Focus on art: Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti pencils

The intricate magic of pencil lead sculptor Dalton Ghetti. He’s been featured on a lot of blogs and website, as I found out with a quick Google search, but having just seen his work for the first time today, I thought it worth sharing.

Dalton Ghetti pencils

“At school I would carve a friend’s name into the wood of a pencil and then give it to them as a present. Later, when I got into sculpture, I would make these huge pieces from things like wood, but decided I wanted to challenge myself by trying to make things as small as possible.”

Dalton Ghetti pencils

Dalton Ghetti pencils

Dalton Ghetti pencils

Dalton Ghetti pencils

More of an insight on Vimeo: Pencil artist Dalton Ghetti (embedded below).

In 2002 Dalton Ghetti began working on a memorial project for 9/11 where each person who died is represented by a tiny graphite teardrop about the size of a grain of rice. The Connecticut-based sculptor has been carving one teardrop per day, and when he finishes he’ll glue the drops to a white background to form a larger teardrop.

Dalton Ghetti, on Facebook
Finding the Art in a Pencil Tip, on

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  1. These are amazing. I pride myself on being able to sharpen a pencil correctly but this is something else.

    Also interesting is the way the graphite colours and affects the wood grain and taper which I think also adds the to the whole effect.

    Bit of a killer when the lead breaks though!

  2. Wow, truly incredible. I often wonder how these people come up with such artistic concepts and have so much respect for the amount of care and attention to detail their work entails.

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