date back more than five thousand years ago.

    It is interesting that the logo is broken up into four parts with a fifth, smaller part in the centre, which is there represents the dot of the ‘i’.
    The numbers 2012, which could also be read as Zion, surround the dot as if in ‘union’ – particularly curious if you lightly entertain the idea that the world is currently being carved up into four super states to be run by a centralised global government.

    In addition, redirecting people’s attention to the notion that this logo is not a logo, it’s a ‘brand icon’, just goes to show why it has had the reaction that it has had. The world is full of branding and logos, where the colours are used to subliminally affect us in a specific way. (e.g. fast food chains use bright colours such as red, to encourage us to hurry, whereas restaurants use earthy colours to make us relax and take out time) So if is this is a brand, what is it telling us?

    There is no doubt in my mind that this ‘brand icon’ is more than what it appears to be on the surface and while some may look at it and view it as childish, it is the work of a group of adults that were prepared to pay £400,000 for it.

    Tony Blair is quoted to have said, “When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life”.

    What would be inspiring would be to have leaders who listened to us for a change instead of thinking that they know what is best for us.

  78. Que? Magenta is not a natural colour? I think we maybe all need to take a break from our computers and go look at the flowers for a while… (:

    In any case, to add to my previous argument, how many of you can (without Googling or otherwise cheating) remember the logo for the Barcelona olympics? Let’s make it easier: how about Atlanta? If you do take the time to look them up (or if you’re one of the very few people who can remember them), you’ll see that they’re very similar; nondescript “brushstroke” type designs of a little man running in some way. I guarantee all of you that you’ll remember the London 2012 logo as long as you live.

    The problem with this logo is that, much like a Picasso or an Islay whisky, it takes a bit of effort to enjoy it. You’ll probably laugh at me for comparing it to a Picasso, but take a look at 90% of the criticisms that have been levelled at it: “it looks like a draw-ring what my 5-year-old son done wif a box of crayons” pretty much sums it up—just like Picasso, eh?

    On a side note, I must say that the only olympic logo I’ve yet seen that stood out as being really beautiful was the logo for Athens 2004. Thanks!

  79. Hehe, did I say Atlanta? Meant Sydney… anyway, I see that many of the public’s proposed alternatives feature the Union Flag. As an outsider, I’m not really sure of my facts on this one, but am I not right in saying that the Union Flag is not really a fitting symbol of London (or even of England, for that matter)?

  80. Hi,,I’m from Sri Lanka and I’m hoping to come to England to watch 2012 Olympics..but the logo really grosses me out..i don’t know much about designing..but can say only one thing,,that this is going to be my opinion it should have a mixture of sports,,humour and an aesthetic touch..

  81. I think London 2012’s logo is bright, explosive, absract enough to awaken imagination, extremely versatile, funky, contemporary, robust, practical and playful. Actually, because of things said about the logo I think british design is way ahead of the british public.

  82. It’s definitely a bad logo. For one it’s ugly but a good logo doesn’t have to be pretty. The problem is you don’t see 2012 at a glance, you see some messed up R or something.

  83. I think it was the only way of getting people interested. English people love to moan, that’s a fact. So why not give them something to moan about, and they did, and boy did we moan. But it certainly drew a lot of attention to the games, no?

  84. gee, im only 12 and even I think thats terrible. It doesn’t reach out to me at all. That would sort of look like a drawing competition for kids at my local library. Absoloutly terrible, I really hope its a joke.

  85. It’s very sad to see such a crappy logo for a big event like this, it’s like the company didnt even try. Really I can’t believe they paid for this and waited for its creation. It looks like it was thrown together at the last minute.

    Bryan Davis
    eXplode… Graphic Arts

  86. I’m no Artist but I have strong feelings about this.
    We have to get something done about this AWFUL and EMBARASSING logo. It’s too cluttered, complicated, with everything just thrown in.
    There’s still four years and I find it sad that ‘They’ can’t admit they’ve got it wrong.
    The importance of the olympic logo is enormous and everyone working towards 2012 will identify with IT for the next four years……and if we keep this logo I feel it’s a terrible omen of how ‘our’ olympics will go.
    If we (they) grow up, take some responsibility and accept that it is an awful mistake and change it to something to be proud of, the feeling accross the nation will change.
    There’s already a lot of negative talk about 2012…..people are saying we won’t be able to organise it to run smoothly. And after seeing the Beijing opening ceremony!! :-O
    Change the logo=change the attitude….NOW!

  87. I’ll probably be exiled for this, but so be it.

    I like it.

    I hated it at first, I really did, and left several negative comments on sites at the time. However, I also allowed myself time to change my opinion on it, and I have changed my mind.

  88. The figure on the right looks like its a female giving oral sex to the figure on the left. I would be embarrased to be from London.

    I dare you London folks to use this logo, I want to see the whole world laugh at you. hahahaha.

    Good luck!

    Best regards,

    California Dude

  89. i have seen better logos produced by the kids of the local housing estate banger car racer on the sides of their dads cars, using just cheap cans of spray paint, and their not even 16, and they have got more talent than who ever produced that god awful pink swastika like logo.

  90. For me, I reckon it isn’t executed well as it could of been especially considering some of the studio’s other brilliant identities they have come up with. And the drop shadow really does smacks laziness into me.

    But after learning what they’ll use it for and especially after watching Beijing, alot of things about the logo is very, very smart. One is that all the necessary details are all placed into 1 logo (location, Olympic rings, 2012). I don’t remember many venues at Beijing that had all those logos in one place. It was usually the stamp seal, or the Beijing 2008 script or the rings (which weren’t even shown most times). It probably had some style guide of each logo to use at the same event. While, they will probably use the London typeface elsewhere (like at each end of the basketball court and on the side of the stands), the 2012 logo seems flexible enough that it can be used anywhere without changing its dimensions. And things got really messy when you see a corporate sponsor on TV and notice they have 3 logos on screen just to show they make shoes at the end of their TVC’s. Some sponsors didn’t even use the Beijing logo even when they were suppliers for the Olympics! I think its will make it more clean cut everywhere from advertising to event signage.

    But on the opposite spectrum, it seems like this logo can really be pulled apart! I’ve seen at least 5 variations of colours of the logo and they said it was designed with digital media in mind, so we’ll probably see animations of the logo morphing and teleporting later. It seems like it has the potential to have its own identity but with many different variations. I still think its an ugly logo, but I think it will be an ugly logo with a great corporate ID.

    Which is why I think its great! :)

  91. I am from the US and I think that the logo they have chosen to represent London is terrible. It looks like its just been thrown together, for example I had to google it for a definition of what it was supposed to be. By the looks of the logo, its almost saying London is full of oddly shaped, jagged, and small people (since London isn’t capitalized) I think for 400,000 pounds they could have been more creative and took the people of Great Britain in to mind, of how they would like to be represented.

  92. Those of us in BC hate the logo for the 2010 in Vancouver. That’s something that is built and used in the Territories and not BC! A totem pole is more like it if native symbols were wanted to be used! The bidding logo is better here as the London one is. Maybe using the British flag design within the logo would be much better than pink.

  93. well~ i think the logo looks perfect in the year 2012,
    lets think about it~ if everyone love the logo now, then it will be terrible~ what will all of u think if the logo is perfect n very suitable to compete with the beijing logo nowdays, its probably everyone will be thinking that ” wow is a nice logo, very olympic mood, got the feeling of sport” so what ? after that they will be stop taking or get interest in olympic. why ? because its always the same old logo style! nothing change much! cos we must change, n keep using the same old olympic format & guidelines .

    then is totally no a best design, cos u never know what people will be thinking of the logo in year 2012, i mean 4 years later, there’s lot of changing in people thinking, just like computer or internet, i think just 2 years all the people already trust internet or using computer in their life, what will we be doing ? izit we are still writing letters instead of email ?

