$4,000 blog anniversary prize draw

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my graphic design blog, I’m launching this bumper giveaway to thank you all. You’ve helped make this site what it is today and here are the fantastic prizes up for grabs:

Gold award

gold medal

The ultimate business blog package:

Silver award

silver medal

Bronze award

bronze medal

Bonus prizes

The following prizes will be drawn individually.

Podcasting kit

podcasting kit

Free money


  • $25 via PayPal courtesy of Gayla McCord of . Free money! Who doesn’t want ? Very kind of you Gayla.

USB storage keys

sony usb

  • 2GB USB storage key x 3 courtesy of Jamie Clague at . Three USB sticks will make up three separate prizes, with free worldwide postage. Jamie, , has also kindly donated his valuable time to helping with the prize draw administration.

Blog reviews and design help

blog reviews

Telephone and Skype consultations

blog consultations

  • with Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog. Ben has offered his expertise to review 3–5 of your articles, providing tips and giving suggestions on writing, plus a quick and how you can benefit from it.
  • Two 45 minute coaching consultations with Mark McGuinness of . Mark specialises in , and is a real expert in his field. The first session will involve goal setting, with the second session reporting on progress and making adjustments.
  • 4 hour business growth consultation with Rebecca Caroe, via telephone / Skype, or face-to-face in London / Cambridge. Rebecca is a for creative agencies, so if you’re looking to then this is the prize for you. If you want Rebecca to visit your offices simply pay her travel expenses.
  • Tele-Coaching with Tammy Lenski. A one-hour, private telephone consult with Tammy Lenski. Figure out how to deal with a challenging client, strengthen your , or confront difficult conversations with more confidence and success. Free call within the U.S., via Skype outside the U.S.
  • One hour with Design Translator (DT) of Design Sojourn. Whether you’re launching a line of t-shirts, custom furniture, electronics, or any other product, DT will lend you his .
  • with Easton Ellsworth of . You choose, do you want to generally improve your blog or do you want help making money from it? Easton has kindly offered his help.

Art and literature

book prizes

  • Two premium quality books designed and produced by David Hyde of . John Hinchcliffe, internationally acclaimed designer-maker, is the subject of the richly illustrated first of two . Crafts in the 20th Century is the second book kindly donated by David.
  • Copy of by Brad VanAuken of The Blake Project. Brand Aid is a practical how-to guide on building . Derrick Daye was kind enough to offer this great prize.
  • Watercolour print from Ed Roach Watercolours (broken link removed, 2014). Ed has quite a talent, and will graciously ship your favourite print from his watercolour studio.

Online advertising

online advertising

  • 728px by 90px banner ad for 30 days above the fold on The Blog Experiment (broken link removed, 2014), courtesy of Sara. This is quite a new forum for bloggers, but already there are approximately 5,000 posts! You must supply your own artwork.
  • 125px by 125px image ad for 30 days on . An excellent donation from , Jonathan.
  • Ad icon located site-wide in the top left of , courtesy of Chris Lodge. Another kind gift from a fellow .
  • 30 day text link ad shown site-wide on . This is a great way to . Blogging is about giving something back, so get your contest featured.
  • 125px by 125px image ad for 30 days on . Another superb offering from Jonathan a.k.a .

Forum membership

Andy Beard

  • Lifetime membership to the paid membership site that Andy Beard, and , will launch on Andybeard.eu (eta and value yet to be determined). If the prize winner already qualifies for membership (some people will), then Andy will kindly come up with an alternative prize.

How to enter

UPDATE: October 06, 2007
Before running a prize giveaway / contest on your site / blog, please read this article: How I reversed my Google ranking penalty.

Get one entry by subscribing to my website
Subscribe to my website, either by RSS or by email, and in your first update you’ll see a code word at the bottom. Simply email me with the code word for your entry into the prize draw.

Get one entry by blogging about the draw
Write a blog post telling your readers about the prize giveaway and you’ll get one entry. You can describe the draw in any way you like.

For every 5 prize sponsors you link to (they’re all listed above), you’ll get 1 extra entry into the draw.

