From the reader #11

Herb Lubalin monograph

Unit Editions’ monograph of the legendary Herb Lubalin is available to pre-order.

Colour scheme inspiration on Abstruckt, “details of semi-truck graphics.” Via @howells.

Translucent ants

Translucent ants eating coloured sugar. How about that? Via Fabian Moore.

Nike logo concept

The portfolio of Wolff Olins’ Mike Abbink is worth a look. There’s a great interview with Mike in the Branding issue of the Computer Arts Collection (but you’ll need to buy an issue to read it).

Dave Gorman’s I See Faces Flickr gallery made me smile, too, David.

You’ll soon see IKEA’s UPPLEVA in a store near you. Furniture evolving. Via swissmiss.

Creative Review’s roundup of the Vimeo Award Winners 2012 had me watching Dark Side of the Lens — stunning cinematography from the swells of the seas.

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  1. The ant photo is really impressive. I’d love to know how the author got the idea for it.

  2. Really enjoyed watching Dark Side of the Sea so thanks for sharing it.
    Completely inspiring and visually captivating.
    (as is your own work)

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