Logo Design Love, the book

Logo Design Love book

Following the advances of US publisher, Peachpit Press, I’ve been officially offered a deal to author their first book about logo design. Terms are agreed, and a contract is being prepared signed.

Peachpit is a part of Pearson, the international media company responsible for The Financial Times, Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, Prentice Hall and other leading brands.

I’ve begun approaching iconic logo designers, asking if they’d contribute to the book, and so far the response has been fantastic. Confirmed contributors include the likes of Miles Newlyn, Lance Wyman, and Jerry Kuyper, and I’m talking it over with Ivan Chermayeff, Steff Geissbuhler, Michael Bierut, and many other highly respected creatives.

A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities

The book will be called Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities. It won’t be another gallery showcase, as there are plenty of those in circulation. Instead, the aim is to educate the reader about best practice in logo design, with insights from a wide and distinguished range of design professionals.

I will be creating the cover and tempate — sized at 7×9 inches, with a maximum page count of 216 — as well as compositing the information.

The completion deadline has been set at October 23rd, 2009.

Rough Cuts

Safari Books logo

Throughout the duration of the writing process, each chapter will be electronically published as a Rough Cut (on Safari Books Online). Rough Cuts are pre-published manuscripts that authors release on the Safari website before the book is available in print. Visitors are able to post feedback or respond to comments from editors and authors.

Benefits to the book-writing process are twofold:

  1. Feedback received helps authors tailor the book so it’s as beneficial and appropriate as possible.
  2. Anticipation is generated with each new draft chapter, with the aim of boosting sales upon release of the printed book.

This is both the largest, and most exciting project I have undertaken, and I’ll be sure to share my experiences with you along the way.

Update: 01 January 2010
The book is now available.

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  1. Congratulations David!
    I’ve been reading both your blogs for a while, though this is my first time commenting.
    I must say I’ve learned quite a lot from your posts, so thank you for that.
    Good luck on this new venture, it’s well deserved!

  2. Thanks very much, Janne, Kevin.


    Great to know you’ve learnt a thing or two from my blogs, and it’s good of you to leave your first comment here. I hope your website work is going well.

  3. Congratulations David!
    Apart from being a great graphic designer you’re also a great writer, you’re posts are very well written. I know you’ll do a great job and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  4. good for you! I’ve read some of Peachpits book’s, and I think they do a very good job, which is important for your first book. you’ll let us know when the Safari rough cuts are up? thought of you the other day – came across the Space Florida logo and was very taken with it – take a look if you’ve got a moment http://www.spaceflorida.gov/


  5. David,

    Congratulations and a big thanks for all that do and share through your blog and elsewhere.

    You are not only a gifted talent but you know how to eloquently share it so others can learn. You have taught me so much and continue to do so.

    RE: this new endeavor…remember that GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE!
    Good luck and let us know when we can buy it.


  6. Congratulations, David. October, 2009 is the deadline?! Wow, that’s a bit tight. So I wish you all the strength and patience you can get to see it through. Look forward to reading about your experience as you embark on this writing journey. All the best!

  7. That’s great news! Congratulations ten fold

    The rough cuts idea is an interesting one.. it’s going to be great watching the process of this one unfold.. I look forward to seeing more!

    Have fun and good luck

  8. Congratulations, David. That’s great news! Looking forward to this one coming out. I’d be happy help you out any way I can promotion wise on LogoGala. Just let me know.

  9. Really look forward to it! The pre-published chapter manuscripts process is an exciting new model to both hone quality and build a potential sales audience — I look forward to the final product.

  10. This is great David! Definitely a book I’d like to get my hands on – and indeed something that certainly stands out from the hundreds of logo inspiration books out there. Looking forward to this and I wish you the best of luck.

    PS: Any chance that this book can be shipped to Norway?

  11. I have been receiving your rss feed for a while now and enjoy it, congratulations on getting this project and I look forward to reading the rough cuts.

  12. That’s very exciting news. You’ve been blogging for some time now (couple of years? longer? I found your blog two years ago, that much I can remember) – in that time did you ever entertain the idea that you might write a book someday? Or did it come as a completely new idea with the offer from Peachpit Press?

    All the very best with the writing process, and like everyone here I look forward to the finished product (and all the steps on the way, as per the very interesting Rough Cut process).

  13. Thanks very much, everyone! It’s great to have your backing.


    The deadline is tight, but I’m up for a challenge, and at the start of February I stopped taking on new design clients. There are a couple of logo projects I’m working on at present, but once they’re complete, I can focus all my attention on the book. That’ll make a big difference.


    I’ll publish a blog post when some of the Rough Cuts are available to preview. Is there a logo on the Space Florida site? I found it hard to tell.


    I’m not yet sure how shipping will be handled, but I am sure that if you want a copy, one can be delivered. No worries.