  94. What in the hell is this. I’m ashamed that this monstrosity ever left the building. If this thing flies I think I’ll start a petition against the Olympics in its entirety. I think they could have just bedazzled the rings and it wouldn’t have been half as offensive.

  95. I am a student at Central St Martins studying BA Graphic Design. I must say that as a fellow graphic designer and student I am embarrassed to have that disgraceful ‘design’ for our nations Olympics.

    Your website conveys the idea of future change. How can you justify this ‘ideal’ when you make a mockery of our country’s one chance to display all that we have which makes our nation great.

    The one time a nation has to show off their country’s true assets is at the Olympics. However you have decided to create that thoughtless, unimaginative, plain muddle of an emblem, that is our 2012 Olympic label. I find that quite insulting.

    You should be appalled by this, not only the state of the thoughtless design but by ruining our country’s one chance to impress. In my view the challenge to create a new Olympic design should have been given to schools across the country, or to people with terminal illnesses. They would be able to provide far more emotion and thought to a piece of art than any of your designers.

    If a child who is going to die from a long term illness could express their last feelings in a nations graphic logo, do you not think that would be far more thought provoking and passionate?? Even thinking about the ‘Para Olympics’, that could be a very good chance to make a thoughtful piece of design.

    This is far too late as I know the design is in strong circulation especially around London. However I hope that you would intend to do something about this and try to correct what will go down in history as a design disaster.

    Yours faithfully

    Rupert Mason

  96. Personally i really like the logo, i think its progressive, daring and breaks with convention. I would love to have clients who want to ground break, and not conform wth tired and tested design principles. One of best reviews i read about the logo was this

    quite amusing.

  97. I personally like the logo as well.
    It is kinda creative and also, you don’t see logos like that now a days.

    That London Olympics Logo is one of the best Logo i have seen. Just look at the past Olympics Logo.


  98. Pathetic!! The worse logo design I’ve ever seen, and this is for 2012 Olympic game?!? Joke! It looks like a guy on the left is punching the other person’s head on the right…

  99. Beaing an east londoner, I can;t wait for the games, but seeing this logo on ads everywhere, it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right or look right. I honestly am disappointed in it, lets hope the rest of the games isnt as big as a disaster as this logo!

  100. I would like to say that’s not recognizable and from a distance of 10 ft. it’s completely indecipherable. I checked out the designer’s website and I would like some answers as to why I am not making 400,000 pounds. When they say they were targeting the youth did they mean their former selves. What is it about these forty year old suits that they think everyone wants to relive the 80’s. Unless we’re bringing back the coke binges I don’t want to hear about it. These guys couldn’t be more out of touch if their fingers were cut off.

  101. As this logo starts appearing in more and more places around London, my intense dislike of it and my shame at the fact that it is being associated with something I felt proud of (the 2012 Olympics) grow.

  102. Gross. It looks like somebody threw up and drew”London” and some rings with a stick. This is without a doubt, the worst logo that I have ever seen. It makes me want to fight the person that signed off on it. I think the “logo” (for lack of a better word) will be giving me nightmare for quite some time. Everybody involved in this should be embarrassed by it. Three word come to mind. Ugly Amateur Crap.

  103. Yeah! I think they got it right-maybe…
    -The logo has a connection with nobody therefore it’s… Everyone’s Games, Everyone’s 2012-hmm…
    -They are trying to grab the attention of young people. Wait, just because a child could have come up with it does it give reason to say the logo will reach out to them-why not…
    -Now 2012 spelled out jaggedly as the main symbol for the olympics to make the brand edgy for an edgy city-Come On!!!

    It’s a difficult task to create a logo that speaks of its host, connects with everyone, combine the olympic and paralympic games, and lets not forget to engage, involve, and enthuse – to change lives.

    …yeah I think all they need to do is change the color and it should work, maybe even put some pictures of atheletes something like a montage of photos instead of color. Could that be cool?

  104. while glancing through all the posts, the few that praised it generally did so on the grounds that it breaks traditions, illicit reactions, esthetically ahead of the time..etc

    however, let’s not forget, the Olympics is not some avant-garde art exhibit where marginalized genius artists challenges the established rules. The Olympics is supposed to inspire unity of everyone in sports, meant for EVERYONE, the common people.

    so i am sorry on behalf of everyone who can’t appreciate great logo even as it punches us in the gut and bites us in the ass, and for our evidently “pedestrian” ideas. it’s a shame we can’t all be great designers with sophisticated taste, or else I wouldn’t have to go through the unpleasant experience of wanting to puke a little every time i see that logo.

  105. Very succinct point, mate. By the way, the first letter of a sentence is capitalized, and “aesthetic” has an “a”.

  106. Absolutely terrible.

    I am an English teacher in Spain. I have talked about this logo with many of my students, all of whom are intelligent and well-educated business executives. Only one of them saw the “2012” thing and we have been discussing whether we are missing something in the design. Is it a distorted map of the Thames and the former docklands near the games sites? Apparently not!

  107. OK, on a lighter or semi-lighter side, the logo is not my favourite, not by the least. It looks to be that the designer has a lot of influence by either his boss or the Olympic committee to do a “better” job than the 2008 Beijing games because THAT is the Olymics to beat. Anyone here heard of over-styling?

    I almost feel sorry for the designer given that we know that someone higher than him wanted to appeal to pubescent teens known a gen X. Maybe it fits the bill and works out great…maybe?

    I do not believe this for a second because the all important logo does not scream for attention. It does however scream silently for people the LEAVE ME ALONE and stop laughing at me.

  108. is it just me, or does this logo look so much like a doodle drawn of a girl giving a guy a bj? is it just me? the guy who designed this needs to be fired, it is absoultely repulsive and is a terrible representation of the british public XD

  109. there was a post earlier saying how the jagged edges don’t represent the sort of people in london, and someone else said something similar.

    does that mean apple inc. is run by thousands of little fruit??!!

    NK said everything i was going to say, and yes, 99% of the population probably shouldnt be allowed to comment as “maybe they should of included the union jack” just doesn’t cut the mustard im afraid, and that is why the world is split into two distinct factions….designers….and citizens

    i like this logo alot, not at first, but its grown on me tremendously, and given that I’ve seen it in its different ‘states’ or ‘versions’ on the studios’s website, i have full faith that all you lot are going to be very wrong in 4 years time.

    best sporting logo. ever.

    anyhow, i just lived through 2 years of the ‘liverpool 08’ logo (, can you feel the culture!!), be thankful you didn’t have that peering at you everyday.

  110. He visto el logo. Y sí, el aspecto es muy simple. Uno se imagina que proviniendo de Inglaterra, con una tradición enorme artística, de buen gusto y llena de inspirados y preparados artistas, el dibujo reflejara algo distinto. Pero en fin, quizás no sea el diseño definitivo. Quizás, aunque más austero que Beijing, el logo refleje la invitación de una de las ciudades más bellas y civilizadas del mundo.

  111. The logo is a masterpiece of hidden agenda. For all those who are awake and not asleep this is the answer to why the logo is designed this way.
    Firstly Lord Seb Coe is a self confessed Zionist, who wish to bring in a new a new age, a new jerusalum thanks to big brother.
    So take a good look at the logo, now turn the pieces around, place the dot abovr the i, what have you got…yes thats right, it spells ZION.
    Wake up people, how many clues do you need.

