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Graphex 2013: logos

I’m judging a couple of categories in this year’s Graphex Awards, the categories for logos and brand identities. The logos are more difficult to vote on because entries tend to be submitted in isolation without any context, but here are a few that stand out.

Sounds Like Architecture

Sounds Like Architecture logo

“In 2010, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada held its national conference in Saskatoon in association with the Saskatchewan Association of Architects. As it was to coincide with the Sasktel Saskatchewan International Jazz Festival, the committee agreed that a corresponding theme could bring a new spirit to the event.”

Designed by Christian Jensen for The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

All Canadian Grain

All Canadian Grain logo

“The design combines kernels of grain in a variety of colours representing the different products offered by All Canadian Grain Inc. Together the kernels form a maple leaf. The colour red was chosen to symbolize Canada. Gold was chosen represent Saskatchewan.”

Designed by Bravo Tango Advertising for All Canadian Grain.

Burnaby Velodrome Club

Burnaby Velodrome Club logo

“Burnaby Velodrome Club is one of only two indoor velodromes in Canada. The stylized b icon is inspired by coloured hardwood strips on the surface of the track.”

Designed by Jonathan Wood for Burnaby Velodrome Club.

Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Canadian Mint logo

“Created using circles of different sizes which represent the different denominations that the Royal Canadian Mint strikes. Those circles were used to make up the maple leaf, a strong symbol of this Canadian institution.”

Designed by Cossette for the Royal Canadian Mint.

The Graphex Awards reception will take place in Edmonton, Alberta in May 2014. Read more about Canada’s biennial national design awards over on the Graphex website.

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10 comments about “Graphex 2013: logos”

  1. I find the Burnaby logo to be very clever. Also a nice colour palette.

  2. I really like the Burnaby logo as well the Canadian grain logo is very nice. I like how the grain ties in how a grain plant would look.

  3. Wow, that Burnaby Velodrome Club logo is sure tasty! Love all of them!

  4. They are all beautiful. The maple leafs are beautiful, the velodrome motive is just as great, but the Sounds Like Architecture idea is absolutely brilliant!

  5. The first thing came to my mind as I saw the “Sounds Like Architecture” logo was the leaning tower of Pisa, so Italy not Canada. Thanks for the share David.

  6. Burnaby! Burnaby! Burnaby!

    Clean, to the point!

  7. Sounds like Architecture is quirky and great! In my opinion the country is irrelevant as it is obvious the designer is referring to architecture.

  8. These are brilliant, especially the first three.

    I would have expected the velodrome logo to be mostly wood colored, though.

    The mint logo is a bit nebulous to me (yes, I get it, but…). And the lettering is a bit of a mess, IMHO.

  9. Mint logo. Love the icon but the text is a complete illegible mess. It’s like one person designed the text and the other the icon and they didn’t talk to each other.

    Velodrome logo is great. Maybe would like to see a version without the gradient shadow but that’s being picky.

    All Canadian Grain just makes sense and is simple.

    I want to love the Architecture/Jazz logo but I just can’t. Maybe if it were for classical music or for a tenors production I could see the connection. The Pisa tower just doesn’t work for me. I would have asked to explore other more relevant structures because the core idea is there.

  10. They all look well executed but the scale really concerns me, none of these will reduce with that amount of detail and fine line.

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