Cool business card designs

Four Seasons business card

Some nice business card inspiration in this Flickr set from dailypoetics (584 different cards at the time of writing).

Here are a few that stood out.

Anni Kuan business card

Anni Kuan business card

Dave and Alex Show business card

Burnt corner business card

Richard E. Smith business card

Studios business card

Visual Dialogue business card

Super Capacity business card

Super Capacity business card

David Airey business card design

The last image is my card. I published a brief post with details of the finish and printers.

Business card designs elsewhere

From the examples in this post, I particularly enjoy the card with the burnt corner, and also the ticket idea for The Dave And Alex Show. How about you?

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  1. Hi David,

    Looks like fancy business cards is in the wind these days.

    As I mentioned over at Aaron’s blog, your target audience has to be clearly defined. Somewhere on that list you’ll find a clothes peg with burnt-in text. If you want to attract investors, lawyers or property management businesses e.g, you would probably be better off with something more conventional. Yeah, it is a shame that some industries seems to ignore creativity, but a clothes peg business card will not make them change their minds.

    Like with every other aspect or discipline of design, it’s all about the user.

    It is also a fact that creativity needs restrictions, and a set format is a perfectly fine restriction to work within. There are lots of other things to do before you need to go outside the conventional format of a business card. Paper mirrors, holes, burns, illusions, different materials, mixed materials, bevels, cut-outs etc.

    Like you mentioned, the one with the burnt corner is a great one. Incredibly clever, still conventional in format and material. I also love both the Four Seasons one and Visual Dialogue one.

    If you, however, are trying to attract art movie creators, designers or people from other creative disciplines, you might consider going further in order to make a strong impact.

  2. These all look really cool, but I’ve heard that money spent on expensive, elaborate business cards is wasted. Any truth to that based on your experience?

  3. These are all amazing designs indeed, but we have to consider that some of them if not all have a more or less generous budget behind their creation.

    Nevertheless the ideas were VERY good and exciting, thank you for sharing David.

  4. Asgeir, you’re right about the target audience. I didn’t include the clothes peg in my favourites because it obviously doesn’t work as a card. Your card needs to fit inside a wallet or holder, not sit uncomfortably in your pocket.

    Mark, you don’t need to spend a fortune for an original, quality card. Take the one above with the burnt corner — you can do that yourself. According to Alison, the woman behind Super Capacity, her card (above) cost around $250.

    Check out the business card for Wigan Little Theatre. It’s a great idea that actually saved the company money per card.

  5. Great find. Love the SuperCapacity card.
    You still accepting business card submissions? I’m sure you posted re that before(?)

  6. This is the card I use in Japan – the content will be amended soon.

    Card is the same on the reverse, only flipped vertically.

  7. Just a thought on business cards in general. I think business cards now serve a different purpose. Before the Internet, a business card was mostly a “contact details” card. These days, with everyone a few clicks away, I think the business card has taken on a new role: simply as a promotional item; and that, I believe, is a good thing because it opens up business card design… feeling a little tired, so hope that makes sense.

  8. Johno, I don’t think showing your card has worked. Let me know if I can be of any help.

    For me, the change of cards puts less emphasis on the physical location of a business and more on the online presence. Take my card — I don’t show my address, just the telephone number, email and web address. I’m a fan of keeping things simple.

    Jamie, I haven’t been inside Urban Angel, but I’ll stop in and pick up some inspiration next time I’m going past. I like how you can scroll across Edinburgh on their website.

  9. David have you seen the Edinburgh Cafe / Deli Urban Angel business card. I was in for lunch the other day and stole two because I liked it that much! I also quite like their new website which is very similar to the business card.


  10. Yes, the telephone number is an intentional omission. I used to have my telephone number on the card, but I now live in Japan, and my customers from Europe and the US would telephone me at 4am. Also, I’m not comfortable meeting potential clients on the phone – just a personal thing.

    I like how you’ve cut away the corner on your card; a simple touch like this, not only reinforces that whole curvy feel but, helps to (physically) make your card stand out from the pile.

  11. btw, johno, your bus. card is very bold and striking – nice work with bleeds :-)
    I too don’t specify the physical address on my bus.card, only the phone, email and www.

    I wonder how many people add their blog’s URL to the business card, if any?

  12. I love it when they use Helvetica!

    Nice avatar johno ;)

    About the cards, I really like how the burnt one works so well but I’m not sure what Super Capacity is trying to tell us.. also not sure if it would be easily scanned!?

