Early feedback

There’s been some excellent early feedback about Work for Money, Design for Love, testament to the work and experience of the contributors.

Work for Money, Design for Love
Photo by the lovely Shauna Haider

Here’s a snippet.

“I established my firm in 2004, after 20 years of experience with some of the most highly regarded brand identity firms. I wish David had written this book ten years ago.”

Excerpted from Amazon.com.

“If you’re full of burning questions on how to make your design business work and looking for insights on how many of the pros do it, this book is for you.”

Excerpted from Nubby Twiglet.

“Straight to the top of our reading list.”

From Moving Brands on Twitter.

“I’ve added this book to the required reading list for my students, and I thoroughly recommend that you read it, too.”

Excerpted from Amazon.co.uk.

And here’s a little linkage as a tiny token of appreciation to those who’ve added Amazon reviews.

Karishma Kasabia, Tom Actman, Jerry Kuyper, Nancy Wu, Grace Oris, Sheena Oosten, Andrea Austoni, Ian Vadas, Tom Berne, Richard Knobbs, Andrew Kelsall, Con Kennedy, Chris Harrison, and Rahat (and Nester and Dana, too).

You’re all eligible for a complimentary drink at my local.

Lots of you have been publishing blog posts, too. I’ll link to those through a press page on the book’s website. Massive thanks.

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18 responses

  1. I got the book for Xmas. It’s a brilliant read for anyone running or thinking of starting a design business. Highly recommended.

  2. I pre-ordered it and read through it as soon as I got it. It’s probably the most useful book on “stuff you don’t learn in design school” I’ve ever read.

    By the way, if I leave a amazon review, instead of a complimentary drink, can you add my name on this post linking to my blog? (Maybe I’m pushing it to far ;)

  3. This book is the best source of information I have come across for designers, as it is so practical and answers so many questions! I am sure that I personally will be referring back to it for many years to come.
    Thank you for taking the time to produce this, it should be a must read for any designer!

  4. I pre-ordered the book and gave it to myself for Christmas. I love this book as it makes me think that maybe I can stop spending all my time thinking about being a designer and just start. So far I have transferred my blog to a self-hosted site and registered my domain name in Australia (as per David’s advice). I feel like I am actually doing something and getting somewhere.

    Also, I love the look of the book. The beautiful simple cover is perfect for the contents. Well done, and thank you for writing this book.

  5. I have just taken quite a big risk moving to Norway to set up as a freelancer again after 2 years teaching design and working on the side for myself.

    Just before I left in January I ordered a copy of the book. Based on the hours I’ve spent reading through the blog I assumed the book would be just as inspiring, insightful and reassuring, and I was not let down. This book has given me the confidence and the extra knowledge needed to fill various gaps in my working experience over the last 8 years. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been freelance before and wished for a book like this, now as the moon and the stars and the mountains have aligned it’s arrived! ha

    By far the best book for anyone about to or currently on an independent design path!

  6. Good on you, Margaret. As you’ll see, I’ve covered a few of these in the book, but just in case you’ve not read it, here are some lessons I learned after using WordPress for a year or two: Seven blog mistakes to avoid. It’s from back in 2007, but I still back in up.

    Deepak, tThomas, Matt, thank you very much.

    Jeffrey, what a superb testimonial! I hope everything’s going brilliantly for you in Norway.

  7. Definitely going to buy this book and have a good read through it no doubt it will have some great advice.

    Any suggestions as to the best place to get it from, was thinking Amazon?

  8. I preordered your book and read it within 2 days after I got it. It was simply great and amazing. Since I have read it I have recommended it to everyone one of my fellow design friends and I plan on reading it multiple times in the future. It is almost like an encyclopedia for those who want to or are doing freelance work as well as those working in their own studios.

  9. Thanks for the great book! Just started my design business in January 2013. Your book helped me with structuring my business and gave great insight in how to run it. I continually go back to it for refreshment.

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