  112. This seems to be a bizzare design solution. Wolf Olins are a house holdname in corporate ID. The logo was approved and therefore answered the clients brief. As a designer for big corporates i find it hard to make sense of as a piece of communication. It lacks visual harmony at the very least. It sems to fit the genre of 1980’s NY subway train graffitti rather than THE international sporting event. To me makes no sence, why is there the seemingly unnecessary dot centre of the logo? This has been designed in, why? To me it does seem to form additional rather crude letter forms. Is it ment to be cryptic somehow? I do get the word ZION from the arangement, bizzare indeed!

  113. i think this logo is a load of bollocks.
    when i first looked at it, i thought there was a problem with my tele or something. it looked like random shapes jumbled together and the animation is just awful!

  114. i just saw a facebook group and it says that it looks like lisa simpson giving h***
    i didn’t get it at first, but once u see it it its like wtf were they thinking??!?? maybe the designer was influenced by internal subconscious forces when he designed it??
    anyway, there’s a small article about it in the times or something.
    but yes, now that alot of ppl are going to see what it *really* looks like they should really change it to something with no crude connotations!

  115. It’s like something from an 80’s kid’s TV show – plenty of wacky-wigger-de-wigger-de-woo and not enough elegance. Did Timmy Mallet design it? The irony is – the logo from the 1980’s olympics is far more relevant.

  116. I recall a flap from about two years ago, that this monstrosity was supposed to flicker; there were concerns that the flicker would cause seizures in susceptible people.

    Does the 2012 logo still flicker in some incarnation?

    The nausea you may ultimately feel from this creation may be neurological!

  117. “Appeal to today’s internet generation”??
    That may be true if it were still 1991; the color-scheme is about a inviting as
    its jagged edges. Seems like they’re using the same conceptual vehicle as in
    the early MTV logo exploration.

  118. Oh someone actually designed the logo!

    Seriously, I was in belief that it was the winning logo from a competition for children in schools. I believed this so much that I googled the logo and found this site.

    I think Chris Ede should have had a go at designing one as he helped us win the Olympics anyway, thanks to his amazing storyboards and moodboards for the Handover Ceremony.

    I’m 17 and believe me they didn’t chose it because it appealed to the younger generation…

  119. Hi.

    I find this logo, well, I can’t put it into words how upsetting this is.
    And finding out this is a supposed £400,000 job just made me almost
    black out and go Jimi Hendrix on my bedroom floor.

    I just graduated from college and want the Olympic committee to
    know, I am available for work. And not for £400,000. Get in touch
    with me… I’ll hook you up and make sure this doesn’t look like something
    from Dora the Explorer (google it, bing it… whatever.. uncanny, isn’t it)?

    …seriously, I think we could do some wonderful things together.
    Any other takers?

    -a talented designer looking for work fresh out of school who can’t
    believe people are getting paid oodles of cash for nickelodeon-esque
    graphics. – a.k.a. stephen.

  120. I am 14 and ever since I first clasped eyes on it I thought it was vile. It really does not reach the younger generation at all. I have never heard a nice comment about it at school or anywhere.
    I feel quite ashamed, that my generation gave them this idea.
    if you google images London 2012 Olympics logo a big one with lots of different logos come up, some of those are stunning.

  121. Oh yeah… not to mention the Wolff Olins website… it’s a MESS! Very poorly designed. There could have been a LOT more effort put into that!

  122. I think many are missing the subliminal message that was embedded in the logo.

    If you look closely, you’ll see the overall shape of a galaxy.
    The Olympic rings that are offset from the center shown as if to be centered in their own region of this ‘galaxy’ as if aligned with said section.

    I think, the design is fine actually, perhaps a bit jagged for my taste, but a strong image nonetheless.

    One thing I do know, it will be in every one of your minds for quite some time to come, and this is one of the missions a logo designer has. To make his mark stay in your cortex.

  123. It is the UK chopped into peices. Cut ’em out and arrange them and you’ll get a crap map of the UK and NI.

    It is dire though!

  124. At first, I didn’t even know what it was or said (literally I thought it was colorful blobs). Then, when I read that it was a logo for 2012 Olympics, I thought this was a joke. After that, I thought it was for Australia, like someone above posted, and then finally I realized it was just a sad logo choice for London’s Olympics.
    Yes, some say that it has other meanings or hidden messages, blah blah blah. But people, let’s be serious…if you can’t read the darn thing and know what it is, it isn’t good.
    Not everyone is going to have an interpreter for the logo when they see it or have a history on why the logo is the way that it is. So, in reality, I don’t believe it was a wise choice.

  125. I have read most of the comments about the 2012 Lgo and find that not one person has mentioned that instead of meaning
    2 0 1 2 the logo depicts 2 0 0 1 2 because without the extra zero,
    the designewr could not squeeze in the five rings of the Olympic
    Banner! So is anybody going to join me in bringing home this

  126. well it looks like we’ve fond new meanings for the words ugly, disaster and waste of space. There are many problems in this world and this country chooses to spend it’s money blinding everyone with clashing colours. I say just keep the same logo for each olympics and just put the name of which ever town, city or country that is holding it on it, instead of this awful, terrible thing that we are cursed to remember forever. Did i mention its bad?

  127. wot up, spade again. I just want to say if the olympic people ever happen to randomly come across this please change the logo please!!! I don’t want to grow up in a country that is constantly mocked for it’s awful logo. So please change it for the sake of Britain and the sake of the olympics. Just change the damn thing!!! We deserve better than this abomination.
    Did i mention its bad?

  128. A colleague of mine mentioned about 3 weeks ago that if you take a step back it looks like a couple engaging in felatio. The figure on the right kneeling, the headless man on the left. Since then I haven’t been able to look at the logo in the same way without seeing this image and have reprimanded my colleague for having a filthy mind.

  129. You do realize this random logo is designed to spell ZION backwards? I’m surprised no one has mentioned that here. Well this was the same for the logo of the 2008 games also so it’s not so surprising. But 2012 is probably the most significant year to those of the new world order especially the british royal family, needless to say. I had to laugh aloud when I saw an official promo for the games where the olympic ribbon above the year curved down right over the second 2, to make a perfect Z — of course for everyone who knows 2012 spells Zion upside down this is just another glaringly obvious slap in the face to the mass of ignorant public, because they know they can get away with it

  130. I have just come across this info earlier this week. PLease please check out an interview by a young man named Rik Clay. The video is called 2012 Transformation of the ages. you will find it on you tube. I beg you to check it out, you will be amazed at the freemasonic symbolism surrounding these games and what they intend to use these games to launch. People need to wake up to the controlling forces in this world. It is not what you seem. If you do not believe me then digest this. This video was first shown last year, within days of its release this beautiful young 26 year old man Rik Clay, removed all his info from the web, stopped contact with his friends, and ‘supposedly’ commited suicide.

  131. As sad as it is to admit, but like the group in Facebook says, that logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head. How’s that for olympic spirit. I sincerely hope the UK has a back-up plan, but there went my faith in their designers.

  132. I agree the logo isn’t too appealing but if you look at it from an advertising perspective it’s doing it’s job. In just the short time since it’s been revealed it has created so much free advertising. Just like stupid commercials or slogans this is making people talk about the London olympic and creating a buzz. And like someone above said it will inspire others to design better logos to capture the true london culture therefore having the London olympic logo reflect to a greater audience. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

  133. Yep….the fb group does say it all. Every time I see this logo I laugh my ass off! Be interesting to know how much the organizing committee paid for the honour of looking like complete asses.

  134. k.SO this new logo is suuuch a huge deal to everyone. my question is why? seriously, the videos on youtube to the blogs such as this one. it’s ‘Satanic’, ‘Terrorists’, ‘Lisa Simpson giving Head’, etc. The designer was given a job and he did it. I personally think it shows a lot of Imagination and Creativity. I mean, if SO many people can make SO many different things out of one peice of art work.. well, wow. to me, thats more then just being an artist. But honestly people, not EVERYTHING is bad. get over it. Maybe if everyone stopped making everything out to be war and terrorists and all the other stupid pointless stuff in the world, there wouldn’t be as much of it. But thats just getting into a whole other subject. I mean, we pay so much attention and time thinking and planning the next bad thing thats guna happen that we forget that this is our one chance to live, why ruin it?

