Identity Designed half-century

Identity Designed has reached a half-century of brand case studies, so I thought it fitting to give a combined mention to all the beautiful contributors.

Identity Designed

Case studies in brackets.

A-Side Studio (MARK)
Anagrama (Theurel & Thomas)
Andreas Neophytou (Outside Photographic)
Andrew Sabatier (Asterisk Investments)
Astronaut Design (Antarctic Voice)
Believe in (Believe in)
Bernstein Rein (Glacé Artisan Ice Cream
Bibliothèque (Flint, Boskke)
Chermayeff & Geismar (Conservation International)
Clinton Duncan (Fred International)
DBD International (Botanical Bakery)
Designers Anonymous (Ecopod)
Fabio Ongarato (K.P.D.O., ACCA, Social Traders)
Form (Recreation Awards, Virgin Galactic)
GBH Design (Virgin Galactic)
H&A (Black Light)
Heydays (ITI, Berg & Berg)
Hyperkit (Faye Toogood)
Landor (Miller & Green)
Lundgren+Lindqvist (Johanna Lenander)
Make (LM Wind Power, IVA)
Mash Creative (S/O/T/O, 2011 calendar, Royal Mail)
Moving Brands (Watermark)
Mytton Williams (Ink Copywriters, The Halcyon)
Nancy Wu (Offsetters)
Nathaniel Cooper (Glacé Artisan Ice Cream)
Project Projects (Museo Tamayo)
Pryor Design (Ann Arbor Film Festival)
Raw (Think Green)
Rudd Studio (Channel 4)
SomeOne (Wright Brothers, HomeSun, Eurostar, Newspaper Marketing Agency)
Studio Verse (broken link removed, 2014) (Addition)
Tank Top (Eurosport)
The Click (Burlingham Woodland Walks)
Think Studio (Miriam Haskell)
Unreal (The People’s Supermarket)
venturethree (Little Chef)
Wallzo (McCormack Joinery)
Zerofee (Dezeen Watch Store)

A stunning collection of design talent.

Additional thanks to Blair Thomson for project suggestions along the way.

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  1. Thanks for the mention David. As always — a pleasure.

  2. Congratulations on the half century David! Always a great read. Thanks for the opportunity to feature on the site.

  3. Awesome and congratulations. Love all the work featured on ID, and it truly is one of my favorite sites! Keep them coming!

  4. Congratulations, David! ID is a great inspiration–thanks so much for including us.

  5. Congrats Mr. A

    I see ID is getting popular with some professional content :)

  6. Ruben Stragier

    Thanks for all the interesting insights!
    Keep up the good work, David.

  7. Thanks for the support, folks. Means a lot.

  8. Really love this post David.
    I am sure those case studies will be very useful to all designers out there who are looking for some great examples of identity design as well as branding.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey David it’s always nice to read your blog and this kind of post is really awesome. It’s really very helpful. Hope one day we’ll see one of your post titled “Identity Designed Century”.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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