After writing your blog post, email me the URL so I can check it out. I’ll add your entry into the prize draw.

MAXIMISE your chance of winning
If you want to achieve the maximum number of draw entries, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Subscribe to my site by RSS or by email
  • Publish a blog post about the giveaway
  • Link to the prize sponsors in your post (1 extra draw entry for every 5 sponsors linked to)
  • Email me with the code word from subscribing and the URL of your blog post

Prize draw details

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, September 26th 2007, and the winners will be announced here on Monday, October 1st 2007. Names will be drawn using a random generator.

There’s a maximum of one prize per person, and prize sponsors are more than welcome to enter the draw (obviously not to win your own kind gift). If you win a prize that doesn’t suit your needs, please run your own blog giveaway, offering something back to your readers. This will create buzz on your blog and will give extra thanks to the draw sponsors.

Good luck!

131 responses

  1. Hey, one of the most awesome blog contests I’ve seen dude! Will post about it this weekend . . . Contest Blogger may be one of the prize sponsors, but I’m still hoping to nab something! Great job.

  2. DT,

    I reckon my time could be cut out with this one too, but it’s worth it to give something back. I’ve sorted your sponsor text – thanks for letting me know.


    Thanks again for being a sponsor, and I’ll be sure to add you after reading your entry.


    That’s a superb contest entry you’ve written. Thanks so much.


    Thanks! Both for your sponsorship and congratulations.


    It certainly is very kind from the sponsors. I’m indebted to them. Good of you to comment.


    Looking forward to your entry, and thanks again for your great donation!


    That’s a good idea about the press release. I’m no expert there, but I’ll try to find time to figure it out. Thank you for your kind logo design gift!

    Blog Directory,

    I’ve got your entry. Thanks very much.

  3. Certainly a great list of prizes. You must certainly be riding a good wave of income to be able to offer that. I would have no room to fit that kind of offer in even if I didn’t have to work on client site.

    If you haven’t already done it, this is the kind of thing you want to do press releases for. If your lucky you might even get into one of the national propaganda rags.

    Dugg and stumbled.

  4. David, my entry post is up at Contest Blogger. I linked back to all 35 prize sponsors, so I hope that’s 8 total entries for me! Also made your contest a Featured Contest and will include it in our sidebar for a month. Great job!

    Hey everyone else, feel free to copy and paste my sponsor list to get yourselves more entries in the contest. Here’s the link:


  5. Hey David, catching up with my breath… huh, never felt so dizzy when reading a blog :-)
    Congratulations with the successful blogging anniversary!

    How did you get all those sponsors? How come I didn’t know about it? I would’ve come up with a prize too…;-)
    Oh, well.. I guess I’ll be better off by participating in the contest, and maybe even winning some cash :-)

  6. Damien, Michael, David,

    Thanks very much! It’s incredible how generous the sponsors have been.


    Fantastic mate! Yep, 8 entries in the database for you. By the way, I had a couple of issues with an automatic email response, and have ditched it for now. If you received one, or if you haven’t, rest assured I’m putting the right amount of entries onto record for you.

    Andika, Brown Baron, Chase,

    Thanks guys!


    I posted about this a couple of weeks back, asking if anyone wanted to sponsor. There’s a link to the post above, in the related articles section. Sorry for not contacting you personally. I certainly would’ve if I had more time.


    Thanks again for sponsoring!

  7. Hey David. Sorry, but I don’t quite get this. All we have to do is write a post with a lot of links in it? Where is the contest in that? That’s a lottery. I’d love to participate and help others whichever way I can, but this doesn’t really do much for me. Hope you have fun with it though, and get lots of attention. Cheers.

  8. David, this contest is the dogs! Is it too late to add prizes?? I”d like to submit a prize of $25 to one random person who adds a Late Bonus Prize to your already awesome contest. Would you consider adding a Late Bonus Prize section??

    In any case, hope your server melts! ;)

  9. Nils,

    You’re right, it’s certainly more of a blog draw. Thanks for the well-wishes.

    No worries, Vivien.

    I’ll be sure to let you know personally, next time around.

