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I received a nice email from my web host, ICDSoft, offering a couple of free accounts for any sites I was planning to launch. There’s nothing I want to use them for, so thought I’d give the codes to you.

“Each of the coupons is worth €77 and allows you to open a year-long account on the Universal plan, along with a domain registration, on a server in Germany.

“To use a coupon, please visit http://eu.icdsoft.com/order and enter the coupon code into the Coupon code field. The €77 discount will be automatically calculated and applied to your order.”

I’ve been a happy ICDSoft customer for about five years now, through some awkward times, too — my domain hijacking for instance. And even today, receiving around 350,000 monthly page views on this site, their business plan (coupled with a WordPress plugin to cache my pages) is still adequate. Support tickets are usually answered within minutes, too.

If you want one of the codes, just leave a comment recommending a mobile phone. I’m getting a new one, and am thinking of something that’s not the iPhone 4. Maybe the new Nokia N8 or the Blackberry Torch.

I’ll randomly draw two winners this Friday (15th), but even if you’re not chosen, here’s a 25% discount.


Update: 16th October 2010
Do excuse the additional day before announcing the results. The two commentators chosen at random are Peter and Janessa. I’ve emailed them the coupon code to claim their free hosting and domain name. Thanks for the all the great recommendations, folks.


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  1. Do you have access to the HTC Incredible? I know it is stateside, I have it and I love it. It runs on Android OS, is lightning fast, and very easy to personalize with shortcuts and apps.

  2. I would recommend the iPhone 100%. There are just soooo manu capabilites with this device that will help you out on a day to day basis with working.

  3. What about an iPhone4? Those things rule… no kidding. Well in my country the experience with certain phones is limited, some of them take many months to reach us so I’m not sure if there is something newer than… Sony Xperia, it’s a really good choice in general and if it wasn’t this one or the iPhone I’d go with the N8, no doubt.

    Well, I hope, I hope…

    Regards :)

  4. I strongly recommend the Palm Pre+ or Pixi+… both use the webOS operating system and it’s probably the best-designed mobile OS I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth the time to check out.

  5. Droid X is the way to go, if it’s available across the pond. With some free applications and some design sense you can make the interface anything you want.

  6. HTC DESIRE HD is the way to go at the moment. Today 20 new phones were introduced (including the new windows 7 os containing ones) in the market, most of them will be available to buy at the end of the month so it’s possible you could choose from those if you don’t favour the proposed HTC one.

    Best of luck choosing

  7. Well, seeing that you don’t want to get the new iPhone I would highly recommend something from the Blackberry line. Much more business orientated than the iPhone 4 with a little bit of social on the side, which is great if that’s what your looking for. If you have many friends already using Blackberry you may find yourself pleased with the likes of the Blackberry Messenger for communicating too.

  8. I’m not a big fan of the iPhone when it comes to mobile phones. In my opinion, a Blackberry is the way to go. I’m a busy 19-year-old design student, and though I’m still just a “kid”, I’m discovering that this just may be the most important time to communicate. I’ve started my own company and must independently gain clients, materials, and a little bit of spare time, and my trusty Blackberry really makes it easy for me. My first Blackberry was the Curve, which lasted me for three years! Now I use a Blackberry Bold. I absolutely love it. These phones have never let me down, and get the job done, with super customizable settings and without all the extra (useless) “bells and whistles” that you’ll have to try to avoid and work around with an iPhone. :)

  9. I’d recommend the Droid Incredible if you have access to it. Otherwise, from what I’ve checked out on line, the Nokia N8 looks pretty amazing. Hope you find one that’s to your liking.

  10. Someone else mentioned this too, but the HTC Desire is great! I wanted a new phone so did lots of research and it came down to deciding between the HTC Desire, the iPhone4 and the Samsung Galaxy S. Read loads of reviews and HTC Desire seemed to come up top. Apple are annoying me at the moment, for example not supporting Flash while browsing on iPhone etc. My HTC Desire arrived this evening, I ordered it online from Three, they do cheap data plans. I’m in the South but I assume it’s similar value in Northern Ireland if not better!

  11. I’m fairly new to the android world but after only having an android phone for two months or so, I can confidently say that they are a lot better than an Iphone ( I use to have the 3g and my brother have the iPhone4). They are extremely customizable and there is an app for everything, unlike the iphone which is very limited in regards to what it can do. Right now I have the samsung captivate, the GPS is the biggest issue right now, but both AT&T and samsung have promised updates, so yes I would strongly recommend it or any of the Galaxy S phone.

  12. It really depends on what type of person you are, what are your needs. More business oriented, Blackberry, with HTC (Desire is really cool) somewhere in the middle and with iPhone on the geeky-hipster side.

  13. Hey,

    I’ve recommend the Sony Ericsson k610i, which is what I’ve been using for a few years now. I’ve had several chances to upgrade to super fancy pants phones but simply did not want to complicate things with unnecessary features than slow down the actual speed of the phone (opening things etc). It looks nice and isnt trying to be super cutting edge design or anything, there are no illusions.

