Logo of the month #6

egg spoon logo design

Egg-n-Spoon logo design, from the good people at Thoughtful’s blog.

You might’ve recently picked this one up via FormFiftyFive, or on John’s I Love Typography. Regardless, it’s deserving of another mention, and definitely one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” designs.

No egg-related logo design is complete without the groan-worthy comments found on Thoughtful’s blog:

“I hope no-one poaches it.”

“We were thinking eggs-actly the same thing.”

“Did you have to scramble around for that idea?”

What do you think?

One too many eggs this Easter or are you as impressed as I am? Great use of negative space, works well at small sizes, doesn’t rely on colour, and it’s memorable.

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  1. very creative. i agree why didn’t I think of that? :)

  2. All yokes aside – very nice!


  3. Thats a cracking design.

  4. I love simple logo designs, this one is great. Every time I try to come up with one I can’t seem to get it to work but whenever I see one done by someone else it looks good :)

  5. This is great Dave. I was actually browsing my fffffound account today and came across this image and couldn’t figure out why people were marking this image. Now with a little enlightenment, I not only see it, but laugh at its sheer brilliance. I should have looked harder.

  6. eggstraordinary. (sorry, i had to).

    although seriously, nice work. thanks for sharing!

  7. I found it too eggsasperating to formulate a word play comment.

    So I’ll refrain from saying anything.

  8. Similar to Michael, I missed the overall greatness of it at first. I noticed the odd shaped circle for the center, but didn’t quite get that it was an egg until I saw the name of the company. Eggceptional!

  9. This reminds me of the Guild of Food Writers logo I stumbled upon yesterday. It also uses a spoon cutout to compose a new shape: a pen tip.

    http://spookpaard.nl/host/files/foodlogo.jpg / http://www.gfw.co.uk

  10. I love those negative space logos (like FedEx or Keep Open–which I can’t find now. I know I read about it on your blog!!). They are very creative! The idea is so simple, but I bet it took them a while to think it up. I wish they had done a step-by-step like you always do, David! Then we would be able to appreaciate the hard work behind the logo, too.

  11. Yeah, I caught this over on John’s blog. It’s quite amazing.

    Who would have thought the white of an egg could be so effective?! ;)

  12. It is logo’s like this that makes other logo designers change their careers to become bartenders.

    Such a great logo. The use of negative space is so good, that I believe at least 70% of the general public would never see it.

    Does this make the logo a simply boring “E”? What do you think?

  13. Beautiful. Clearly the designers are no spring chickens.

  14. 3 words to describe !!! “Simple , Creative & Effective”

  15. Hi Michael, it’s one of those that looked average at first, but once I focused on the negative space I’ll not forget it.

    Blaise, thanks for the link. Great idea. Shame about how it’s applied to their website though.

    Lauren, I asked the creators for some sketches but they’re probably too busy. I just realised, the Keep Open logo is no longer on my site. I’ll have to re-add it. Sorry. :)

    Brian, good question. In this case, unless I knew the name of the company (or someone told me to look at the white), I’d not see the shapes. But when I put two and two together, it’s one I’ll remember.

  16. I didn’t see the egg and spoon at first too. It’s brilliant though, as it’s a strong logo too when you wouldn’t know the business name.

    I guess this answers your question too Brian. I don’t think it’s a “boring” e without the business name.

  17. To be honest at first glance I just thought it was the “e” from the Internet Explorer logo with the neg space in the middle resized a bit, more so if it was blue.
    It’s a cracking idea for a logo, something I’m sure worth shelling out for.
    Doubt I would have thought of it but I’m not sure I like the overall shape.
    Perhaps a more egg shaped “e”, or maybe that would be too obvious.

    I wonder which came first though, the egg and spoon or the “e”?

  18. Its a Cracker! ehem very subliminal, stir at it for long enough then look away its still there in your vision 8O mother hen imprinting her self on the chicks :D

  19. Cracking idea – although I didn’t see the spoon at first glance, that’s the beauty of it I suppose. Just like the hidden Fedex arrow and the subliminal ‘A-Z’ of the newer Amazon logo, it deserves the recognition that it is now getting due to your post.

  20. This logo is simple and nice to look at but I can see why people are reminded of Internet Explorer. I tend to enjoy logos that play with the negative space like this. Though I don’t think it is nearly as effective as the FedEx logo. I would like to see it in relation to the company name. Every place I’ve seen this logo so far does not show it with the name. It’s often the relationship between the logo mark and the name of the company that ultimately sells me on an idea.

  21. Wow !!!

  22. Simple and very creative.
    Great logo.

  23. I like it! It is really simple but tasteful at the same time! Sometimes less is more!

  24. sorry, my comment is not in regard to your post. I just wanted to let you know, I found your site because of Troy Worman. Also, I subscribed to your site. Thanks!

  25. Hi David.

    I love your web-site design and layout, simple and nice. What blogging software did you use? Please, if its not too much of a secret =)

    Thanks, Dima

  26. ULTIMATE… is th e word that comes to miy mind when I first set my eyes on the logo. To think that such a simple logo can bring out so much.. I do agree with Karly Barrett, it will be better is we can see it as a whole, the mark and the name…

  27. Thats an okay logo, but it looks very similar to the old internet explorer logo.

  28. Andrew, kind of an “ah ha” moment.

    Karly, here’s the Internet Explorer ‘e’ for comparison:

    Miguel, nice one! I didn’t know Troy featured my site until you said. I hope you receive info of use with your new subscription.

    Dima, it’s not a secret at all. I use WordPress.org, and highly recommend it.

  29. How interesting (and of course it’s a flippin’ brilliant design).

    I did something very similar (I hadn’t seen this at the time of course! lol), a month or so ago for a client.

    The company name was Active Dental, and the first ‘A’ is lowercase in the design. The shape that goes into the ‘a’ is that of a dentists mirror (you know those tiny mirrors they look at your teeth with).

    I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself very well and their site isn’t live yet for me to show you :)

  30. Hello Amanda,

    I like the idea behind your own design, and would love to see it once their site is live.

  31. The designers of this logo were’t yolking around with this – brilliantly bold with a beautifully balanced negative shape. The sheer simplicity and strength is inspirational. My guess is this is no 4 minute egg in terms of conception and gestation, must have taken considerable time and effort.

  32. I like it… as a a first attempt at the concept. I reckon it could still do with some work. My main beef is with the crossbar, which is a bit too thick and adds a weird shadow between the egg and the spoon.

    That grumble aside, it’s a damn fine idea.

  33. khansa'a M. AbuNaji

    good Idea, but I think the user will not know its an egg in a spoon ..
    it looks like internet explorer icon .. which is overused ..

  34. I did not get what the fuss was about at first and then I saw the spoon! This logo really is eggcellent! Sorry couldn’t help myself :)

  35. I know this is an old post but I’ve just read the comments and I’m surprised how many people saw an ‘e’ first. All I saw for a while was the spoon and egg superimposed on a black orb – kind of a vase and two faces situation I guess. As such, I think I understand why the designers wouldn’t opt for a more egg shaped ‘e’.

    If you take the handle off the spoon (ie. fill with black for people who see the black as positive space), you get a striped egg centered on a black ellipse with quite beautiful weight distribution – almost like a plate. Making the contours of the e parallel to the egg shape might not have been as easy on the eye. Just my opinion obviously – maybe they just tried it like this and liked it.

  36. Hi David,

    It’s funny how we can each interpret images differently, and that’s what makes this design special for me. Thanks for re-visiting my old post.

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