    It was back in October ’06 when I published my first blog post (probably some dodgey cut & paste from another blog, as I really didn’t have a clue). I’ve previously thought about putting my online content into print, but the Peachpit offer came at a good time, and had I not been approached, who knows when this might’ve gone ahead?

    Thanks again.

  14. Congratulations David, this should be quite an experience, especially liasing with other such high profile designers! I look forward to reading it at the end of the year.

    Have you got a draft in place already? I am also interested to know when you say that you are going to “educate the reader about best practice in logo design”, would this be on the process, dealing with clients, getting the job, etc or more about what makes a good logo and how to create an iconic one (ie. guidelines / rules etc)? On another note, I would love to see more information on style guides because a lot of logo books I’ve read don’t seem to have much information in that area. Are you very familiar with them?

    One other book that comes to mind that may be similar to what you are writing is Logo Design Workbook: A Hands On Guide by Sean Adams if you are familiar?

    FYI, I am also in the process of writing a mini eBook (60-70 pages) on logo design although my trip overseas delayed the writing… The book will be part of my major work for University and I will be posting about it either this week or next week.

    Anyway, congratulations again and look forward to your posts sharing the journey.

  15. This is absolutely fantastic news David, I’m really pleased. Good luck with it, I don’t believe it’s an easy task. I’ll be one of the first to have your book on my shelf.


    (re-reading that, it’s such a suck-up comment! Oh well, all true I guess!)

  16. Congrats!
    i can’t wait until i can read it.
    first time i comment but i have been reading your posts for a long time and they have been very helpful.
    good luck with the book.

  17. Congratulations. Hope it all works out. I am moving over to graphic design from software development, it’s my real passion and your blog has been great help.

  18. Thanks very much, Jacob.

    I was required to submit a book proposal, which included both a table of contents, and some text from a sample chapter. The sample text is the only work I’ve done on the book (besides contacting designers / agencies).

    Initially, I thought focusing on the self-employment side of design, but it was agreed that a more logo-centric book (as opposed to business) would reach a wider audience. Chapters will, however, touch upon quite a varied range of subjects, including business, and styleguides will be mentioned.

    The Logo Design Workbook is one of a number that I’ve noted as possible book-shelf competition. Good luck with your ebook!


    It won’t be an easy task, you’re right there, and if it’s worth anything, I didn’t see your comment as ‘suck-up’. Not at all, but then, I am bias.


    Always nice getting a new ‘first-time’ comment. Cheers.


    I hope the move to graphic design proves more inspiring. Seems like it will, and if you think I can ever be of help, just let me know.

    Thanks for the congrats, Jennifer!

  19. Sounds good David, i’ll look forward to seeing this in the flesh!

    Is this the priority then for the rest of the year? No more projects until completion?

  20. That’s right, Abbas.

    At present, my focus is mainly on clients (a couple of important works to finish), but I’ve already turned down quite a few potential projects in the past month, and that’s how it’ll likely continue over the next few months.

    Thanks, Kelly.

  21. David,

    Congratulations on your book! I know for me, and many of your subscribers, you are the standard for the industry of branding and logo design and I really look forward to seeing some more of your insights in this book! I’d be happy to review and give some feedback on Safari as the chapters are pieced together so please keep us posted!

    I’m slowly moving more and more out of OOP and more into graphics and design at work so as always your work is very inspiring as I get started! Thanks again and best of luck to you in your book sir!


  22. Glad to hear it. I’ll be sending this info to my program’s curriculum director so that when the rough cuts come out she can look at them.

  23. This is great news David, I cant wait to read it, sounds like its shaping up to be a great book with the contributors you’ve mentioned also. It will be great for design students too, I wish I had discovered blogs like this while I was at college! Have you ever considered guest lecturing in design schools? Anyway, congrats, looking forward to a good read.

  24. Congratulation David.

    Love reading your stuff and your search engine advice has really helped, I’m already seeing results after a couple of weeks for some local keywords (like graphic design watford). Thanks.

    Good luck with the book, I look forward to it’s release.

  25. Congratulations on the deal!

    In your comment to Jacob Cass you mentioned some books which you’d considered as potential competition. Can you recommend some of them?

    And is it possible to pre-order already? If so, the email should be attached to this post. ;)

  26. Hello David,

    I look forward to your e-mail and have learned a lot, this is my first comment here and what better time to say congratulations about the book. Peachpit Press have done the right thing in appointing an excellent graphic designer.

    Best wishes

  27. Patrick,

    That’s kind of you to offer a review on Safari. There’s a subscription cost to the site, but I notice they do offer a free trial.


    I’ll certainly be interested to know what you / your program’s curriculum director think of the Rough Cuts.


    It’s something I’ve thought about, but haven’t yet done. Perhaps in the future. Thanks for the congrats!


