Idler, a modular typeface family by Lamesville

This one’s appeared on lots of blogs, but it’s a new one for me (via Chris Glass’s Stellar).

Idler is a modular typeface family by Lamesville, aka, Mark Butchko.

“Idler’s two “main” weights (Idler Detail and Idler Plain) can be used effectively as single colored layers on their own, but the typeface’s true potential is realized when the user layers the “shaded” weights along with the main weights to create a colorful 3D shading effect. The Idler family contains six weights all together: Idler Detail, Idler Plain, Idler Inner, Idler Highlight, Idler Shadow, and Idler Solid.”

Mark is currently employed as senior designer at Chicago-based Optimus. When not working on his latest font designs, you can find Mark spending quality time with his young son Julien, teaching him valuable life lessons like knowing the difference between a glyph and a ligature.

Idler is available to buy through HypeForType and YouWorkForThem.

You’ll find some nice typography inspiration on Mark’s Tumblr blog, too.

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  1. What a great typeface concept! I love innovative timesavers like these. This got a super-fast bookmarking!

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