Guinness for Strength

Love these vintage ‘Guinness for Strength’ posters, but don’t think the message would fly nowadays.

Guinness for Strength poster

Guinness for Strength poster

Guinness for Strength poster

Guinness for Strength poster

Nothing captures that ‘surprise’ moment like a hat off a head.

Please leave a comment if you can help with attribution.

These Guinness TV ads from years gone by are also worth a shout.

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  1. What about mental strength — have you ever had a pint of the black stuff on hand whilst designing a logo David?

    I can remember back at uni, when I used to design with a mouse in one hand and a bottle of Bud in the other. Don’t know if it was a benefit, though ;)

    Great poster designs…

  2. Hey D., your gonna hate me, but one more to play tag with? I really appreciate and envy your content and mind for design. I can’t help but plug into your blog, I first came across you years ago with your big SEO push that was very obvious.

    I have tons of work in the industry, specifically poster design, with 3 big clients that are major promoters, sadly the work is most often client driven and packed full of content, to much in most cases sadly. I do have others or indie projects, but in regard to volume I am piggy backing a 30yrs of formulaic client driven desired – ie. large image, name the larger variable typographically and tons of content packed into a “little bitty space”.

    The Guinness posters in time and context occur to me perhaps to be something similar, but focused on a message at the time that was proven to sell, rather to be representational of a product?

    Maybe today for Redbull or 5hr Energy?

    Curious for us to brainstorm in real-time current campaigns in our day and age that are begging the same variable decision making conundrums.

    Ethnics in design?

  3. Hi Ron, a look at my archives shows I was using SEO tips from other blogs (headline text, URLs, etc.). I sometimes got it badly wrong (Google’s penalty, for example).

    On ethics, I got a great handbook from Eileen MacAvery Kane (she joined the chat on the Coke conspiracy post). The book’s called “Ethics: a graphic designer’s field guide.” I’ll post about it.

  4. Nice sellection David. They did used to advertise a lot on the TV over here in the UK but not as much now. These adverts are timeless!

  5. I love these posters! I’ve got the one with the farmer pulling the horse in the wagon. I’m actually trying to figure out how much it’s worth. I can’t seem to find anything about it.

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