From the reader #6

Specsavers lettering

How lettering is made for public display (sign-making). On Eye blog, via Khoi Vinh.

Top 15 Music Videos Of 2011, on ISO50.

The Icon Handbook is now available to buy, on The Hickensian. Andy Clarke shared his thoughts.

Puyehue volcano

The Year in Volcanic Activity (broken link removed, 2014), on The Atlantic, via Kottke.

Mikey Burton card stamp

Get your own custom stamp from the Cranky Pressman, on Mikey Burton, via swissmiss.

Coverjunkie’s best magazine covers of 2011, on CR Blog.

Book sculpture

What do you do with books that gather dust? Create book sculptures, via inspire me now.

Stephen Coles shared his favourite font sources.

ink&paper is a lovely short film about the last letterpress and paper shops in Los Angeles, via AisleOne.

Have a brilliant new year, everyone!

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  1. Living in Los Angeles ..the ink and paper video really hit home! I am going to try to spread the news about that video all over the city…it is so important to keep the art of print alive!
    My question is … If by some miracle these guys do not go out of business….who will carry the torch when they are gone? I have made my first purchase of paper and will have my business cards done by Aardvark for sure!!!

  2. Oh by the way…David thank you for another great year! Your blog and your books are my one piece of professional candy in which I indulge daily without fail! (Sort of like reading the Sunday Comics when I was a kid..and trying to develop cartooning skills…lol) All the best to you and yours!

  3. Just thinking how the idea of printing your little snippet of information with a 3/4″ rubber stamp can translate into a digital device. First thing that comes to my mind is a pocket laser device that can engrave a preloaded vector graphic anywhere. Anybody heard of these on the market?

    Happy New Year David :)

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