Is your logo design phallic?

Kegel Male Trainer

No beating around the bush. Your logo looks like a penis.

In some cases this is a conscious decision by the designer, like with the KM logo for the Kegel Male Trainer. But mostly it’s a bit of a blunder. The following logos can be viewed in full flow on their respective websites, barring the beautiful Institute for Eastern Studies logo — due to the need for a faster re-think.

beauty salon logo

See it on the Buty Salon website.

DVV logo

On the Deutschen Volleyball-Verband website.

HEAD logo

HEAD website.

PTC logo

PTC website.

Perfect Crystal Windows logo

Perfect Crystal Windows website.

Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies logo

Institute for Eastern Studies (unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the site is currently down)

The above logos were selected from the Phallic Logo Awards by beta (broken link removed, 2014).

Phallic logos in Zoo

While on the subject, have a look at these beauts.

Kudawara logo

Kudawara logo in the window

Arlington Pediatric Center logo

This design for the non-profit Arlington Pediatric Center has since been scrapped.

Pen Island website

How about the aptly-named Pen Island? All you have to do to order a custom pen is send an email to

Not really.

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  1. Sorry – I’m laughing so much there’ll probably be poor spelling in this comment. Exceptional examples.

    Reminds me of a business contact I once had. His company dealt with fluid power equipment (mainly valves & fittings) but his logo was unintentionally sexual. The capper was that his name was Hy – and that was short for Hyman (no joke)

  2. I remember seeing the Institute for Eastern Studies logo on the now-defunkt TechTV’s Screensavers about 4 or 5 years ago. It’s just as funny now as it was then.

  3. HAHAHA Those are awesome! Definitely more thought (or perhaps less?) should have been put into the logo designs. I haven’t seen any of those before except the Pen Island one, that’s still hilarious.

  4. Too funny. I Dugg the post back at Digg.

    Not sure if it counts, but the T.V. ad for some auto maker (can’t remember the name at the moment) where the mom shows up at the beach talking about catching the perfect wave and instead she caught 3. Then her kids jump out of the car and they all grab their surfboards or bodyboards and head to the water. In that ad there is the “rising” phallic suggestion when the one surfer takes notice of the arriving mother and slowly stands up next to his friend. Perhaps not as blatant as the images included in this post but very phallic nonetheless. Thanks for an entertaining post.

  5. Haha, hilarious!

    (To spot surprises like these -before- you present the logo to the huge, filthy rich company that have hired you, try mirroring the design. Makes it easier to reveal flaws, imbalances and unwanted resemblances.)

  6. I just read this post the 2nd time and I’m still LOL. I’m going to add a 5th installment (3rd installment coming up soon) to my logo series and link back to your site. Really, designers and clients alike should pick up a thing or two from this post.

    Post more.

  7. Brilliant entry!

    There are designers who seem focused on carrying out the urgent need of a client that they overlook the integrity as a designer to solve such a problem at the same time.

    Hahahah. But you really left me in stitches!

  8. Pen Island is a fake company deliberatley made for its horrible name. Good call on all the others, though.

  9. OK, what could be phallic about a duck? ;) It did remind me of when I was a kid and someone would call the A & W and ask if Mike Hunt was there. They would send out some poor unsuspecting car hop to yell repeatedly MikeHunt, until the gales of laughter clued her in to what she was actually saying. LOL

    No ducks were harmed or phallicated in the making of my blog logo. I have none. Is my avatar my logo? I am so confused. ;)

  10. thanks for the good laugh. i really need that as im stressing out ovr a client of mine who has absolutely no idea abt logo design. i proposed different style of logo and they insist on copying other logos instead of being an individual company.
    and the worst part is their company name is not a memorable one.. SQM = maritime company.

    keep up the laugh~
    you made my day!~

  11. I’m not surprised, as we live in the world where men dominate (no offense). Therefore, one can find phallic symbols anywhere – and logo design is no exception.

    Great post! Thanks.

  12. Carol, your avatar looks more like a photo than a logo, but I’m sure you could make a logo from it — simple enough shape.

    Kean, I think you’re looking too closely. ;)

    Helen, glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping in.

  13. lol..this was awesome, i have a website and am very glad i dont have such logo!!!!lol
    thanks for the awesome write!!!