    Glad to know your SEO efforts are coming to fruition. Excellent news.


    I highly recommend Maggie Macnab’s Decoding Design. Maggie has kindly agreed to contribute to the Logo Design Love book, which is great.

    As for pre-orders, I’ll be sure to say once they’re available. Very glad you’re interested.

    Thanks muchly, Matt, Richard, Graeme.

  28. This is a great example of how transparency in online communities can help all members learn from each other and bolster total community social capital. I often site you as my favorite example of this wonderful online phenomenon. Thank you for sharing your work with us in this way. As a student/sociologist/designer I have learned a lot from you in a number of different ways. When will the book actually hit the shelves? I can’t wait to see it. This sounds like an amazing project.

  29. Good of you to say, Sean.


    To be honest I’m not entirely sure how long after completion the book will hit the shelves. I’ll ask Peachpit, and thanks for seeing me as a good example!

  30. I’m working from time to time for a fantasy-novel author and usually there’s some months inbetween the deadline and the actual print. An optimistic guess would be december, a realistic one would be februari, march.

  31. Massive congrats! My last twitter post was about looking for a new typo book. I think I will wait for this one.

  32. Congrats David! Having a book published is a huge accomplishment I too hope to achieve one day. I will be adding this to the Zinni library as soon as it gets printed!

  33. Congrat David, if you were able to pick up a few things from the wrap up of what have been said in your previous post about the book, we all feel very proud and honored. The fact that your book is coming to life reinforces what I previously told you about becoming an icon.

    Cheers and it is an honored to witness and even sometimes feel a part of your daily successes!

  34. Congratulations on the book deal David. I rarely buy books, as I do 99% of my reading online. But in this case, I think I’ll buy a copy when it’s released.

    Are you thinking of giving away a few signed copies upon release in a competition of some kind :)

  35. Tjeerd,

    Nikki (from Peachpit) kindly answered it the publishing date question. As I’m packaging the book (design and composition), and as it’s due to arrive with Peachpit in October, it will hopefully ship in November. This assumes there are no hiccups along the way, which is always worth factoring in.


    I had thought to publish the table of contents, but ultimately it was agreed best to hold-off for now.


    Having a giveaway is a nice idea, and yep, I’ll certainly do that when the time comes.

    Thanks, everyone. It’s superb to have all your support!

  36. I’ve been informed by one of my kind commenters that they keep receiving email updates for comments on this post, even though their email address has since been removed from the subscription manager. If anyone else is having a similar issue, please do let me know, and sincere apologies in advance.

  37. Yay!! I was just wondering how this was coming along for you (read a few days ago, but just getting to commenting). That Rough Cut on Safari Books Online sounds like a really awesome way to make the book even better. I’m excited for that part! I’m so happy for your David! I’m sure it’ll be great, if this site and LDL are any indication.

  38. Little late on saying this, but congratulations on the book deal David!! I’ll definitely be getting a copy of this when it’s published. Sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy from now until October though! :D

  39. Thanks again, everyone!


    I’m definitely looking forward to feedback from Rough Cuts. Not sure how many people will be interested, but any pointers will be useful.


    There’ll need to be international shipping, as the publisher’s in the US. :)


    I’ll be busy alright, so there’ll be less-frequent blog updates for a while (I think).

  40. Thanks, Rick. It’ll be interesting to see what feedback comes my way from Safari Books. I wasn’t previously aware of that part of Peachpit’s site, but it seems quite popular.

    Am here after a long hiatus.. been busy etc. If one person were to deserve this, its you.. Am glad that you are associated with a first [first book on logo …]…
    WAY TO GO!!!

  42. Hi, David, sorry about my low cuality of english, but do you know if that book if gone to come out in spanish? and congratulations…

  43. Heck, David, Tajeerd (ref: March 16), Decoding Design isn’t competition, it’s complementation! Can’t wait to see the book. Good luck with everything on it, David!

  44. Sounds good to me, Maggie. I’ve drafted around 75 pages so far. Approaching the half-way stage. I saw the pics of your country-side ranch in New Mexico, and I’m sure it’d make for a relaxing stay. Good luck with the advertising!

  45. Hello David,

    I love your blog and your posts … you are like a teacher to us ;) giving us information, tips..etc

    Cant wait for your book to come out .. congratulations ;)

    Take care

  46. Hello David,

    I read the free chapter of logo design love book. I like it a lot, especially is your way to design a logo. I’ve learned more from that for my designs.

    I have some friends in US. I’m going to ask them for buying it. I wonder I can buy your book in US.

    My question seems to be silly. But in fact, I don’t know.

    All the best!

  47. Hello MLy, yes, you can buy my book in the US, through Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Amazon.com. I know that the latter ships to many countries around the world. The other sellers might, too.

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