Creative news 28 February 2008

Logo Design Love Awards

Logo Design Love Awards DEADLINE 01 March 2008

The deadline for your free entry into the Logo Design Love Awards is less than 48 hours away. If you have a blog with a logo, or if you know of a great blog logo you’d like to enter on someone else’s behalf, head on over and submit your free entry.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air user review at Design Adaptations

Undecided about buying the new MacBook Air? I’d recommend reading Charity’s personal review on the Design Adaptations website.

graphic design poster

Veerle announces the winners of her What is Graphic Design? poster competition

Veerle recently held a poster competition for her readers, where entrants were required to create designs based upon, “What is Graphic Design?”. Certainly worth a look at what her creative community offered up.

Tutorial Blog

20 Resources for Freelancers from Tutorial Blog

Oli, of Tutorial Blog, kindly pieced together 20 resources for those freelancers out there, most of which I wasn’t familiar with.

70 logo design resources

70 of the best logo design resources

Head on over to my other blog for some excellent logo design resources. If you’re at all interested in the craft, you’ll not be disappointed.

Rating Burner

Rating Burner lists blogs according to subscriber count

Do you wonder what the most popular blogs are according to RSS subscriber counts? Rating Burner provides a neat list for those who do. Not a flashy site, by any stretch of the imagination, and not quite finished from the looks of it, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Daily Blog Tips

10 Things That Bloggers Tend to Forget, But Shouldn’t!

What was it I was supposed to do again? Daniel at Daily Blog Tips reminds us that you have to stay on your toes in this blogging game.

you thought we wouldn't notice

You thought we wouldn’t notice…

‘You thought we wouldn’t notice’ is a site dedicated to pointing out those thing’s that give you that feeling of “haven’t l seen that somewhere before?” It’s an open blog where anyone can post their story. Not so ‘new’, with 195 posts at the time of writing, but certainly worth a mention.

Quick reminder

That’s right, less than 48 hours to enter the Logo Design Love Awards. There’s no charge, it takes two minutes of your time, and could bring you, or your favourite blog logo, some much deserved recognition.

Have you entered?

7 responses

  1. Rating Burner seems pretty interesting. I believe that its about time that users opinion has credibility in terms of web site rankings. RSS count is certainly related to user opinion of a web site. I’m checking that out. Thanks


  2. Travis,

    I agree. There are many dubious factors used to rank websites / blogs, but few so foolproof as subscriber count.


    Travis’ comment was lonely for quite some time. Thanks for keeping it company.


    That’s great. I also found a few previously unknown blogs through Rating Burner.


    Glad you like. Cheers.

  3. HEY, i was swimming a little on the internet (just like any other job day) , and i founded this site … tremendous let me say!!!!!. . . i recently graduated on “information design” name that changed years ago instead of graphic desing.. (don´t ask me why =)) …

    the point is that .. i really enjoy reading everything you´ve wrote because its really useful specially when you are recently graduated and have to speak with the client and you need to convince him about the work you do.
    Here in México there´s absolutely no culture of design. Most people in this country believe that a graphic designer do only drawings and make things beautiful, and certainly we do, but we do much more than make things pretty. Unfortunately here, invest on a design is a luxury, and sometimes you have to let jobs go ´cause like you said, we have to give the value to our work.

    Well, i love your blog and i´d been reading while i was workin´all DAY!.. Congrats.. its great..!


    P.D. sorry about my english …

  4. Wow, thanks for the heads up on Ratings Burner. I have never heard of it, but have it bookmarked now. Also, people could keep saying nagative things about the MacBook Air, and I will still covet it. Sorry, but I want one!!!!

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