    Anyways, To Wolff Olins, the designer.
    I’d like to say Congrats to you and Good Job : )

  135. I am sad for the Olympics and for Brittain. The Olympic logo evokes an undeniable negative image from start to finish. Those few who support it do so with reasons which have nothing to do with the Olympics, with sport, or with the spirit of bringing diverse people together for a few weeks every few years.

    Perhaps the blame needs to be shared beginning with the goals for the logo, as listed above. Those goals are a jumbled and disjoint as is the logo that arose from the goals. How about just telling a new designer, who presumably knows what he or she is doing, to just create a strong olympic logo? I am sure that designers at this level are not idiots, well perhaps with the exception of Wolff Olins. The present logo will not suddenly be accepted and liked by most people. That seems quite clear.

    The logo is a sad design disaster that is devisive, and represents tension and sharp edged confusion. Yes, this is a part of our modern experience, but it has no place at the Olympic games, which is the universally accepted opportunity to get together in peace and harmony. The 2012 logo is an intrinsically an UNSTABLE image, and the reference to ZION, intentional or not, is not one that evokes a peaceful image. Is it really so bad to try to reflect the good in our age, our highest ideals, instead of instability, conflict, and chaos?

    This image serves only to break the heart, not just of ordinary Brits, but of all of the rest of us as well. I can’t wait for these Olympics to be history just because of this worthless logo. I hope that members of the Olympic Committee are listening to every comment listed here.

  136. I apreciate what Samantha said but i think the negative points of this logo outweigh the positives hugely. It is a poor design, and i dont think they made it so you could imagine better designs or think of it as different things.
    I think there are so many other designs that could be created to abolish the negative sides of the current logo but keep the positive sides that Samantha mentioned.
    I do hope that it is changed but im not sure that this is likely.

  137. You HAVE to be kidding me!!!! Oh dear…… I had to look at it a couple of times to understand exactly what it was!! I suppose the “positive” is that it is going to “evolve”….. Into WHAT is the question of course.
    This really is just horrible

  138. This logo is a complete nightmare and worst ever in the history of the Olympic movement. Whatever committee approved this ‘dogs breakfast’ should be forced to payback the 400,000 pounds they’ve just wasted and be forced to pay it back to the British taxpayer. Shhh…can you hear that? That’s Wolff Olins laughing all the way to the bank. This has to be the biggest logo ripoff job in history.

  139. As a Canadian that lives just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, I feel your pain about a horrible logo. A coastal region that is technically classed as a ‘rainforest’ is being represented by an Inukshuk – a northern, Arctic-type artform, far removed form anything locally culturally relevant. Not to mention the ‘head’ of the thing looks like a square Pac-Man.

    It is bad enough my tax dollars are paying for this event, and that we are losing funding to our province-wide social programs (healthcare, education) for the two-week benefit of a mere TWO cities. The least they could have done is given us a logo that is not so effing lame.

    Adding insult to injury are the mascots. Yet again we exploit our aboriginal culture for commercial gain. I can’t wait to see what garish creations your planners come up with. Really, if the creations are going to look as though they were created by a child, why not let one actually do the job? At least then there would be some dignity left to us.

  140. I have a fine arts degree and I have to say that it’s just not fair to compare this to a 5 year old’s artwork. Most 5 year old kids can do far better than this mess.

    Logos are supposed to drive the public to your product. In this case, I don’t think that will happen at all.

    The good news is that there is still time to retract this effort.

  141. I think we are forgetting the real dimension of the effort Wolff Olins beautifully wrapped into this awesome inspiration. Did they just run it through the normal bland channels of the design and dev. group? – No. They sought out a team of heroic designers and out-thinkers and account mishandlers that totally broke out of the predictable box(the pub on the corner) and came up with something that is actually hard to describe with mere words. In later years when the words come, they’ll fondly look back and say “We saw the future and had the nerve to totally barf over it.” while they stack greasy polystyrene trays in McDonalds dumpsters. Well done chaps!

  142. I like the logo as a whole. However, I LOVE the olympics and it does not scream olympics, it just screams. Which for art is fine, but this is not just supposed to be art, it’s supposed to be a logo representing the coming together of multiple nations at the olympics. I look forward to when I get to go to an olympics buying apparel/glassware with the logo on there, and I’m not crazy about doing that this time.


  143. I’m a graphic design student currently writing my dissertation on how the 2012 logo is effective … I believe this in itself shows just how successful this logo is!

    Is it good design? in my opinion, in terms of aesthetiscs it leaves little to be desired:
    However when you consider the 2012 Olympics as a brand, the response the logo has generated and the interest it’s brought to the subject of the olympics is so much greater than if Wolff Olins had gone and designed the predictable red-blue-green-yellow/sports figure/national heritage mush that we’re spoon fed every 4 years as another host country conforms. The logo makes us stand up and pay attention to what it is and what it is meant to represent.

    It has all the essentials to make it a brilliant logo – recogniseability, brand colours and a unique typeface (it’s my own personal enemy, but good on Wolff Olins for boldly chosing comic sans-style type where no-other designer would dare) which fits in with the design of the logo.

    Good design can be said to be something which provokes intense emotions. This logo certainly has, i could tell this just from reading all of your comments; it’s generated a response on blogs which i have rarely seen greater than, and so arguably could be the best piece of design we have seen in a good while. Also in designing a Brand so ’80s’ with the pop-style video promos and the logo’s own 80’s shape and colour scheme Wolff Olins has done something positively remarkable in linking the year 2012 with it’s fashion renewal period: Fashion recycles itself every 30-odd years, and so Wolff Olins are predicting, almost setting precedent for the style that will become fashionable in the year 2012.

  144. I see a person bending under the weight of an imaginary serving tray.

    It is a pretty awful design. I’ve read the Oly committee defense statements. I guess after spending alot of money they HAVE to say nice things. I suspect they really don’t believe them.

  145. I’m of the “internet generation” they so desperately wanted to appeal to. This is fail.
    I’m also a design student. Allow me to repeat myself. This is FAIL.

  146. I wonder can they redo a logo design? It is off the wall . Dos anyone know what there own interputation of this design means, I have seen terrible design logos but this dosn’t really make sence, almost like a jigsaw puzzle pieces from difrent puzzles.

  147. @Michael Boyle

    Are you really dissing the awesome Beijing logo? Really? All I have to say is wow. You think this is better than Beijing’s logo. WOW.


    I’m sorry to whoever designed that but I think it looks it was designed by a seven year old who is bored and playing with the Paint application on a computer.

  148. There was a whole lot of complaining in Canada about Vancouver’s mascot over the last couple of years. But they were superb compared to this. Hopefully London 2012 will be better than its logo.

  149. I was fortunate enough to go to Olympiad XXVIII in Athens, Greece in 2004. I purchased several authentic flags. The artistry was intrinsically symbolic in best representing the Olympiad’s intended universal values of noble competition, friendship and peaceful coexistence. That logo design inspired me to purchase a flag for the Beijing Olympics. Both are spiritually uplifting. In 2oo8, I accepted a position teaching English in China at Shanxi Modern Bilingual School. Currently, I instruct at Nantong Vocational College. And, I am implementing the values representative of the Olympic Games. I was searching online to possibly purchase a flag for London. Objectively, I felt passionless after seeing the selected logo design. I can only hope the organizers reconsider their decision and revisit inquiries that best represent the intrinsic symbolism of these games.

