Logo Design Love launches

Logo Design Love

Today I’m unveiling my second ever blog launch (after this one), and you’re invited to take look. Logo Design Love is a new blog that devotes all its attention towards logo design.

I’ve been working on it during the past couple of weeks, and you might remember a while back when I asked for your advice on naming the site. Well, that was a few months back, in October, but client projects and a month off work put Logo Design Love on the back-burner.

DavidAirey.com is where I write about a broader range of topics – blogging, print design, advertising, web development etc. – but I wanted to launch a more focused site, that will help me (and hopefully you too) learn more about the craft of logo design.

There are a handful of articles / showcases for you to view, and I plan to add new ones on a weekly or twice weekly basis. Small things will change over the next few weeks, and if you find any bugs I’d greatly appreciate you letting me know. I’ve picked up a few blogging tips during the past 15 months, so fingers crossed they’ll get me off to a good start.

Here are a few of the blog posts currently on offer:

The blog design is a customisation of Derek Punsalan’s excellent Grid Focus Public theme, and the site is hosted by Crucial Web Hosting (thanks Kyle).

Should you have any advice, or ideas, I’d love to know about them. Oh, and it’d be great if you joined the chat on a post or two. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

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  1. Thanks B2.


    I appreciate the tip, although unfortunately it didn’t do the job. Cheers for visiting the new blog and leaving a comment.

  2. Excellent !
    It will be definitely on my bookmarks list ^^

  3. stellar job – and a very savvy move David.
    Cheers to its success

  4. Uh, I’m gonna love it!

  5. Congrats David. I’m going to hop over now and start reading. :D

    As for the 404 document, try adding this to your .htaccess file (It’s in the root directory, where wp-config.php etc. are):

    ErrorDocument 404 /wp-content/themes/theme-name/404.php

  6. Wow! I know I’m going to fall in love with it very soon. Red (my favourite colour) striking heart (I don’t wanna fall in love with girls in few years). Graphic design is enough :P David, do you fancy (in the future perhaps) write an entry about the relation between emotion and design. I believe they are correlated with each other.

    Love Design Love – Simply loving it! Congratulations

  7. Thanks a lot Regan, Bane, Harris.


    Emotion in logos is a great idea for a blog post. I’ll make a note of it, cheers.

  8. Mike, Jeremy,

    Much appreciated guys. Cheers.


    I’ll triple check to see if I’ve missed anything. Half the issue is that I don’t know what I’m looking for, but hey, could be worse.

  9. I love logos, so I’ll probably be a regular visitor to that site too. That’s clever David, doubling your traffic.

  10. Your site looks great David! I’ve added it to my rss reader and can’t wait to read more. Good luck with it!

  11. Site looks great. I can’t wait to read it all. Logo design is my weakest area and I’m sure this site will be a valuable resource.

  12. David,
    Looking at the 404 page now, it’s loading your template (Explains why my code wasn’t needed, sorry xD ). It must be something inside the theme files themselves.

  13. Hum,

    the look of the blog looks familiar
    I got it first though … :-p

  14. Nice one David, this looks great. Looking forward to the articles. As for your 404 problem, have you tried adding:

    ErrorDocument 404 /index.php?error=404

    to your .htaccess file, right at the top?

  15. Nice site. This may be a small thing, but I really like the Heart Favicon – it really sets the whole design off in the right direction.

  16. I’m digging the new site, man. And nice post about that Logo book. I’ll have to add that one to my library.

    So what’s the “Brand New” section about? Are you just highlighting some of their posts for discussion on your site?

  17. Very nice!
    I’ve been looking forward to it!
    Although… you may want a different theme… this one seems to be a bit over used now…

  18. Congratulations, David!! The site looks swell. Though I hope in future you will make it look very different from the typical 5thirtyone theme that every other blog seems to have.
    Does it mean that you won’t be posting on LOGO topics here anymore?
    ok, off to check your new site!

  19. Great move David:-)
    I would like to get both of your feeds in one place. Please give an option for that too. And regarding your error page, try to enable it from your website control panel.
    Anyway best of luck with the new site.

  20. Very cool.

    Good idea to focus on logo posts. They are usually the most popular on davidairey.com.

