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This John Lloyd interview on Designer’s Journal is a good read.

“I think the symbol we created in 1986 for BAA (British Airports) is the most visually satisfying. I still like it for its utter simplicity. The three unadorned triangles constitute a symbol that immediately evokes airport activities and aviation but is clearly not an airline brand.”

A 3-minute documentary on the resurgence of cycling in Athens, directed and edited by Sam Rowland.

Related, the fourth issue of Boat Magazine focuses on the Greek capital.

Hexanine’s Tim Lapetino interviewed Alina Wheeler about her book, Designing Brand Identity.

Lego New York, by 3D artist JR Schmidt. Via @MichaelSurtees.

Lego New York

Copywriter Kim Mok shares good advice on how to write a manifesto. Via @JennyTheolin.

On a more serious note, Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules for good writing. Via @johnmaeda.

“#5 Keep your exclamation points under control. You are allowed no more than two or three per 100,000 words of prose.”

A number of Elmore Leonard’s novels have been adapted as films, including Out of Sight in 1998, Get Shorty in 1995, and Rum Punch (as the 1997 film Jackie Brown).

If you could put any video game into a museum, would it be one of the 14 chosen by MoMA? I don’t know them all, but Tetris and Another World would definitely make my list.

Another World
Photo from The King of Legoland

Louise Kyme, brand and design manager at the British Heart Foundation, shares ten pieces of advice about being a good client, and getting the best from a creative agency. On Design Week.

Removal of design from school curriculum is “insanity” — Neville Brody interviewed by dezeen.

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