  150. I’m Puzzled! When I saw this logo after googling it, I thought I had come across a kids competition for the logo, so I googled again, unfortunately no change. I did see that it was aimed at reaching a young audience, so I guess some 2-3 year olds may like it? I think it’s the ugliest olympic logo I’ve seen and it won’t be one that I collect. I can’t find anything good about it- bad colors, font, form and concept. The city officials should be ashamed.

  151. It is English, right ?….I think it represents well the lack of imagination and bad taste in design….so…I think in that sense it’s a good logo :)….no offense guys… :)….

  152. Hated it since the first time I saw it, for all the reasons “Ben” listed on Dec. 7th.

    It is repulsive!

    Can’t say I was too enthralled with my own country’s logo (Sarah contributed some good points about VANOC’s logo on Jan. 7th), but judging from the overwelming negative reaction to London’s logo, this has to be an affront to the British tax-payers who will be dealing with the after-effects of these games in the years to come….

  153. It reminds me of a bad CD or T-Shirt design from the early 80’s. Like something you’d see once on the cover of a band you never heard of and it would end up being the only thing they were remembered for 20 years later. I wonder were he got the design idea?

    What really hurts it and makes it hard to see is the fact that the 2’s are different.

  154. Um, looks like a “Z’ and a mountain range, both over a big “R”. Done in vaguely zany 80’s New Wave font.

  155. Well I do recon the logo is’nt that good but like at my school we went through a recent rebranding and really none of the students liked the logo but after it had settled we did’nt quite realise, so it think the same will happen with this logo, thankfully it is’nt a long term logo

  156. It seems that London doesn’t think very highly of itself due to the fact that it’s name is so small on the pin. The designer was more interested in letting us know what year the event took place not where. As a pin collector it would be hard for me to get all the colors of pins unless I worked for the Olympics.

  157. I’m 18 years old and definitely part of the ‘internet generation’ and this does not appeal to me at all really. It does stick out however, the bright colors hurt eyes, and make the oddly distorted numbers even harder to read. It reminds me a lot of something from around the 80’s.

  158. The only two (and printable) words I can muster for this piece of
    work is “shockingly hideous”, what on earth were they thinking?The pink version of the brand reminds me, regrettably, of something Timmy Mallet would have worn during his 80’s kiddies breakfast show. The only plausible reason for this is that they are trying to reach out to the people with absolutely no sense of class or style in the hope that the Burberry Cap and Tracksuit wearing community might actually pay attention to the Olympics. I seriously think the country could have saved a whole bundle of time, cash and embarrassment and just commissioned David Blunket to come up with the design. I am sure it would be better than the current festering turd!!

  159. They paid 400k for this and at the same time point their finger at other countries and mutter about corruption. Shame on you all. The Olympics are steeped in history, glory and sometimes controversy. This logo is nothing and the authorities squandered the peoples’ money on it. Go home all of you!

  160. As a branding designer who follows the branding of the games, I wonder what Brad Copeland of Iconologic, which has been an advisor to the IOC on the branding of the last 4-5 Summer & Winter games, thinks of this mess. It has been 2 years now since the logo’s release, and I am still confused as to what it means, and just how bad of a design it is.

  161. I can’t help but laugh! After all the uncalled for criticism of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics I can’t wait for London to fail miserably at their attempt to host the games. The city can barely support its own population, where are they planning on putting the tourists?? Good lucky London, you will truly need it!!

  162. Take a real long look at it………….wait for it……Now stop, stare at it for a bit longer………………………………………………………………………
    It’s a female giving the old one eyed monster a nod!

    So that’s the tie in to the one eyed monsters for the mascotts!

    I say it is a smash!!!!!!! this should help you limeys win more gold for sure!!!!

  163. …Looks like a caveman bare-backing a 5 dollar crack whore. Honestly, I can’t believe no one else has noticed.

  164. …and of course it appeals to the younger generation. It screams subliminal sex…though not subliminal enough.

  165. London shouldn’t be allowed to host the Olympics anymore.

    The logo is crap and the mascots are creepy. Wtf, London?

  166. Can nobody see the athlete in the standing ready, set position within the logo. It seems very apt to me and very original. Why is everyone so scared of new approaches

  167. On facebook someone made a page about this logo….saying that it looks like Lisa Simspon performing oral sex. Vulgar, but sadly, I would have to agree.

  168. As a Graphic Designer I think the fact that it is being said that it will appeal to the Internet Generation is probably what got the logo approved and nothing else!

    Where are the aesthetics? and more importantly where is the legibility? One of the 20 rules or guidelines in good design is “if its not legible its not good, if its not legible its not good AND if its not legible its not good!” Where is “London” in the design? I am 110% behind the design at:

  169. Thanks for the support, Astrid. In my mind, the Olympic signature needs to carry with it the tradition and global heritage of the games. As such, I believe the culture of the city that’s hosting the games should be somehow integrated into the mark. I grant that WolffOlins designed based on criteria, pressure, and limitations that I’m not aware of, but even so the final signature misses the mark on account of “reaching a younger audience.” The Olympics is one event that transcends audience, people groups, and nations.

    My pseudo-serious proposal was developed in 2-hours in my underwear over a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I’m not suggesting it’s the end-all, my point was simply that significant improves could have been made early on, for MUCH less cost.

  170. I really don’t think it’s that bad. You people need to get over it! It’s a logo…. there are plenty more things we need to be worried about than a logo for the olympics.

    Really… why do you all care that much… it’s a logo. Big Effing deal!

  171. Unfortunately Chelsea the Logo becomes very much symbolic of the event, and when it is this…well..bad, people automatically, whether rightly or wrongly so, tar the event with the same brush.

    And sorry, but this logo just smacks of someone trying too hard to be different..

    It’s pretty illegible..The only reason we all know what it says/stands for, is because it has enjoyed so much publicity..and certainly not for the right reasons.

    That having been said, it certainly wouldn’t put me off attending the event.

  172. it looks like a two year old drew it. they said they were gone be orignial, well they are, but not spectucular, they also lived up to that.

  173. Whoopty-doo. I doubt too many designers will be using that logo for inspiration. With all the talent out there, it proves life isn’t fair!

  174. My first reaction to that logo was definitely “this gotta be a joke!”, but giving it a thought for a while I do feel it invoked strong reactions, and inspired some very funny parodies all over the internet! ;)

    Another way to look at it if you keep the ‘beauty’ consideration aside for a while is something I found here

    It may not be a design inspiration, but strategy case-study, it is, for sure!

    As someone pointed out, I would really love to see the video of the presentation in which they pitched this in front of the Olympic committee. :D

  175. Hello everyone,

    I strongly feel that they could have done a way better job considering the amount of money they spent on it! I am graphic designer as well and took the opportunity to redesign this logo for London. I am getting great feedback from my peers and wish to send it to somebody who will evaluate my logo? Any ideas?


  176. Initially I didn’t like this so much, but in time my opinion of it has softened a little – mostly because I quite like the freshness of it (even if the legibility leaves a little to be desired).

    I also quite like the idea that it may be used as a flexible ‘container’ or may come alive a little more with some animation. Until the whole event plays out, or at least get started I’m going to reserve my full judgment. I have however, recently seen a few takes on it that have made it even more difficult to read. ie. right version:

    I think there’s a lot of logos these days that are so cautious in the interests of being non-offensive that they just all blend into a unified design school of agree-ability. I know this one’s put a lot of people’s noses (eyes?) out of joint but I’m also aware there’s quite a few who like it too.

  177. At first I wasn’t fond of the design but now I feel its its very good. If this design was to flash for half a second you would instantly recognize it. Its innovative and different, eye catching and interesting. To all who claim to be able to do better are clearly deluded.