    Good luck with it!

  21. Congratulations, David! The new blog has an excellent design and the topic is much needed in the industry. Consider yourself blogrolled :)

  22. Best of luck David. There’s a shortage of well-written logo development sites. I hope I can learn something. If not, I’ll probably just end up hiring you instead. Perfect :-)

  23. Hey David,

    Glad to see you finally got the site up. I’m looking forward to the upcoming posts as well.

    Also, I sent you an email a couple days ago about the 404 issue, I believe I fixed it, but let me know.

    Anyways, congrats on the second site :D The more you add the harder it gets ;)

  24. Awesome! Logo design is my favourite graphic design area, so this sounds like a gem. Already subscribed :)
    Regarding the 404 error, check in your host folders for anything with a 404.shtml because that be causing the problem.

  25. For some reason the last post I did above is showing your graphic on my post? I took a screenshot incase your interested.

  26. Nice!

    The “Subscribe for free” is an interesting touch… haven’t seen that before.

    Good luck fixing 404.

  27. Whooohoo!

    Love the new blog…hats off to you for your dedication to design!


  28. Liking the avatar Stefson. Had you thought about integrating it into your use of Derek’s theme?


    Cheers for the tip. I’d already tried that, and it didn’t help out, but good of you to suggest it nonetheless..


    Cheers buddy. Thanks for the bookmark.


    Having that favicon was certainly in my thought process when designing the header. Glad you like it.


    The ‘brand new’ post is simply highlighting that blog, as I enjoy the discussion there and thought others would too (if they hadn’t already visited).


    You’re right about how popular the Grid Focus theme is, and I’ll be continuing to customise it so it’s different from the others. Ideally, I wanted to create my own, but there were some issues I couldn’t easily solve when I launched this custom blog design, and I didn’t want the same thing to happen again.


    Thanks. ;) I will continue to publish logo design articles here on this blog. Mainly around my own logo designs for inclusion in the portfolio (which I’m keeping off Logo Design Love).


    What do you mean about having both of my feeds in one place? You mean their links on the same page?


    Thanks very much for adding Logo Design Love to your bookmarks!


    Cheers buddy. I appreciate that. The logo design articles here do seem to be popular, so they’ll come around more often on the other blog.


    Thanks to you too for the kind blogroll addition. That’s great of you.


    I also hope you’ll learn something on the new blog. It’s a pleasure to have you as a reader.


    You’ve helped fix the 404 issue, which is superb. Thanks again for all your recent help.


    Hmmm, can’t see my graphic (avatar?). If you could send the screenshot that’ll be helpful, or has the issue resolved itself now? Cheers mate.


    Thanks for the luck. About the ‘subscribe for free’ button, I had in mind the many people who aren’t familiar with RSS / email subscriptions, and wanted to highlight the fact that it’s free. Who doesn’t love a freebie?

    I was also conscious of the extra click involved to subscribe, so I hope that’s not too much of a negative.



  29. The header’s not showing up in my school’s internet browser (but then again, it’s IE6!)

    Love the site. I’ll definitely stay subscribed.

  30. No.
    I don’t know what I actually want…. :)
    The thing is that it would be great if I could get a feed that contains post from both of your blogs.
    Now you have http://feeds.feedburner.com/CreativeDesign for this website and http://feeds.feedburner.com/logodesignlove for LogoDesignLove.
    I would like to have a feed which contains contents from both of these blogs. :)

  31. Jonathan,

    Thanks for mentioning the IE6 issue. I’m trying to solve that now.


    If you subscribe to both, that’ll do the trick. ;)

  32. :p
    I was referring to a way to track all of your posts in one place.

  33. Will go over and have a look David!

  34. Like I said over on your new blog, congrats! Looking forward to all you have in store for us :)

  35. What the Web world needs is just a bit more LOVE!

    It’s always interesting to know who/what stands behind the wide known images we call logos. ;)

    Good luck on that one, David!

  36. Niyaz, I know, I was just kidding.

    Rune, Jermayn, Lauren, Helen, thanks for having a look. I hope there’s something there that catches your attention, and if you have any suggestions (or spy any bugs) please let me know.

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