The making of L’Odyssée de Cartier

The new Cartier advertisment, L’Odyssée, has had more than 12M views on YouTube since it was uploaded on February 28th. (After pressing play, increase video quality and go full screen.)

“Bruno Aveillan celebrates 165 years of Cartier in his latest short film L’Odyssée de Cartier. In the brand’s most epic and sumptuous spot to date, the viewer is taken on a journey that follows the iconic Cartier panther from the Grand Palais in Paris through magnificent moments and locations throughout time.”

Comparatively few people (about 12K) have watched the behind the scenes video — something I found much more interesting.

Interviewed in the “making of” are director Bruno Aveillan and music composer Pierre Adenot.

“It was clear that we had to shoot the film with a real panther from start to finish.”

The role of the panther was played by three young panthers, Cali, Tiga and Damou. All took turns playing the part throughout the shoot. The big cats were taken to locations in France, Italy and Spain.

For the theme music Pierre Adenot conducted an 84-piece orchestra comprising string, percussion and wind sections, harp and piano. It was recorded in London’s Abbey Road Studios.

Cartier panther

Graphic design and development: Marcel, Paris
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Production: Wizz Quad
Score: Pierre Adenot
Animal handler: Thierry Le Portier

Official L’Odyssée de Cartier website.

I won’t guess the budget. Let’s just say it was a lot.

12 responses

  1. Utterly enchanting. Wish I had $50’000, I would go straight out, buy a watch and follow the Panthers Trail of adventure and love.

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful. I’ll feel this in my memory for a long time when needing a brief respite into another world.

  3. Technically impressive. Conceptually… how do you say… fromage. But rich people tend to like this kind of schlock so it’s probably bang on. I think Donald Trump would love it.

  4. Absolutely blown away by this advert David.

    Just astonishing. The filming, the special effects, everything – just incredible and perfect. I particularly enjoyed the scene where the panther was interacting with the dragon. Very cool indeed. I love ads that take you through a journey and this is one of the best I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sorry I’m with Erich………but maybe I have become ad weary. I love ads that show some real intellectual artistry. Play on words and surprise endings, mind bending memorable stuff is much more to my liking. After sitting through an ad like this one I am left with the question, “So what are they trying to tell me?” (I can only imagine that the profits from at least a few of the high priced watches they make were dropped on this pointless journey.) The sheer number of amazing videos that are out there makes this one just one of many….

    Would I watch it again….nope…..probably not. But I have watched the Where’s Matt video on you tube probably 50 times.
    It was sponsored by Stride chewing gum. It too is pointless and probably cost a lot in airfare and time but it does say something and leaves me in a pretty good mood. Bet the profits from a ton of chewing gum went into that lol lol

  6. Loved the film and really appreciated the glimpse behind the scenes, but why does everyone involved refer to the cat as a “panther” when it is clearly a leopard?

  7. Moshe….Actually panthers DO have spots (they are black leopards) But you are still correct …in fact the animal in the film is NOT a black leopard so it cannot be considered a panther. Panthers have spots they are just difficult to see unless you are up close and I for one would not like to be that close just for the sake of arguement! lol lol lol

    David I’d like to wish you the best of Holidays! And a wonderful 2013. May all the wonderful positive energy you have shared with the world come flooding back to you in the new year…you deserve it! Hope your book gets here before Christmas …what a wonderful present THAT would be under the tree!

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