    Well done Wolff Olins


  178. I read all the above comments and with all respect to the writers, I feel very disappointed with this kind of criticism. We (as graphic designers community) judge a logotype exactly as our worst clients would do? I will remind you that there are not good or bad logos, only logos that work and others they don’t.

    This logo works and therefore I like it.

    1) It will be recognizable despite you can’t read the 2012 easily. The advertising and merchandizing will take care of this so this was not an issue for the designers despite the colors can also increase the recognition.
    2) There is huge differentiation from the other olympic logos, so from communication view it archives to create pending for something different in these games.
    3) It reflects the multinational values of London and the olympic games. Sports are full of emotions

    I would never use it to decorate my living room but I would definitely buy a bag or a cup with this logo its so live, healthy and it is moving without animation.

    Check how beautiful are the applications of it in merchandise products

    This is was just an other one opinion, I think that in some years from now we ll know if this logo was a failure or created a whole new trend.

    My warm credits to Wolf Olins for the innovation and their guts.

  179. Been watching this thread through the years – as the games approach this just becomes more and more current as the logo becomes more and more prolific.

    This logo is the perfect example of what happens when you get twenty executives in a room, all watching their backs whilst simultaneously wanting to put their oars in.

    People need to understand how leadership and teamwork go together. This abhorrent and disgusting device does more than just show our design failings – it points straight back to the whole organisation and says to them – “if this is how you work when you design a brand, imagine how lame the rest of the event is going to be”.

    I personally hold out little hope for these people. They resemble so many of my clients. I’m an event manager myself with an eye for design and a desire to work with a good team.

    To run a business or to master a project like this you need a leader with vision who is determined with a single view, but with a trusting heart and wise discerning skill set to work with the team. The fact that this logo has been chosen shows that there is no proper structure within the management.

    Every day I see this – I’m appalled! A nightmare.

  180. Oh dear.
    I just saw the logo for the first time today. Is the London Olympic committee gearing us up for the games of suckdom? I mean first there was the innovative/pants display for the handover at the end of the Beijing games. Now there’s the logo of awful. Perhaps we are trying to focus attention away from media hype and on the athletes.
    The games are in fact completely traditional, and embody all that is good in the world: sports as a medium for internationalism, at its most evident in the Olympics. It doesn’t require a snazzy, hyper-modern cool logo. Quite the reverse. The 5 rings are totally iconic as it is.

    I would love to see the ideas that WEREN’T chosen! I mean really, how hard would it be to have the 5 rings at the top, with 2012 in big letters at the bottom, with Big Ben instead of the 1. Or something. Wow. I love the Olympics, so this is a sad day for me.

  181. Hmm. Having just viewed all the previous logos I have to say I’ve moderated my view a little. Most of them were equally as banal. Athens was a good one, but I suppose that’s to be expected.

    At least the first 2 of 2012 is shaped a little like England/Scotland/Wales.

    I take back the miserable bleating complaints I made. This logo is as good as any others. I had just hoped to be a little more inspired by it.

  182. I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be 2012 when I first saw and I can certainly understand why the Iranians think it looks like it spells Zion.

  183. it is really a racist logo with it spelling the word “ZION”

    shame on U.K. …how long does U.K. want to kiss ISRAEL’s…

  184. Look at it very carefully:
    1. It says the word “ZION” Very Clear!
    2. It’s a subliminal porn logo. A girl on the right side is on her knees and a headless person on the left who is standing. Just add the head (with Olympic logo) from the right to the left person!
    3. God knows!

  185. Jeff Douglas of CBC (Canadian) Radio had it right. He said “Imagine wearing oven gloves and using duct tape to write “2012” on the side of a car as it drove past, the result would look very like the Olympic logo”.

  186. Shame actually…
    London with all its beauty and glory does not deserve this Logo!
    And one can hardly notice the Olympic rings.
    The colours…! but then again, that is a matter of taste.

  187. I am absolutely appalled! With all the great talent that exists in the whole of Great Britain, is this the best this great country could come out with? Look, it doesn’t matter how well-reputed an artist the creator may be, people ought be blunt, speak up and tell the truth about what they really think even before he attempts submitting his “masterpiece”. My pet monkey can produce artwork better than this!

  188. A Successful Logo should be:

    1) Quickly Identifiable – if I can get past the unharmonious mix of jagged lines and color maybe I can figure out what it is.

    2) Accessible by All individuals viewing it – just trying to attact the young is a massive failure when the majority of ticket buyers and attendees will be adults.

    3) Synonymous with what it is representing – The Olympics are about healthy competition and a connection between cultures – this spells dischord.

    4) Flexible – This is not going to fit well on smaller merchandise, it will look poor in quality.

    5) Timeless – The lasting power of this logo was less than 1 hour after it was presented to the public.

    Just a few things I learned in design school. There are a few high quality mock ups I have seen on the net which would be my choice. It is really sad to see this win and how much was paid – I would’ve done a better job for 1/2 the price….unfortunately I’m not too impressed with most of the other work from the same firm.

    The IOC got ripped off and London is getting a lousy image to tack onto their Olympics. I wouldn’t want it on my coffee mug.

  189. I love how much controversy this has raised! When I first saw it I think my response was much the same as everyone else but several years on it’s completely grown on me and in a sense, done what the organisers wanted – got people talking about it.

    A logo doesn’t need to be quickly identifiable, Rob. The Nike swoosh for example – you don’t need to know that it’s based on a wing, you just know what it represents. Your 2nd point, maybe you have a point but I’d say that was more subjective. Your 3rd point – synonymous with the event. It depends what features you are focusing on – if you say that the Olympics is a lot about energy, colour, vibrancy and pushing boundaries, the logo sums those up brilliantly. 4 – flexible – actually it’s working really well as part of an ongoing brand exercise. And finally, your fifth point, look back at other Olympic logos – how many of them are timeless? No, they represent the time they are of. Many have dated badly, this one has gained momentum and is much more successful now than it was on launch.

    Anyway, as ever it is a very subjective issue. I think people need to get away from what they think they see in it and recognise it as an exceptionally original, energetic and recognisable piece of work.

  190. I wasn’t all that impressed with it when the logo was unveiled, but it has really grown on me. There would have been nothing more boring than a pictogram of an athlete, Big Ben, the Thames, etc as many were demanding.

    Some of the comments here are hilarious. The one crying for a “web 2.0-ish glassy, rounded logo style” has got to be a wind-up

  191. I like it. I can appreciate that they went through the design process and this was what ‘they’ believed was a good result. It’s different to past versions — it’s unique and very recognisable.

    Good job folks

  192. Actually the logo is as good as many there have been in the past and it is growing on me.

    I has to generate debate and be recognisable – and it has done just that.

    However, I will never see the point of the little one eyed monsters!!

  193. For those who claim to actually like the design now – it was terrible when it was first unveiled, and it is still terrible now. What has changed? Your own aesthetic standards have regressed to accommodate for this travesty.

    If an observer does not have an absolutistic, albeit subliminal, appreciation of key aesthetic standards (eg. “golden ratio” and fibonacci proportions) he/she may grow accustomed to, or even actually begin to admire aberrations such as this.

  194. Leaving the conspiracy theories aside. The olympics is about inclusion and participation. That people of all races, religions, and creeds can come together under the banner of sport.

    There is nothing pleasant about this symbol at all. It is sharp, aggressive, and harsh. The five olympic circles take a back seat as does London. Strange that the year of the number rather than the event itself is the most imprtant thing. 2012.

    Even if you focus on the number and the numerous ways which you could have created something that would reflect our global community.It still falls wide of the mark…

    Dont even get me started about the one eyed monster mascots. wtf!

  195. To the people of England, when you see this logo in the street or somewhere just tear it off or smear mud/paint or ink.