  13. I like the Visual Dialogue card, great design, a little different but still a business card.
    The ones that are too different, like the peg or scratch and reveal ones, I believe end up being thrown out.

  14. I agreed with Asgeir that “There are lots of other things to do before you need to go outside the conventional format of a business card”.

    I see business card more than providing contact information. I consider it as am important and essential branding, advertising and sales tool. My mirror-image logo, the Shirro Iridescent Gold paper, metallic brown and silver ink plus matt vanish eludes the impression I wanted. Unique, classy and premium. Most people I met used these keywords too, which is exactly what I wanted. Usually, I would seize the opportunity to share with willing listeners on the importance of branding, advertising, design and production. Quite often, the conversation ended with an invitation to look at their company’s marketing collaterial. Well, I just open an opportunity to get a new client.

  15. A great set of examples. I have one of the Super Capacity cards and it’s one of my faves. It’s flexible and “machine washable” actually. If you visit the site, you’ll see it’s branded around the idea of laundry – so this may give a little more insight into how the card came about.

    Going through a rebrand for my own company currently I’m definitely keen on doing something different with the business cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I guess I’m a day late on this comment. Nice links to some great business card resources. I love the Anni Kuan b. card. I’ve seen it before in one of those b. card books by Rockport.

    Here’s my new design for my b. card if you’re interested. They still need to be printed though. *Phone # changed for obvious reasons.

  17. Vivienne, is it possible to give us a look?

    Lorissa, thanks for the insight. It’d be great if you were to keep me updated on your rebranding.

    PG, Rockport publishes some excellent titles for inspiration. I have a few. Your card hasn’t shown for some reason. Let me know if I can help out as I’d like to see.

  18. Hi David. I guess the thumbnail code from ImageShack doesn’t work on here. So here’s a direct link to my b. cards as the image is more than 400px wide.

  19. David,

    The die cut is just a continuation of that same shape I have on my website. I’m just trying to tie everything together, color scheme and all.

    I dunno how many of your readers are designers, but it’d be cool to see business cards, logos, etc. from everyone :)

  20. Nice card. I’m a big fan of that blue(?)
    Would be great to see More cards. If I remember, I’ll ask people on my blog to submit their cards to this post.

  21. Hi David and johno. Imaginary Systems was the name of my previous venture and I designed the cards back in 2004. It was printed between 2 plastic laminates.

    By the way, Brian Ling’s my client and also a friend. I designed his site but he ‘s not involved in AEN DIRECT creative work.

    That’s about it. Like David said, I also prefer a minimalistic approach and avoid clutter and over-stylized design. I particularly like simple white and black japanese cards like these.
    card 1
    card 2

    IMO, the Japanese language allows for good typography. A simple cards given with sincerity speaks more than a fancy one.

    This is my latest card.
    latest card

  22. PG,

    I see you’ve used your logo’s background on your business cards. Have you printed them yet? If yes, how did it turn out? Who was your printer?

    The abnormal size, die cut, pocket for your business card – the printing cost must be huge? How much did u pay to print those babies?

    Btw slick design.

  23. Hi David,
    Your designs are pretty impressive, but I noticed the design orientation towards media and like wise professionals. I work in Dubai as a Business Development Manager for a Recruitment Firm. The firm is traditional and conservative, but the way of working is now being adapted to the European / Western way. They have been using white background with letters in Red Green Blue.

    I have seen a lot of ideas on your website, out of which I thought Supercapapcity card was the best.

    Do you have designs that would portray the company as that which change and develop with coming times without losing the deep rooted tradition.

  24. Great designs indeed!
    I recently saw a visiting card with metal logo pasted on it, it was real nice, i think its same technology used for making watch dials, any of you know the name of technology? am finding this from so many days but no luck so far

  25. Hi David.

    I’m busy finishing my book “Crea-Art” and needed some inspiration. Your cards looks absolutely fantastic!! Take a compliment from a young designer with alot of experience! Just so sad that some very important businesses holds on to the plain type and white paper with nothing but seriousness being communicated and nobody can relate to that…probably why its forgotten in their pockets and ends up in the washing! There’s nothing wrong with putting a smile on a business man’s face!

    Well done!!!

  26. Hi everyone,

    does anyone know a company that produces stretchy business cards? Or knows the material used for it?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    Carolyn :-)

  27. I am both a Pharmacist and an Interior Designer and would like to design a cool buisness card to reflect both. Can you advise me how to go about this. should I have two separate ones or a single card

    Kind regards


  28. Thanks Heather.


    My initial thought is that you should have two separate cards. Both professions are very different, and it might project a stronger image if you have them standing alone. Better to come across as a specialist, rather than a jack-of-all-trades. Even though you’re a specialist in both, not everyone will appreciate that fact.

