How to package elastic bands

Design student Ric Bixter came up with this idea for elastic band packaging.

Elastic band packaging

The design brief was to “Go into a pound shop and pick a seemingly uninteresting object and rebrand it, increasing the value and interest.”

Elastic band packaging

The stronger the band, the more the box is squeezed. Brilliant.

Elastic band packaging

Elastic band packaging

Ric Bixter is a 2nd year design student at UCLan (University of Central Lancashire). He’s hoping to move to London in September for a year in the profession. Catch him on Twitter @fellbridge.

Back in June he tweeted, “Designing the packaging for elastic bands turns out to be really hard.”

Perseverance paid off.

All the very best with your studies and upcoming move, Ric.

Via @BlairThomson of Believe in.

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  1. Natashya

    Excellent work Ric – and great blog post. I love seeing stuff like this – a little bit of attitude, a whole lot of ingenuity and a smidgen of sarcasm!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful idea. So creative, and beautifully carried out. I love the typography and the way it flawlessly bends with the packaging.

  3. Wow! Amazing concept; I love it when packaging suits the product.

    I recommend taking a look at what Lee Jeans produced by the way of a shopping bag:

  4. Very nice, great to see such a nice idea so beautifully done.

  5. What a great way to promote such a boring item. Very innovative and the packaging has been designed in such a way that even if I didn’t need elastic bands I would want to buy some. Certainly a designer to keep an eye on in the future. Great Work.

  6. Great concept and execution! I love the way the product markets itself.

  7. This design is so clever! Fun to look at and well articulated. Nice to see function and art collide in something as mundane as a rubber band! Well done.

  8. Love the packing fo sho! Very creative

  9. Really nice idea both conceptually and in the execution, it certainly adds value to the humble rubber band.

  10. It’s a very clever idea. It took something that no one would ever even notice and turned it into something that I’d really like to have on my desk.

    The decision to put a rubber band on the outside of the box is what really makes it stand out. Very clever.

  11. what a brillant idea. love it!

  12. Love the idea and great simplistic design. Logistics of placing the rubber band a potential issue.

  13. You make me want to buy the elastic bands. Which I don’t even need. And which my cat will probably eat. But I still want to buy the elastic bands…

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