    Send a strong message.

    Would I get a visa to England just for this purpose? LOL

  196. I have read through everyone’s remarks, and now as we are fast approaching the start of the olympics it makes me firmly believe that like most things in life it will be over before we know it and that will be that.
    I remember the logo coming out all those years ago and it has never grown on me, i actually think even less of it now as all i see is lisa simpson after it was first mentioned. it’s hard to get it out of your head, but i believe that is the point, it will be remembered unlike our dear wenlock and mandeville. i mean really? seriously? those things are actually ridiculous. one thing that annoys me is that they have to be explained every part, right down to their taxi lamp! The logo should have been designed by a uni/ college student, it would have given them the much needed lift in life, and some fantastic press for the olympics and cost a fraction of what they paid. Anyway i have my tickets, i’m very excited but to sum it up the logo is quite simply…. pathetic

  197. Hmmmmpfh…. £400,000?? Still cant quite get over it… do design companies of this size think they can get away with anything.

    I remember a builder in the papers a few years back who was put put in prison for overcharging for a wall he built…. £20,000 for a 20ft wall… the wall wasn’t built properly either….need I go on?

    No doubt the majority of persons who have posted here could knock up a logo far surpassing the quality of the final logo and probably within the space of about half an hour!

    Read into it whatever you would like, let them blind us with their so called new approaches to brand strategy yadda yadda yadda…

    Dear Mr.Cameron… next time the Olympics are held in our country please come to me for a quote and save the country some money!

  198. Thank goodness. I had to read pretty far into the comments, but I found a few people who also thought it looked like two (kinda messed up looking people) getting it on. I thought maybe I just had a warped mind since that was my immediate impression when I first looked at this “logo”.

  199. @Michael St. Mark – That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Are you saying that if I drew a bunch of random shapes in 2005, I be in a position to take you to court? Sounds like someone is after quick and easy cash, publicity or just to be a pain.

    P.s. This logo is horrific.

  200. I had a hard time figuring out what that said! I rarely find any art “ugly” but this is pretty ugly and fails to send the message. I think Beijing definitely had one of the best Olympic logos of all time. Spain’s 2020 logo is also confusing, but still less childish than this one.

    Then there was that controversial Rio de Janeiro 2016 logo that people thought was plagiarized… mamamia.

  201. I’ve been reading all the different comments that people have made defining what the logo says to them – here are some of them: Crooked, disorganized, bent, an old person carrying a heavy burden…

    This would be a brilliant logo for the Government!!

  202. People who think this looks like graffiti are just ignorant towards real graffiti. This looks like it’s TRYING to look like graffiti, which is the whole problem – because it’s not done by a quality graffiti writer, and any ‘graffiti-inspired’ design by a non-graffiti writer invariably ends up looking atrocious and embarrassing.

  203. I’ve been giving this five years of chances but it still evokes the same feeling of visual annoyance. Ok, anger. It’s still a terrible bit of branding. Seems to be the diametric opposite of an invitation to engage.

    Yes it’s different. Yes you can see the thinking of the symbol becomes the games (at least I assume that’s why type verges on an afterthought ). Yes it gets people talking but the bulk of them are enraged or just unimpressed. Why on earth couldn’t they have designed something that got people talking about how brilliant and moving it was?

    If it was truly good it would be widely liked or, better still, loved by now. And it ain’t. Proof, pudding.

  204. I really don’t get how the London Olympic games can be represented by something like that, seriously it’s awful and it does not tell us anything about English culture, and you will never think it’s something about sports, really ugly.

    I’m just a student, not a pro, but I think lots of students like me would be able to do something a hundred times better.

  205. Ok, So the logo has had a number of years to ‘evolve’ as the designers phrased it and it still looks as out of place and jarring as it ever did. I understand the brief to show the Olympics as an event for everyone and one that should transcend the London venue. But surely if the public reaction was SO negative to the logo, somebody involved could not have failed to notice the public outcry. If the 2012 games are for everyone, why did you not listen to us when we told you your logo was a joke.
    The designers said they spent a year analysing London. Well I’ve been there too, and nothing I have ever seen makes me associate the angular vomit used as a logo with the warmth, richness, diversity and creative spirit that is our capital.
    But after watching the news during the lead up to the Olympics and the stories of corruption in sport, the riots, the idiots celebrating their looting during the riots, the alleged unscrupulous marketeering of landlords driving prices house rental prices up. This logo matches the spirit perfectly.

    I would love to know who won the bet in the wolff olins office when the Olympic committee accepted the design and handed over the cheque. Lord only knows how they managed to keep a straight face during the presentation of the logo.

  206. If you think about what state of mind the designer must have been in when he/she/they made this one thing comes to mind:

    “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – LSD

  207. Whatever the design/logo is, what’s important most in the olympics is the unity and sportmanship among nations. We are very frightened with our own ideas/criticism about the logo. Let’s think positive. Forget about the budget. Anyway the rings are still there, let us support the organizers of this event. I hope next olympics there will be an audition/selection for all who wants to have the best logo.

  208. Minutes before the Opening Ceremony……….Googled the logo as I was sitting in bed (it’s 7.47am in NZ) thinking how terrible it is and wanted to know what on earth London was thinking. Didn’t realise what a huge furore it had/has caused! Have been reading comments, from as far back as 2007, on so many sites and the opinions are about 99% (or more) negative. Like Ryzard above…..what is the little square in the middle? Is it meant to be a ‘snapped off’ piece of the second ‘2’ caused by the ‘0’ coming down on it? If so it doesn’t make sense as that would mean the top stroke of the second ‘2’ is (or was before it got broken) longer than the same part of the first ‘2’. Oh well, it is *just* a logo after all and I’m sure the Games are going to be incredible. Don’t worry UK – the rest of the world doesn’t think you’re off your rocker…… we just don’t really comprehend what the hell you were thinking when you chose your logo :o)

  209. I’ve always thought that the logo was a map of great Britain and Ireland an I’ve only realised its supposed to spell “2012” by reading the comments left on this post. :-O
    You can see where Im coming from though i.e. Northern Ireland is the 1st 2, Scotland is the o and so forth. Anyone else think that? :-P

  210. I really don’t like the logo and I’ll tell you why. Usually logos that catch my attention are those who are cleverly created; combining text and shape is a most for a successful logo. Writing 2012 using some blocky shapes that DO NOT say anything other than “2012”, is not creative at all. If the 2012 shape also represented, I don’t know, someone running or holding a torch or whatever else, at least I could have said “hey, they are trying to be clever at least”; but alas, not even that.
    I am a graphic designer and I know it’s a challenge when it comes to create a successful logo, but Jesus, this is for the Olympics; are you telling me they couldn’t find a decent logo among the many submissions that probably took place? Whatever!

  211. I like the logo + fonttype very much. simplicity + contemporary + dynamic. Especially watching its application during the games is amazing.

  212. Art (& design?) is in the eye of the beholder. This logo is pitifully awful – a blight on the otherwise rich tradition of British graphic design.

  213. I really loathed this logo right from the beginning (and just as the comments from 2007 here, I also thought it was a joke in the beginning!) Everything is bad: The comic sans font (why is this still used?), London with lower case at that, the jagged shape of the 2012 and the horrible neon colors.
    To me the logo says “Stay away at any cost”. The fact that this sh*t cost 400,000£ is just a joke, and the main reason I think for keeping the logo; The client and bureau would lose face if they acknowledged their mistake and had another bureau undertake the task.

    Any graphic designer who thinks this logo has any quality at all, needs to go back to school.
    It hurts my eyes to look at it, and gives me wrinkles.

    That the design firm did not take the 99% negative publicity to heart and make something beautiful and communicating, is beyond me.

