Creative resources 07 April 2008

Lovely as a Tree

Lovely as a Tree – “the website that tells you everything you need to know to be a more environmentally aware graphic designer.” Any website that promotes environmental issues is good in my book. Tailor it specifically for the graphic design industry and I’m even more interested. Lovely as a Tree covers aspects such as choosing paper, choosing a printer and how to help in the office.

typography resources

Steven at Vandelay Design brings us yet another excellent link collection. This time for typography resources.


Are you printing large format? Read this first. Lauren at Creative Curio brings us a fantastic insight of large scale printing, and offers tips for preparing artwork. She discusses file resolution, formats, scaling and photographs. Superb.


Eric of ideasonideas presents six suggestions that can make you a better designer. Topics of note include finding the problem, not being so smart, ‘sorta’ stealing, and setting the bar higher. Definitely worth a read. Oh, and if you touch Eric, he’ll take you home! I’ll pass. ;)

Noisy Decent Graphics

A guest writer on Noisy Decent Graphics put forth a plea for help. They work in a small design studio, attached to a charity, using PCs as opposed to Apple Macs. Their request went like this:

“What I need your help with is some quality, compelling, and hopefully financially beneficial arguments as to why this small part the organisation NEEDS to switch to Macs.”

An interesting discussion followed, in particular, those comments from ‘mave’, rightly stating how the Mac versus PC debate is incredibly outdated. Macs are nice, no denying it, but design doesn’t need to be nice. It needs to work. Great design was around long before computers.

Aaron Russell

Today marks the official launch of Aaron Russell’s new design website. I’ve been friends with Aaron since first learning of his miLienzo blog. Some of his new blog articles include: 25 inspirational design and creativity blogs, choosing the right print process: lithographic or digital, and five highly recommended web design forums. Best of luck, Aaron.

Mark Boulton

Starting your own business? (Broken link removed, 2014.) Mark Boulton publishes another superb article with advice for those going it alone. Mark talks about why to do it in the first place, what to include in your business plan, where you can get help and how to manage your accounts.


Does packaging design interest you? If so, you’ll love The Dieline – the self-professed leading package design blog. I’m unaware of any better.

If you have resources to share, leave a comment or send an email.

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  1. A great read and thanks for the info. Spent quite a bit of timing browsing through the links and found a lot of other ifo that will be useful to me. I guess that is why they call it crawling. Thanks For the Read!

  2. Thanks for the multi-links, David. Due to the support you and few others have shown I’ve had a really successful first day with some decent traffic. Long may it continue.

  3. Hi David.
    Another great topic. I have been reading your blog for a while now and it’s an amazing source of help and inspiration. Thanks for it and keep it up the good work.

  4. You’re all very welcome. It’s always great to learn you’re interested in what I’ve offered up.


    Eric really knows the business, definitely, and it was a pleasure to feature you here amongst the other resources.


    Perhaps you can use miLienzo to keep us updated on the progress? Maybe you can just do that on the new site, but the thought had crossed my mind (to update people of the Logo Design Love progress here on, keeping the newer site specifically for logos, and not stats).

    Either way, glad to know the first day was a success, and indeed, long may it continue!

  5. Thanks for the link to Creative Curio about preparing for large scale printing, some great tips.

    I like the website from aaronrussell, color usage, fonts, although the frontpage looks a bit like

  6. One of my favorite’s is, it’s got user uploads of photos, design work, etc. My favorite part of the site is that you can navigate via keyboard. Just a warning though, you could be there all day and get overloaded!

  7. Excellent stuff, shall have to come back and add a few more for you from my bookmarks at work. Thanks.

  8. I like the first one. Since it is close to Earth Day, that’s my 1st choice. :) Thanks for sharing a very useful list.

    Off topic: David, which box do you use? PC or Mac? :D Or both?

  9. Fubiz, Sander, Brian, Johno, DeeDubya,

    I’m very glad you liked the resources.


    I just found out about recently, and ended up spending longer than I should’ve browsing the archives! The DieLine is a great blog for packaging design. Definitely.


    Currently on a PC. I use both, but moreso a PC, mainly because they were used in the previous jobs I held before going self-employed.

  10. Thanks in particular for the tip about Lovely As A Tree – the collection of information and resources there will be valuable for on-going reference. Last year I spent some time tracking down and getting quotes from FSC-accredited printers using environmentally friendly printing processes, and I was surprised and impressed to find that their quotes on the whole were very competitive – and in some cases cheaper – when compared with the more traditional printers I approached.

    For Australians looking for a green printer, is a handy directory.

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