    More Traffic,

    I’m not accepting any more prizes for this contest, but you’re more than welcome to offer something for the next one I run? Here’s hoping my server doesn’t melt, but I appreciate the sentiments. ;)


    Thanks again for your sponsored prize!

  10. Hola David

    I couldn´t resist having a peek at how the competition is get on while I´m on holiday. The girlfriend is having siesta, so I won´t get into trouble for touching a computer! 23 comments already and its only the weekend, well done.

    Had a quick investigation into the email respone, and its the old spam filters. Maybe suggest that readers keep an eye out for email from the Terinea domain (@terinea.co.uk) or subject heading “David Airey Competition” that might of been moved to the spam folder.

    I tried it with three other email accounts and Hotmail spammed it.

    hasta luego

  11. Some fantastic prizes. I have my eye on a few.
    There are some great links in there too; links to numerous resources I had never come across before. Great stuff, David.

    Btw, how does that RSS code word work. I’m already subscribed of course, so…

  12. Your blog articles are already subscribed to my email before the contest start…does it count? :)
    I will publish your amazing contest to my blog post soon and I hope you will get big number of entries from everyone who has participated already.
    Lucky draw is something different!!
    Congrats to ::David Airey:: Graphic Designer – Blog anniversary ;)

  13. Chris,

    You’re not the only one who enjoys the code word. I’m quite partial. ;)

    Jamie, hola tio! Que tal?

    I’m currently using a spreadsheet for the entries, and we can talk more when you get back from your break. I hope you have a great time!


    Of course, I’ll put you down as a subscribed entry. No worries. Randa helped me out with the FeedBurner feed flare code. You can read Randa’s article here.


    Thanks very much. When your blog post is published, just drop me an email with the URL and your subscription code word. I’ll add you to the entrants.

    Dan, David,

    I’ve read your emails, and thanks for sending those through. Good luck!

    Evil, Deaf Musician,

    Great of you to consider entering, and I appreciate your comments.

  14. Now that’s a good-looking prize roster. I’ll definitely book you a complimentary post in my blog during september. I’ll be doing so not only to get a chance at winning something, but actually because *really* believe in the overarching reasoning supporting this stunt! Organic growing is all about cumulative synergies!

  15. This is AMAZING, David! I’d never meet up with such a MONSTER contest before. I believe this post would gather huge buzz for your blog! :D
    Congratulation for your Blog Anniversary. I hope you will much more success from than before.
    I will get some entries from this contest. Thanks for this great opportunities. I believe I could make a great improvement if I could win this contest! :D

  16. Amazing list of prizes David. The list of supporters to your contest and your blog speaks volumes about you as a person a blogger and a professional.

    Congrats on the year, congrats on the success.

    There’s a few prizes on that list I wouldn’t mind winning either. I’ll be sending in my entry for sure :)

  17. I had a feeling this would be a great contest, but this supersedes my expectations!

    It’s great to see so many sponsors backing your anniversary up. This clearly indicates that you are running a quality site ;)

    I’ve got to give this competition a shot. Those metal awards are “mouth watering” for every blogger.

  18. Rob,

    Thanks buddy. Count yourself in.


    I have the ‘search status extension’ for Firefox installed, and will see what change the prize draw brings over the next three weeks. Thanks for checking for me.


    Thanks again for being one of the excellent prize sponsors! It’ll be a lucky winner who’s drawn for your tele-coaching!

    Slices of Life,

    That’d be great if you enter. I look forward to adding you to the entrants.


    Good luck! I’ve read and commented on your post, and have added your draw tickets to the database. Thanks!


    Again, it’s very kind of you to offer money as a prize! Thank you!


    This site wouldn’t be half of what it is without you and my other readers, so I owe you all a lot. Let me know when your entry is up, and good luck with it!

  19. Awesome idea Airey! it’s already generating a ton of buzz, I posted a little something about it on logofu – and emailed a couple of friends about it.

    Thanks to David & all the sponsors and Good luck to all participants! But don’t hold your breath because I’m wearing my lucky socks – ALL MONTH!!