  14. Amazing, I’m just doing some research at work for logo designs at the office and I had to hold in the laughter.

    Great tips by the way, I bookmarked them, it will help me a lot when I go and design a logo and favicon for my blog.

  15. I had to find this article again so I could comment – it’s been a while since I read this (great list BTW). I was driving around town and noticed a very phallic bumper sticker – turns out it is for the University of South Florida – their mascot is the Bulls.
    Here are some examples:

    For some reason the main .edu site doesn’t use the logo though.. wonder why” ; )

  16. I laughed till I cried. I know I’m going to triple-check every logo I design from now on. And I am so sorry to point this out, I hope you can see the humor in it, but in Arabic “Airey” means… “my c*ck”.

  17. The HEAD logo as well as brand name has always made me wonder. It looks like the head of a penis, and the name can be in reference to a sexual act. Hmm..

  18. Dear David –

    Subject ‘Male Exercise Device’

    US Patent No. 7,448,989

    And US Patent No. 7,086,998

    Thank you for your honest opinion regarding my phallic Km logo design – the fact is I did design the Km logo myself – I was not sure people would understand this logo art at the time of it’s inception however I went ahead with my decision based on my own opinion and used the Km logo on my website – either way this patented Kegel Male Trainer device is equal in quality as the results are visible to the quality of the logo design this has a great deal to do with the logo design itself even more to the point – it was a must to have the appropriate design for what I call my own Da Vinci of an invention for men’s health whereas this invention has already given amazing results as many thousands of men can attest to world wide that have purchased this/my invention and currently use it which ‘truly does deliver on it’s promise’ as explained in the text on the Kegel Male website – Yes I am the inventor of other famous patented products of mine one you may already know is/was my lighted athletic shoe aka the ‘922’ patent used by LA Gear and other majors brands sold in department stores and it is still being sold worldwide even after the ‘922’ patent has long since expired – I am the sole inventor all my patented products – if you have any questions kindly convey them to me and if you are ever in Ft. Lauderdale, FL please let me know so we can possible meet in person over lunch to discuss new non related logos for their intended purposes in person I find the art of the logo is essential to the success of their intended purpose provided it is the finest quality invention/product of it’s kind – ‘remember it is impossible to turn a sow into a successful brand without the proper seed’. I think your know what I mean. If anyone else would like to contact me directly feel free to do so at




  19. Ian Poulter, the flamboyant golfer has the most ridiculous logo on his clothing. You’d think someone who seems to care about clothing and image so much would realise. Or maybe he does and likes to look like a nob. Who knows?


  20. People just find whatever they want to see, like for example your logo look like a pair of tits with erected nipples pointing outwards…

  21. That’s some pretty funny stuff there David. I kind of have a stigma about designing, so many things could look phallic. It’s weird, I can’t even eat popsicles in public…. :P

  22. Thank you for this laugh. I am working with a group now on a logo and I’m quite embarrassed by what they “like.” I had to escape to the Internet to see if it was just me or them. it’s them.

  23. Perhaps to appeal to the masculine side of the audience, Paul? You’re not wrong. Used to love watching American Football when I was a kid, but can’t get into it now. Too long, too much standing around.

  24. These are very good especially the brazillian. but has anyone seen the website? the name is one thing but then take a double look at the name. boy that has to be the best disguised penis yet. and it’s a genuine clothing brand !!

  25. I stumbled across this post while looking for logo design tips (graphic design experience, I don’t have it). Thank you for bringing up the point–I’ll certainly keep an eye out for it in my own work now.

  26. OK. This post made me think of a logo we saw last year at TED in Long Beach. A company called Doma who’s logo could double as a prison shower warning sign.

    At one point about 20 of us walk about 10-15 blocks from the convention center to take pictures in front of it.

  27. @Trinity – I actually designed the current Vonage logo while working for a small (at that time) agency in San Franciso. I can tell you there was no intended sexual connotations in my concept. The V icon is meant to represent raised arms and was to imply freedom from traditional phone companies. It’s interesting to me that people see it in this other light. It goes to show that people interpret things in many different ways. I had a good chuckle when I saws this. Thanks for sharing.

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