Paper from G . F Smith

The postman brought a nice surprise earlier.

G . F Smith paper samples

G . F Smith paper samples

G . F Smith paper samples

G . F Smith paper samples

“The design of our latest selector reflects the different ways in which people select our papers. In some instances, colour is the primary concern, before material type, texture or weight. However, these priorities are often reversed, making style the key point of reference. So now we give you three modes of paper selection: Select Colour, Select Black+White or Select Range.”

G . F Smith paper samples

G . F Smith paper samples

G . F Smith paper samples

Beautifully designed by London-based SEA, request yours from paper-specialist G . F Smith.

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  1. Beautiful box and paper. You can’t beat a nice bit of print on quality stock.

  2. Thanks for sharing David.

    I am having very covetous thoughts – GF Smith’s entire package embodies the strengths, and elegance, of successful ‘less is more’ design and the power of a well thought out colour palette.

    One thing thought – GF Smith’s logo seems very underplayed. Not such an issue for people who are familiar with the company and own the package but they might be underselling their brand to people whose knowledge of GF Smith is limited to photos in forums, etc.

  3. Wow! They’re a really nice set. Thanks for sharing this David; I love paper samples—especially when they come in well-designed box-sets.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen my post “Colours by GF Smith”? I featured another box set I received a few years back, which is my favourite one.

    I hope you don’t mind dropping the link for you and your readership here: Colours by GF Smith.

  4. I might be wrong, Brian, but from what I’ve seen the abstracted wordmark always appears above text that reads, “Paper from GF Smith.”

    Andrew, I remember that post, and another design by SEA, I think. Don’t mind at all.

  5. Alright, now I really wish I lived in the UK.

    David, have you seen French Paper’s sample books? Very different style, but still well designed.

  6. Otto Climan

    Hi David, what should I write in the sample request mail to have the box in the photos? Are the samples free?

  7. Thanks for sharing David. I have a lot of paper sample books here but these look a cut above… sample request going in this morning!

  8. Swoon. Want.

    Do they smell good?

  9. Are these plain papers? I simply loved the cover and overall packing. I think it is a great box to open in the morning! I think the bestselling author would love to have these papers, It will inspire me more to jolt down rather than typing my thoughts!

  10. Gutted – we run a paperless office, but they do look good!

  11. I had mine delivered by a guy from GF Smith directly, apparently he was “in the area and thought he’d pop in”. Another good presentation of the swatches – I’ve found it easier to use than the last batch – bigger samples as well. His business card was a bit overkill, like a door stop in thickness with at least three different finishes included foil, duplex and embossing!

  12. Emily Raes

    Hi there, were all these samples free? I’m really interested in some for a university brief I’m on at the moment. Thanks. :)

  13. Hello David,
    Just out of curiosity, how did you managed to get this box-set from G F Smith? I’ve gotten their latest swatch book, but sort of wanted the kit that you had received!

  14. I think I asked for this one in particular after seeing it elsewhere.

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