From the reader #11

Herb Lubalin monograph

Unit Editions’ monograph of the legendary Herb Lubalin is available to pre-order.

Colour scheme inspiration on Abstruckt, “details of semi-truck graphics.” Via @howells.

Translucent ants

Translucent ants eating coloured sugar. How about that? Via Fabian Moore.

Nike logo concept

The portfolio of Wolff Olins’ Mike Abbink is worth a look. There’s a great interview with Mike in the Branding issue of the Computer Arts Collection (but you’ll need to buy an issue to read it).

Dave Gorman’s I See Faces Flickr gallery made me smile, too, David.

You’ll soon see IKEA’s UPPLEVA in a store near you. Furniture evolving. Via swissmiss.

Creative Review’s roundup of the Vimeo Award Winners 2012 had me watching Dark Side of the Lens — stunning cinematography from the swells of the seas.

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  1. Really enjoyed watching Dark Side of the Sea, so thanks for sharing it.
    Completely inspiring and visually captivating.
    (as is your own work)

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