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  1. Firstly, I love your blog!
    Secondly, the simplistic design behind the concept is awesome. After all, as humans we’re drawn to faces, so it’s easy to see how well this will stand out on the shelf.

  2. Will appeal to lots of college girls. Most of them rely on pasta-based diets for convenience.
    Very clever use of a pretty, skinny girl on the package. It undermines the truth about pasta contributing to weight gain, and uses a relatable illustration style that is so common in lifestyle & beauty magazine articles.
    Nice job.

    • The scope could definitely be broadened, Ana. Perhaps switching the box to other colours, or a squid ink cavatappi for a Marouane Fellaini special. I’m not sure I agree about pasta and weight gain, though. Everything in moderation.

  3. Very eye catchIng design and I agree it would appeal to the college girl market – not super appetizing otherwise, however. Definitely a niche product with the white and it being a pretty white girl every time. Diversity would broaden the appeal.

  4. The reason I love this packaging design is that its unlike any other pasta packaging out there – it stands out like a sore thumb. So naturally, I’d expect consumers to notice this more on the supermarket shelf.

    Clean. Well executed. Brilliant.

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