    – AzAkers

  20. At first I thought, “Hey! David didn’t include my prize…”

    Then I realized HOW MANY prizes there were. Kudos on a great list. Makes me think I need to celebrate some kind of anniversary (although I never kept track of when I really started)…and who knows what I’d have to give away as prizes now that you’ve upped the ante.

  21. Wow!! Nice contest + Great bunch of prizes.. such an amazing idea you got there David! Sure I want in.. I’ll post dis week. Thanks for the invitation!! ;)

  22. Hi David,

    Very smart way to attract traffic to your site.

    Well done!

    You have interesting content, I love passionate people websites!

    Have a nice day,

  23. Congrats to your blog anniversary. You should be very proud of your achievement, the list of amazing prizes speak volume of the support and friendship you received all over the world.

  24. Whew! Good look with the logistics of entry. I might suggest using a form specifying the URL format rather than having people email them to you. A coder could automate checking the links for you more easily that way. Same with the feed entry word. Contact me if you’re looking for someone to help with that, I can refer some good people.

  25. Hi David, so proud to see my baby doing so well the sky’s the limit but not for you! Your outa this WORLD!!! Congratulations SON xxx and good luck everyone.

  26. Dude this rocks. For people that have been subscribed for a while do we get a drawing entry for that?

    WIth that list of prizes I am going to write a nice article for you this weekend on my blog:)


  27. Thanks everyone, for your continued entries and congratulations – they really are appreciated.

    Sorry I can’t respond to you individually, but I think you can imagine that hosting this draw is proving a strain on my resources. I good strain though.

    Bye for now!

  28. I’m hoping on this speeding train as well. Easy to enter and lots of loot!

    I do have one question, on the offers related to a generic site, can you pick a site other than where I blogged about the contest?


  29. Wow, the grand-daddy of all blog contests is here. Will be thrilled to win something here, just as I’ll be hugely disappointed if I don’t.

    Anyways, promoted this on my blog here.

  30. David,
    Learnt about the prize draw at DoshDosh so headed over to have a look. Mightily impressed by the prize bundle, will definitely enter. I’m sure you’ll create a great deal of buzz about this.

  31. Thanks for all the kind comments, and best of luck to all who enter.

    Missy, funny you should mention Brian Clark. Had he not been called out of the country at the last minute he also would’ve sponsored a prize! He’s a fantastic blog author so it would’ve been a great pleasure.

    Next time eh?

  32. Really awesome list of prizes David… many congrats on completing a successful year and heres to many more successful years ahead!

    posted my entry, I really would appreciate a redesign and some help!! will be sending you the entry url… :)

  33. The whole purpose of urs running this competition is to get google ranking for “logo design” keyword. But let me tell u David, Google will be banning u in a couple of week. I think u should stop this competition.


  34. I know first hand how much time David has spent on this project.

    Jenni – Good point, something that crossed my mind, but if David did this every month maybe Google would do something about it. But its hard link farm or black SEO. When John Chow was banned from Google, it didn’t matter because he has such a large number of readers anyway.


  35. Congrats on a successful 1 year anniversary! I’ve had much respect for you as a blogger from the first time I arrived at your site.

    I read about your contest and simply came out of curiosity to see what you were doing. Wow, was I blown away! You have some high profile people backing you up, which speaks volumes about you.

    Of course I’ve subscribed to your feed :-)

  36. Great Contest!! I Just wanted to let you know that my subscribers are wanting Blog contest updates so I have now added a section dedicated to this type of contest on my website MrPrizes.com. I have added this listing and will also add any new ones that you let me know about. Have a great day!

  37. Great to be part of a wonderful giveaway draw.

    I would like to congratulate you for your anniversary. Hope my blog will race to its first birthday too (now 3 months old).

  38. Hi David

    Could you share what kind of solution did you choose for the random generator. I consider making a draw myself and I wonder how to do it.

  39. Wow, really unbelievable prices. .. You most definatley have more money than me.
    Its a shame i didn’t know about this sooner otherwise i’d my straight in there doing my upmost to grab some extra cash !

  40. Surely though you’re OK to encourage blogging about you, so long as you aren’t telling people what to use as the anchor text (if they wish to link to you at all)?

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