From the reader #7

Land art

Land art. Worth a look. On Kuriositas.

The importance of a good crop. A nice visual demonstration of photo manipulation, and how you can use cropping to improve your photos. On ISO50.

“Instead of doing two jobs at 50%, or four jobs at 25%, just do one job at 100%.”

Do one job properly. Dave Trott on why specialising is the way to go. On Dave Trott’s blog.

Beautiful colour in this 60-second ad for Lurpak Butter (embedded below). Via Creative Review.

Typographic chocolate holiday gifts. Lunch time yet? Via inspire me now.

Uncloaking a slumlord conspiracy with social network analysis. Via Social Design Notes.

The TED imperatives apply to a much wider scope than TED alone. On Seth’s Blog.

New York Magazine logo

If you’re looking for a little design inspiration, have a browse in the work section of Milton Glaser’s new website. Site design outsourced to Ludlow Kingsley.

Mike Dempsey asked, “Who are you designing for? a. Your client. b. Other designers. c. Yourself.” Richard of Ace Jet 170 replied, “None of the above. The customer, of course.”

Eric Karjaluoto kicks-off his 2012 blogging efforts in upbeat fashion by sharing 10 of his favourite “big agency claims, promises, and bits of rhetoric… All of which manage to sound so very impressive, while meaning so astoundingly little.” Read more Bullshit.

Here’s a great video (below) of Herb Lubalin discussing the client requests that occurred when he designed the PBS logo. Via Brand New.

I’ll finish with a solid quote from iA’s Oliver Reichenstein.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have the brain or time or will to learn and think and understand whatever the problem is. That’s what the political and corporate charlatans want you to believe: They want you to be as ignorant as possible.”

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  1. Where in the world can I get chocolate bars with my favorite fonts David? That’s purely amazing and thank you for opening my eyes (and stomach) with that link! Also love Dave Trott’s quote; it makes sense right?

  2. I’m loving the whole ‘From the reader’ series David. Very inspiring.

    Land art absolutely blow me away, I’ve never seen anything like it. Just incredible. The importance of a crop should never be understated and it brought me back to when I was learning the basics at college ;) In terms of Do one job properly, that was a very intriguing interview and got me thinking about perspective and the fact that it’s so easy to fall into one perspective or a certain way of doing things and not even realise it. Good food for thought and the quote said it all.

    Who are you design for? A very good question and I think this links to perspective also – again, something to think about. Bullshit was very good read – they guys passionate. Loved the PBS video. As I mentioned on LDL, I love to see the evolution of logos and it was refreshing to see.

    So much inspiration – and it’s always exciting to see. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great read. I love the nature images, they are a great inspiration, as well as the article from Dave Trott, I think doing one thing 100% applies to designers and developers a lot.

  4. That is so true, Those are such refreshing images! One thing I learned before I became a bestselling author and long before Inc Magazine voted my company as one of the fastest growing companies is an use of such Images surely make you feel fresh and rejuvenated!

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