From the reader #20

The Success of Non-Violent Civil Resistance. Should be required reading for the idiotic minority in my home country.

You design a typeface. You make a font. A little type terminology from Robby Ingebretsen, via @espiekermann.

Macro snowflake

Alexey Kljatov shared his process for shooting some amazing macro snowflake photography. Via Lee Newham.

Cut through the bullshit.

Hong Kong tower block, Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf’s architecture of density project is pretty incredible, showing Hong Kong tower blocks. It makes me appreciate the space I’ve got. Via ISO50.

I can’t remember liking a futon before, but this is a good one.

“With identity design, one needs to think about how a design concept plays out across a system — how to balance variation with consistency, style with function, visual expression with timelessness.”

Quoted from a top interview with Tom Crabtree, on designboom.

Sony’s website is clearly broken. (With a followup.)

Rainbow pencils by Duncan Shotton

Rainbow pencils. Love it!

And a good quote about getting others onside. Via Tina.

“If you want people to think, give them intent, not instruction.”

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  1. I love the rainbow pencil too. It reminds me of the Honda ad, where the hands make/craft a honda product instantly. It’s also good to see that Gifs are “still fashionable” :)

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