Logo Design Love book available for pre-order

Logo Design Love

Back in March I told you I signed a book deal with Peachpit. The copy deadline is October 23rd, which is scarily close, and the book is now available for pre-order. So no pressure, David.

How’s it going? It’s not easy, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. And while there’s still a bit to go with the content, I’m hopeful of hitting the deadline—thanks to some amazing help in the shape of Jill Marts Lodwig, Nikki McDonald, and Robin Drake.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that three years of blog authoring has taught me about writing. But when you’re scrutinized by three professional editors it’s a different ball game entirely. As Eric says, “Writing is easy. Editing is hard.”

Once the project’s wrapped up, I’ll share the steps involved here on my blog, from negotiating payment and forming a plan, to writing and designing a 200-page book.

In the meantime, the Logo Design Love book website gives a brief intro and lists some of the graphic designers who have kindly contributed.

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  1. That’s great news David! I know I’ll be pre-ordering mine right away.

    I was wondering though, have you designed the layout for the book too? It would be amazing if the publishers gave you that much freedom.

    All the best,

    James George Dunn

  2. On logodesignlovebook.com, it says:

    “Self-employed since 2005, David has amassed an impressive global client-list, including the likes of Yellow Pages (Canada), Giacom (England), and Berthier Associates (Japan).”

    Yellow Pages? I’m assuming that that text doesn’t refer to *the* Yellow Pages logo? I mean, I thought that had been around for quite some time! I’d love to know what you designed for them, though.

  3. Thanks Ian, Victor.

    James, that’s right. I’m being paid to design and set the book using InDesign. My style needed the green light from my publisher’s design department, and that was useful as I got good feedback.

    Neil, I was hired last year by Yellow Pages to refine the “walking fingers” logo. We worked through a 40-page identity exploration document, but the project stalled when the economy collapsed. In writing this book I’ve learned how to better deal with committees, so looking back, there are a few things I would’ve changed, and I mention those in one of the chapters. If the identity project isn’t picked up again, I’ll publish the work here.

  4. very exciting news David, congratulations!

    Wow, it seems like this all only started yesterday.. although, none of us have had to do all the hard work that you have, so its probably felt like an eternity to you :)

    How was it designing the whole book? Being that your specialty is branding, it must have been an interesting and fun ride for you?

  5. Looking forward to it David. Congrats!

    Why does postage to downunder have to be so expensive? Do you know the approx date these books will be sent out if preordered? I will be leaving for the states on January – would it be wise to send it over there in January or down here in Aus in December?

  6. Thanks very much, Alex, Pavel, Jacob.

    I’ve picked up some book production tips during the design process, and although the telling time comes when final artwork is submitted, I don’t see there being too much of a problem. Fingers crossed.

    At this stage I’m not sure when orders are planned to ship, but as soon as I know, I’ll publish an update. And when they are sent, I’ll crack open a bottle!

  7. Congratulations David!

    I’ve just ordered my copy (free ship to UK then courier to Nigeria!) I shall certainly be your first Nigerian reader! Hehe! Really welldone, I’ve been working on a book since 2007 on Nigeria and Nigerian photographers and I’m also having to (in)design it (160 pages) I can definitely appreciate the the journey/sweat/tears (for me anyway)!

    So ehem do we get some special signed editions lol! I kid I kid!

  8. Wow, congrats on the near completion. I know how time consuming it is to write a decent blog post, never-mind a 200 page book.

    I rarely buy books at all, but in this case I will definitely be making a purchase. Looking forward to having it on my shelf…after reading it, of course ;)

  9. Pre-ordered. I will also make the faculty at school aware of it. Unfortunately it will probably not be out in time for faculty to review it and make a decision on having it be required text, but I have a feeling it will become a strongly recommended one for Spring.

  10. Pre-ordered. Even if the book is no good (which I’m absolutely sure will not be the case), buying a copy is the least I can do for all of the great content you’ve given me through your blogs! I can’t wait!

  11. Thanks, Ebi. I think it’s safe to say you’ll be the first reader of the book in Nigeria. Very much appreciated, and good luck finishing your own book. I’d love to see some Nigerian photography.

    Richard, John R, Andrew (K & K), thanks a lot, guys.

    John L, required text? I’ll just be happy to make my publisher a bit of money. Thanks to you, too, and Matt, for the pre-orders. I wonder if I can track them.

  12. You’re more than welcome. You have helped me a lot and will do even more so once this book is in my possession.

    As for the class, the current book, Graphic Design Basics by Amy E. Arntson, is probably going to be replaced. Your book would fit the first and third classes (Graphic Design Communication and Branding respectively) as well as for a new class that is being developed due to some curriculum changes. Plus your price point is much better (You’re under $30 from Amazon.Com versus about $100 for Arntson’s book). Plus I think I have used more of your blog to help me than I did the book and it is used across 3 classes (the third being Publications).

  13. Awwww sweeet! Getting on this one! Like Matt said above, even if the book will surely be great it’s the least I can do considering all the work you’ve put into this blog and logodesignlove over the years.

    Imagine if it went on to be a bestseller and make you a millionaire, up there next to Harry Potter on the shelves of Waterstones eheh!

    Enough dreaming. It’s the sprint to the finish now, best of luck David!

  14. I agree with Andrew Kelsall, a blog post for me is a real sense of achievment, I cannot imagine how it might feel to complete a book. You also get the added bonus of touching and smelling the results. Look forward to it.

  15. Good luck on your book launch! I’m sure a lot of your blog followers are itching to get their hands on your book. I hope you’ll share some of its content on one of your blog posts.

  16. Good to know, Jon. I’ve heard a lot of positive remarks about Alina Wheeler’s Designing Brand Identity. One for my shopping list.

    Natalie, no plans for an ebook, but it shouldn’t be long before the chapters are available for registered users of the Safari website—part of Peachpit.com.

    A bit thanks for the props to Adam, Nathan, Steve, Kate, and Rob.

  17. Congratulations David!!!

    I remember when you first announced this project and now it’s here. Very exciting and I am pre-ordering one after I send this.

    Now…sit back, breathe and enjoy your accomplishments. This is huge!!!


  18. Does the book talk about the thought process from concept to completion of the logos, or is it more of an appreciation of beautiful logo artwork?

  19. Thanks a lot, Pam, Adrian. That’s great.

    Cali, it’s a mixture. The emphasis is on the process, from asking questions to dealing with the decision maker, but there’s a lot of excellent logo work interspersed, from some very talented designers too.

  20. Hi David,

    If I pre-order your book today, 19 November 2009, will I receive it before Christmas? I am located in the UK (England – I just moved here from the states two weeks ago and I love it!)

    Thank you.

  21. I just received your Logo Design Love book (pre-ordered it 2 months ago) and I can’t put it down. As a fellow graphic designer, I admire your professional work and approach the creative process in a similar manner. Keep up the great work!

  22. Hello David,

    Thanks for sharing the good news with us. The book looks brilliant, you are a legend.

    Best wishes

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