The Wired Kayaker

The Wired Kayaker logo design

The Wired Kayaker (broken link removed, 2015) is a blog that rolls kayaks, gear and gadgets into one. It’s authored by Drew Bennett, the ‘gold award’ winner of my prize draw, and one of Drew’s prizes was a custom logo from yours truly.

I used the simple shapes of kayaks, and showed them side-by-side at a slight angle. The two kayaks are representative of the two forward slashes in web addresses — http:// — and blue was chosen for it’s obvious relationship with water.

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  1. Abhijeet

    Hey honestly, I like the way you design your logos. I am sure there will be a time, when I would need your help, and I would be honored to buy your service then.

  2. David,
    I really like how the logo came out. I will be adding it to the redesigned Wired Kayaker blog. I still need to move that blog to WordPress but for now I will customize a blogger skin to compliment the awesome logo! I even blogged a teaser about the logo unveiling on Nov 1st.

  3. Nice Logo David, love the type

  4. Very nice David – what font is that?

  5. Drew, hope I didn’t ruin the teaser. I see you updated, saying I beat you to it. At least you’re happy with how the design turned out. ;)

    Toon, Randa, thanks very much. It’s Eurostile with some letter-spacing.

  6. I like the second two with more color variation.
    But they’re all good!
    Good job!

  7. No problem David. Just gives me more incentive to get everything ready for Thursday.

  8. I really like the simplicity of this logo. I’m glad you didn’t go with the third one though, as the sketches for it almost looks like an illegal substance!

  9. I love how you are able to incorporate such memorable visuals without getting anymore complex than needed. You seem to know where the line between thinking and over thinking an idea seems to reside.

    Beautiful work – as always.

  10. Excellent design David, I hope the rest of the website matches up to the designs.

  11. SL, yep, I got that impression too. Not really the best approach for a kayaking website.

    Char, that’s very kind of you to say.

    Jamie, thanks bud. I’m not sure if the Unique Blog Design prize will be used on the kayak blog, or another that Drew authors. Either way, my logo went to a worthy winner. Cheers for stopping in.

  12. Nice, looks really good!

  13. From the photo presented it does not seem like you explored many ideas for this one. Having multiple kayaks in the design might better reflect the name “wired kayakers” would you not say? I see no real importance of removing the dot of the ‘i’ when the mark is next to the type. Just though I would offer a differant thought process David

  14. It has a deep first impression. I like the third design though… =)
    It’s make the design looks like an Indian head (with colorful features stabbed on their headband). It suit the ‘kayak’ name. :)

  15. dache, I’ve never shown every one of my sketches. I just show a snapshot to highlight how sketching is an important part of the process. Your point about multiple kayaks is a good one, although my idea indicating forward slashes was Drew’s personal preference. Thanks for your take.

    Ken, good of you to comment. As mentioned by SL, above, that third option does kind of reflect a leaf, so might not be the best way to go.

  16. The design is simple and nice. Yet, effectively convey the message about kayaking with the creative use of the two or three tiny kayaks in the logo. overall, impressive design.

  17. That is a really sharp logo!

  18. I like the first logo the best, simple, effective and stylised…

    Also effective to help break the words up :D

  19. I really like the final logo, David. Well done!

  20. Well Done David!!!

    Last week, I visited Drew’s site and no change yet…but now it is there.

  21. Thanks very much for your kind remarks.

  22. Excellent way of designing logos David, I am such a noob when it comes to them, thanks for showing us through your process.

  23. I just picked up Adobe’s CS3 Web Premium and have been fooling around with Illustrator for the first time in many years. My first project? A logo!

    This design really stood out and inspired me to go get some more fonts!

    Creativity came so much easier when I was younger… :)

  24. Thanks you very much for showing me through the process of how you design the logos. I’ve got it!

    thanks once again David, all the best.

  25. Love the logo — and thanks for showing us your design concepts. You definitely choose the best from among great choices!

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