    FAIL in all aspects of what good graphic design is.

  214. Silly me, It took me days to even figure out what the hell it said. It’s one of the worst designs I’ve ever seen. Can’t remember seeing any other Olympic logo the was so glaring. All you see is that big yellow blob all over the place.

  215. When I first saw this logo, I thought it looked like an athlete in a hunched position before throwing the discus. I now see the “2012” and the word “zion”. I think its an awkward, clumsy looking symbol.

  216. WHY??! This is the first time in my life I have wanted to unsee a logo and font. Total confusion over the past few weeks led me here after desperately trying to google answers, and am unsurprised to find so many comments going back years about this tragic logo. I am left with so many unanswered questions. Looking at the logo and font everytime London shows up on the TV I am overcome with bewilderment and I hate it. The eyes of the world are on London and this logo says all the wrong things, I really feel for the Londoners who have been swamped with this peice of crap.

  217. Barb, most people see the woman kneeling down, but not to pray, but for less holy endeavours, i’m afraid

  218. Interesting comments here, I think this concept was created intentionally to get attention, from that point of view, the branding strategy was great. But I don’t agree with the execution, we are talking about this logo just because is supported by a big name “LONDON 2012”, but it is not good at all. This is just what GAP did months ago, but this abstract graphic is nothing by itself.

  219. Well I think if they wanted the logo to be remembered – it did the job. I will always remember how awful it was!

  220. Now that the Olympics is in full swing, I can only applaud the designers of this Iconic Logo. It is very, very clever.

    I’m only sorry that most people seem to not only be unable to appreciate the design but just collectively jump on the band-wagon of dissing it.

    I think it has made our Olympic Games totally unique, as it is not the run of the mill swirly design that I suspect other designers would have created. It’s hard, gritty, punchy and in your face…. a bit like us Brits!
    My sincere congratulations to Wolff Olins! They decided to step outside the box and dare to be different! :)

  221. I wanted more meaning to this logo and searching for it found this blog or whatever it’s called.

    Someone told me it spelt 2012, I did not see it as I was looking for something more cryptic and was trying to fit England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland amongst these shapes but to no avail. Unless I use England, South Wales, North Wales, Scotland and the dot for Northern Ireland!

    I can read a lot of criticism about it here – There always a risk about trying to be different and creative.

    I’ve got a pretty dirty mind but it can’t be as bad as I think it is after reading some sexual association that some have found in this logo.

    Well, to each its own, The games are nearly over, let’s move onto the next one.

  222. I am sure “Susie” and “Dominique” work at Wolff Olins.
    Don’t accuse people who have a sense of quality of ‘jumping on the wagon and dissing it’ as “Susie” says. The reason why we disrespect it is because of the pure lack of communication, elegance and the smearing of the graphic design tradition!!
    You only say you like it because you want to be different – the logo is crap!

  223. Wow Lasse, you acuse me of not having a ‘sense of quality’…. but to clarify: No, I don’t work for Wolff Olins and no, I don’t need to say I like it to be different….. I am already different.
    I am not afraid to speak my mind and either give praise or not, should I decide.
    If you and others are unable to appreciate the design appeal of this Logo, then don’t diss someone who can.
    I would very much like to see what design you would be able to come up with? :)

  224. This logo is undoubtedly amazing. To cause such a split is evidence in itself that mediocre simply wouldn’t cut it for London 2012. I applaud wolff olins and all that sail in her.

  225. To Susie, I’m sure we all appreciate difference as a quality in design, but it cannot be the only quality a design has. Of course this logo will be remembered, but the main reason for it will be the low quality of it, which most people seem to agree upon. I agree with you it’s “different”, but regarding quality of design, there’s nothing to be said positively about it

  226. Hi Ryzard,
    You are talking about low quality but what exactly are you meaning for ‘low quality’. A logo depicts a company’s message or ethos, or stands for how they would like to see themselves. Have you thought about the Nike logo, just a swoosh… A logo doesn’t have to directly make a statement, it can just convey an idea, meaning or whatever else a company wants to say.
    Everyone keeps refering to what they can ‘see’ in the logo but all that is apparent to me is the 2012. But you could decide that the logo depicts the 4 countries of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England.
    As to ‘quality’, what were you expecting…. it was probably designed in Illustrator or similar. The designers knew that it had to be recognisable from a distance, yet still be distinctive. Other colour options were required, yet should not make said logo completely different. It had to be able to be reduced dramatically in size, yet still have clarity. It does all of the above and yet still has that extra something.
    So, my opinion stands.
    Why don’t you have a good look at some of the other named logos around…. I think you’ll be surprised at just how diverse they are and probably to most people, would also consider them not good quality.
    But despite what anyone says, you cannot disagree that it is a talking point and perhaps that was the main message in the Brief they received and in that, they were certainly successful. :)

  227. It’s a crouching athlete. Head, legs, one arm. Either about to run, or perhaps to throw something.
    Halfway through the games I suddenly saw that.
    Why not ask the designer what it is meant to be?

  228. Really, it is the worst of them all. What is internetic about the design? One can imagine a handful of better visual concepts to depict the internet revolution, especially for a design task of Olympic proportion.

  229. Hi Suzie, Thanks for answering.
    A logo, as you say, has to convey the idea behind it. You give the perfect example in the Nike swoosh, very simple, yet gives an idea of movement fit to the idea of sport. No name, no number, nothing, just an idea of movement. The London logo, if seen out of context, would convey an idea of chaos. It appears extremely unwelcoming, hardly fit for an event like the Olympics, and, honestly, not very recognisable in itself. Seen from a distance it’s just a blur. Its lines are random, at best, that’s the reason why people keep looking for meanings behind it. That’s what I mean by low quality. I think the designers went for a different look, but forgot of everything else.

  230. I wonder if we are spending or wasting too much time on this. After all the games are over now and seemed to have been a resounding success so perhaps it’s time to dwell on more positive and constructive aspects of that event. OK 2012 logo was not every ones cup of tea…But really what is?

  231. If there is a way to hope out of this discussion I’d like to, I’ll see the ” manage my subs..”
    Yep that’s the one, as I said my piece I now say g’bye.

  232. It is such a blessing to hear all of the opinions of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Logo…The TRUTH is that you are all seeing and reading into where the logo derives from, my “R” Prayer Symbol that I was blessed to create in 2000, It is the logo for my “R” rouse brand; and it was directly exposed to Wolff Olins in New York back in 2006 through the the GAP working the (RED) campaign.

    It is a very unique logo, and has gotten amazing response from all ages and types of people all over the world. I was contacted by an “R”rouse consumer Feb. 28th,2011 via-email asking if “I had seen the London 2012 logo?, looked like my logo, infringement”. I had not seen, so, once I googled I couldn’t believe what i saw, my logo modified into the logo being used for the London 2012 Olympics.

    Its a “R”rouse “Prayer Symbol” a person kneeling down before the “i”(GOD) praying being communication with GOD and the “R” for relationship…no communication no relationship! That is why no one on the Design team for Wolff Olins or LOCOG can explain the dash/square, hyphen in the middle of the 2012.

    My brand represents that relationship and oneness with GOD in Jesus Christ. That is where all of my artistic and creative abilities flow from. This is why there is so much POWER in the logo, even though it was used without permission, and the mass public can still read the substance of my logo, the letter “R” and the kneeling of a person(s). Even the letters iZ create the “R” for my Registered trademarked logo. Please feel free to check out the logos for yourself @ or my twitter account


    Thank You David Airey for this platform that allows people to voice their opinions and thoughts! God Bless

  233. After seeing it in context at the games and used flat and single colour overlaid on any background colour, etc., I then changed my mind and thought it actually worked okay. Still not sure, but I don’t think it was a disaster.

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