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Good career advice from Moving Brands’ CEO Matt Heinl.

“I had a great bit of advice early on from a guy which is very blunt: ‘Do what I ask and then do what you want to do; do both and you’ll do well.’ I thought it was interesting, a really good bit of advice. At the end of the day, someone’s asking you to do something, they have more information, nail that. Then, if you have a better idea, bring that to the table. Always do both if you can, and the good people usually do. They usually say, ‘I’ve looked at that and also think we could extend it here.’ Very simple, straightforward.”

Quoted from How to get a job in design, on The Drum.

Paul Rand, Thoughts on Design

Paul Rand’s Thoughts on Design is getting reprinted, with a foreword from Michael Bierut.

Cap Watkins talks about the switch from designer to manager. Antonio Carusone tweeted, “I did the opposite and I love it. Managing for the most part stinks. Getting back to being hands on is so much more rewarding.” I’ve not managed designers, but I can imagine agreeing with Antonio.

Blair Enns, author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto (which is excellent), shared a good story about having confidence in sales situations. Read it here.

“Your social media strategy doesn’t suck because Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs can’t reach people. It sucks because you’re stuffing it with crap that no one is interested in.”

Quoted from this post on The Ad Contrarian.

I like these x-ray GIFs. See how they were created on Cameron’s blog.

Hand guns destroyed
Panama’s police destroyed hundreds of weapons handed over during the first month of the new government.

In Focus photos of the week, on The Atlantic.

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