    I tried a fairly new nokia but it was SLOWER than this k610i phone.

    If you use your phone for music, I wouldn’t know what to suggest as the earphone jack isnt very rugged.

    – Ken.

  14. I don’t know much about the new mobiles. I’m still using iPhone 3g and I’m happy with that. I would probably upgrade to iPhone 4 myself. I don’t like the look of the Nokia N8 or the Blackberry. But if you don’t like iPhone, then maybe Sony Xperia?

  15. I would never recommend a Nokia. I was a Nokia user for many years, but Nokia repeatedly embarassed itself with their business plan – they should sell phones to the masses and have one flagship “super-phone”. My last Nokia was a 5800 Music Xpress and both hardware and software were absolutely not reliable. They did a great job with Ovi Maps – that’s the only feature I’ll miss from Nokia. Otherwise, I will stick with my iPhone.

  16. iphone…..DEFINATLY
    I’ve not had a Nokia for years, and I’m not keen on the exclusivity on some of the blackberry bits, iphone does it all and obviously it’ll look nice next to your Mac!

  17. Love the Droid Incredible. AT&T was just too spotty for me in my area to get an iPhone. Just Youtube whatever phone your looking at, you’ll get some really great hands on reviews.

  18. How about a HTC Desire. It runs Android, and will easily sync over the air with anything Google–as you’d expect. It has a beautiful, bright screen. Capacative touch–like the iPhone, but with the nice Sense UI, and an onscreen qwerty keyboard that has a sensible predictive text and is actually easy to type accurately on.

    It does come with social networking aimed dead centre in it’s crosshairs, but a few apps from the market help it on it’s way to being more of a business accessory.

    There is one drawback to owning an Android as opposed to an iPhone though. See http://bit.ly/czjvur for an article from OkCupid on how Android users miss out. But those statistics shouldn’t really bother a married man.

  19. I guess it depends on what kind of user you are, but I’ve had the Nokia E72 since May and I’m pretty content. It’s a smartphone that can shut up and just be a phone when you need it to.

  20. i would recommed HTC HD2 , even though it’s a windows 6.5 phone

    really well designed and a really good phone

    or HTC Evo 4G which is almost identical to the HTC HD2, but works on Android 2.1

    Happy phone hunting :)

  21. It’s difficult to recommend a phone. Especially a new phone that has yet to reveal its lifespan. Personally, I like the Blackberry. Straightforward to use, and does everything I want.

  22. Hey David. I’m a fulltime student/ part-time phone sales consultant. I’d recommend an Iphone beacause myself and all my colleagues swear by them but if you aren’t interested I’d go HTC Desire or Samsung GalaxyS. Never buy a phone when it first comes out because you end up being a guinea pig. Get something tried and tested.

  23. Well, hey David..I read your rss feed all the time..and I’m not much for contests but I just got an HTC myTouch 3g, and I’m just so content with it that I wanted to answer this blog post. I don’t really have a model in mind, ’cause my myTouch is an older model, however I recommend an Android phone and the HTC (with Google) bunch…once you’re a gmail customer (like I am) and have everything synced to Gmail…it’s wayyyyyyy efficient, ’cause everything just syncs..and I’mma happy syncing (insert soprano opera tone here) person….lol, so get an HTC phone..

  24. Sony Erricson Experia – There were given out as prizes at The UK Bboy Champs I just attended.. They’re small take great photos, lightweight and the latest and greatest I might even get one myself when my contract expires even though I was dead set on an iPhone 4.

  25. Hi David! Been reading your blog now for ages and loving it. Your work inspires me to be more creative and actually, it pushes me to create identities that are as simple as they can be. I used to design logos that were intricate and complicated but now if they don’t work in a single colour, then I usually consider them a failure and force myself to better them. I owe this to you as your work is so simple and timeless. Thanks

    In regards to your phone I have to say the Blackberry Torch is a pretty good phone. My mate has it and I was skeptical at first but after using it I had to change my mind about it as I am normally an iPhone guy but liked this phone alot.


  26. I don’t actually have any use for the hosting so don’t send me a link, just buy a blackberry (I would suggest a bold actually, but if you really want touch screen get the torch)

  27. Thanks very much, everyone. I was preoccupied yesterday, and completely forgot about the draw, so please excuse the additional day.

    Peter and Janessa are the two hosting recipients, and both have been sent an email with collection info.

    Bye for now.

  28. I actually like Nokia, and have been a user since my first phone in 2003. I’ve always appreciated the N series, and the N8/N9/N900 are significant additions to the line.

    You do, however, have to manage your apps, as not everything is as integrated.

    But device hardware wise, my N95 had everything I wanted: voice recording, 5mp Zeiss lens camera, wifi, and importantly, customizable buttons.

    I guess it depends on your carrier.

  29. I know the giveaway has ended. I don’t need hosting, but I thought I would post anyway.

    I have personally owned every model of the iPhone. I recently sold my iPhone 4 on eBay. Bought a Droid X and can not be happier.

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