  29. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where can I get business cards like the one from supercapacity. Does anyone have a website from the company that made that card?.


  30. Hello David,
    I really enjoy your work. I am a painter, and thinking about designing my own card. I really like you cards. Could you help me or give me some advice?

  31. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m working on new business cards now for my clothing company. Wanted to do something simple but effective. Our logo is a butterfly with antlers so I thought about doing a card like the visual dialogue card with a cut out of our logo so it would be more like a stencil too since our designs are more urban and art influenced. Havent found places that do cut outs in cards, seems like its all about cutting the cards in others shapes. Do you have any ideas on where i can get this done or anything?

  32. Jon,

    If a commercial printer you approach doesn’t offer custom die-cuts, as they for recommenations. I’m sure they’d be happy to help you out.


    I like your simplistic approach, and I also show a minimal amount of info on my cards. Where did you get your cards printed? Were you happy with the service? I’ve had people ask me about translucent plastic.

  33. Thanks David. I got them printed at a local printer in Singapore. They also provide the plastic material. The cards were silkscreen printed and quality is top notch. I’m very happy with the service.

    It’s close to 300+ USD for a 1 color print and 100+ for each additional color, excluding shipping.

  34. Good of you to answer, Aen. If you’re Singapore printer has a website, I’d appreciate the link. If not, no worries. Not sure about the price, as you didn’t mention how many cards were printed, but thanks for getting back to me.

  35. They don’t have a website. I got the contact through a friend in another design agency. Send me an email I’ll reply you with the contact.

    The minimum quantity is 1000 pieces. So my cards are about 0.45 SGD per piece.

  36. i really enjoyed your business cards..i am tryin to come up with ideas for my own business card..i am lookin for graphic designer ideas..

  37. Can anyone tell me where someone may go to get cards made like this?

    I’m looking to create a card that looks like a miniature clapper slate. The top part will be hinged and will be able to move. So far, the most I’ve been able to find is a printer that does die cutting and shiny ink, but nothing like any of these fancy cards you see online.


  38. These all look great but, I really do question their worth. As soon as I get a business card, I scan it and the contact into my outlook and throw it in the bin. The 4000-5000 odd contacts I have are far too much to physically sort.
    If I get a fancy design that my card scanner cannot read, (eg cards with holes) I tend to throw it out without spending the time to type everything in. I know I am not alone in these practices, so the benefits of having a stunning card really depends on your business type and marketing model.

  39. This is a nice set of business cards! Do you know where I might acquire cards like the Richard E. Smith one?

  40. Nice business card David!
    Being a fan of minimalistic designs, i like how the interesting point of your card is concentrated on the logo and the unusual shape. Dailypoetics does have great business card designs. I have some of them featured on my blog. I hope you wont mind me posting about yours too. (send me a more HQ photo if you want)


  41. Hi David,
    I still have your page in my fvts.
    Recently I developed Metal business card for jewellery exhibition made through photoetching technology for layman you can say its laser cut but its not , Its a chemical etching process, that what i sell
    Here is the link
    waiting for your feedback
    yes we can get these card made through our customers worldwide who are using this technology

  42. Hi! I saw the metal business cards of Ajay. Original!
    Can I show my last metal (stainless steel) business cards?
    My company is making some experiments with steel, anodized aluminium, carbonio, and other materials… We need find an unique and special business card.
    When we’ll be ready, I’ll post here the news!
    Here the photo of metal steel business cards:
    Here you can see all prototypes of aluminium, anodized aluminium, stainless steel…

  43. Nicely done, Oguz. I like how the back runs nicely in line with the front. I hope they help bring you plenty of new business.

    That looks like an incredibly delicate job there, Daniela. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best with yours, too, Ajay.

  44. Hey David,

    We are working towards opening up a gardening & lawn mowing business. Therefore we need business cards :)

    I have been looking at your business card that sprout and its safe to say that I’m in love!!

    So back to the point, do you do personalised business cards to sell or not? I really hope so!!

  45. Hi Teigan, I’ve recently stopped taking on new work in order to focus on writing my second book, but I think you’re looking for a different designer anyway. I haven’t created a card that sprouts. I think I know the one you’re talking about, but it wasn’t me. Sorry.

  46. Loving the designs of your cards.

    I’m looking for some similar ones that I could use for my jewellery business.

    I know a lot could easily be used, but wondering if any commenters had some jewellery specific designs?


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