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  1. That’s a nice simple logo and it’s very reproducible.

    I must say though, that you almost made them into a cell phone company with those 4 rectangular towers. Here in the U.S. we have a that same kind of logo hidden 4 million times within a 30 sec commercial… it’s pretty bad.

    I don’t know how you do it… you create logos that are so simple but so unique and of such high quality.

  2. I like the front of the business card with the light behind the logo. And i see your still using the same background for your shots :)
    What is the website of the client? Is it still being made?
    I prefer the ear circle one :) Nice job again yet again!
    Oh and are you going to be putting posts like this on Logo Design Love?

  3. As a beginner, I found your accounts of the logo creation process very educational. Often you find online tutorials on how to design a logo, however you usually don’t come across the creative thinking process used to analyze the company and create the company logo. I sure look forward to more posts like this.

  4. I thought of an ear straight away and then speakers immediately after that, and this was before I read the accompanying article.

    But the very first thing I thought of (before I’d even had a chance to read the company’s name) was a speech bubble, even though the shapes aren’t exactly the same as a speech bubble. I’m counting that as a plus because it grabbed my attention quickly.

    Like the colours too.

  5. Great job David. I really enjoyed you posting the picture of how the logo transformed into the end product. Great info and great work.

  6. Thanks very much guys.

    Jermayn, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening with the logo on the site. I’ve asked the client if I can help.

    Dan, I also thought that the circles was the better approach. Thanks for your comments.

    Jacob, I’ve been using that card background for a while now, thanks to Matt at Factor 1 (it was his shot). The client website is linked to at the top of this post, and as mentioned, I’ve contacted them to ask about possible changes.

    The idea is to keep my portfolio off the new blog, featuring other designers there. What do you reckon?

    Tracey, can I hire you as a salesperson? Great to know you saw the ear then speakers without reading my explanation.

    Interesting that you mention speech bubbles. I experimented with placing the two circles above the text, as opposed to on the left, and it then appeared like ‘thought bubbles’. So the placement to the side is important.

  7. Very nice logo David..simple yet memorable.

    I agree with Dan Cole, those annoying ads with the “4 bars” in every shot about 50 times on tv and in print over here in the states would have been an issue with that cell-phone signal like concept.

    The progression from the ear to the 2 circles is excellent

  8. the logo is great David but you must be slightly disappointed about the way it’s been dumped on to the site?

  9. Great Logo. I would have been very temped to match the circle that makes the ‘Q’ (in the ‘Quality you can hear’ slogan), to the circle-style of the logo. Don’t know if it would have made a vast difference, maybe just a subliminal one – relating ‘quality’ directly with the logo icon. Just a thought.

  10. Brian,

    Sounds like a good thing I didn’t go with the four bars. Being in the UK I’m somewhat immune from the US ads, although they do filter over from time to time.

    Hasan, Niyaz, Andrew,

    Thanks very much for leaving your thoughts.


    I was surprised to see how the logo was implemented on the current Fidelity Hearing website, but having been in contact with my client, I know that it’s a very temporary situation, and it will be going through a complete overhaul within the next few months.

  11. I really love the sequence from ear to speaker.
    It would make a great tattoo – if I ever managed to grow some ballz, would you mind, if I borrowed the idea?.
    Long time visitor
    First time commenter.

  12. Wow, great logo! Simple in form, yet you manage to really find a new quality in 2 colors and 4 circles :) This is exactly the level of logo design I plan to reach someday..

  13. Nice work on the logo – but I too was really disappointed to see how it rendered on their masthead. Colors are off and the clarity really suffered. Would’ve been better to wait and release the logo with their new design relaunch IMO.

    But what do I know? My own header is cut-out title strips and wet cardboard.

  14. Vivien, Glen, Beth Ellen, thanks very much.

    Mr T, if that’s your style for a tattoo, by all means go for it.

    Nieruchomosci, very gracious of you.

    Regan, don’t mock those little paper cutouts. They worked for The Paper Bull, so why not continue with tradition?

    David, Ezi, Matt, I appreciate your time.

  15. just took a peak a the Fidelity Hearing website: Looks like they are use Microsoft Paint for the graphics. Yikes!!!!

  16. Is everyone commenting on your site you mate?

    Not one harsh comment. Find it hard to believe since design is such subjective occupation.

  17. Mike,

    Hopefully the new website will be launched sooner rather than later.


    There is a lot of subjectivity, for sure. I guess you don’t like the design? How would you improve it? I’m always open to constructive criticism.

  18. Simplicity is the best policy i like the simplicity in the very attractive logo and love to have a visiting in my wallet.

  19. David,

    Just want you to know that I love your work! And, beyond that, I love how you document the process… very useful for a college student like myself who is looking to break into the field of identity and logo design. I have a question, though: What if your client is not satisfied with either of the two designs you present to them? Because clearly there is a lot of thought that goes into each one, and sometimes non-design people can’t really appreciate that. Has that ever happened to you, and if so, how did you handle it?? Thanks again

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