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The free chapter from Logo Design Love has been downloaded more than 50,000 times, so I thought it’d be good to offer a freebie from Work for Money, Design for Love.

Work for Money, Design for Love

And just like last time, rather than choose one myself, you’re welcome to decide.

Chapter titles and sub-sections are shown in the contents pages (PDF 40kb).

Here’s a quick view of the titles on their own.

  1. Essential traits
  2. Never stop learning
  3. Find your niche
  4. Pros and cons of self-employment
  5. Work direct or be a subcontractor?
  6. Planning for success
  7. Brand naming
  8. Designing your brand identity
  9. Working from home versus renting space
  10. Launching your online presence
  11. Marketing yourself and finding good clients
  12. Why bigger business isn’t always better
  13. Legalities, integrity, and morality
  14. Choose clients wisely
  15. Handling the client approach
  16. Pricing your work
  17. Terms and conditions
  18. How to best present your work
  19. The mentors speak
  20. A future without clients
  21. Keep the fire burning
  22. Resources

The book’s website shows who contributed where, and also holds an expanded resource section.

If you leave a comment with your chapter choice I’ll create a free PDF for the most popular.

Update: 13 December 2012

The free chapter is available when you join the mailing list.

And you’ll find links to a few other chapter excerpts here:
It’s not always about the money

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  1. I’m eager to read the whole book, but if I could choose a free chapter, I would go for chapter 21 ‘Keep the fire burning’!

  2. The free chapter from the first book was perfect. It’s really the essential chapter for anyone wanting to know the essence of creating an ID for non-designers. It’s essential reading for my students.

    I just ordered this one as a self xmas pressy so I’ll be better able to judge once I get it.

    Just from the titles, I’ll go for “Pricing your work”. Many (young) people end up doing work for silly money because no one ever helped them understand how to value their efforts.

  3. Hard to choose, but I’ll agree with David Brown.
    “Pricing your work” is my vote.

  4. Sara Manela

    Either #3: Find your niche, or #11: marketing yourself and finding good clients. But they all look intriguing!

  5. I would love to read the chapter 16: Pricing your work. ;)

  6. Hi,
    There are so many chapters I’d love to have…might have to just buy the book :P

    But I think the “Pricing your work” chapter would be the most helpful. When I was starting out it was the hardest (and still is) part of freelancing.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for this offer. Still difficult to ask for fitting rewards for the work so chapter 16, “Pricing your work” is my choice.


  8. Graham Irwin

    Looking forward to getting this for Christmas, but a free chapter would tide me over nicely in the meantime… I would opt for “Planning for Success”!

  9. I’d like read chapter 9 “Working from home versus renting space”

  10. 19. The mentors speak!

    What’s more valuable than that? :)

  11. It is so generous of you to share a free chapter with everyone, David.

    I’ve read a lot about pricing so this time I’d go for chapter 8, “Designing your brand identity”. By the way, I wonder if there’s a blog post about your current logo or how you brand yourself because I can’t seem to find it.


  12. Hi,

    First of all, cool idea to do this! Secondly, after reading “Logo Design Love”, I will be picking up the full book of this, no matter which chapter you release a PDF of.

    I’m going to vote for “Pricing your work”. Out of all the book’s chapters, I think that this is the one which I would like to know the most about. Especially since I have no real experience with it as of yet.

    Thanks for being such a cool guy,

  13. “Pricing your work” gets my vote.

  14. Hard choice, but 15. Handling the client approach.

  15. I loved your first book, and I will have to get a hard copy of this in the future. But, I would love to read: “Marketing yourself and finding good clients” for now.


  16. #1 choice: Essential traits
    #2 choice: Never stop learning

  17. Pricing your work would be an interesting chapter! :) Thank you! Like others I am looking forward to receiving the whole book as an xmas pressie :)

  18. Hey sounds like a great book – am keen to read: Marketing yourself and finding good clients

  19. Chapter 11 please!

  20. Jess Bird

    11 – Marketing yourself and finding good clients

    This would be so helpful to me about starting up, but then I’m sure they all would be!

  21. Find your niche — As a recent grad, I have yet to zero in on a particular medium/type of client. Advice on this would be helpful!

  22. “Pricing your Work” for sure…looking forward to reading the whole thing!

  23. 14. Choose clients wisely

    I’ve had my fingers burnt too many times.

  24. Hi David!

    11. Marketing yourself and finding good clients


  25. 16 Pricing your work

  26. My first choice would be: “Marketing yourself and finding good clients”, it’d be interesting to see your take on it. Nothing is as motivating, and conducive to good work, as finding the good clients.

    Second choice would be: “Terms and conditions”, they help keep you sane and productive, the client happy and their investment worthwhile.

  27. Very excited for this book! I would love to get chapter 16. Pricing your work for free.

  28. Chapter 11: Marketing yourself and finding good clients.

    Looking forward to reading the whole book!

  29. Hi i am saidoe,
    Always love your articles, I am interested in titles below,

    6 – Planning for success
    15 – Handling the client approach
    18 – How to best present your work

    Thanks you for awesome, precious blog.
    saidoe, Burmese Designer

  30. Already bought the book, but it’s not here yet so lets go with #18.

  31. victorious

    #2 Never stop learning
    #16 Pricing your work

  32. 11. marketing and finding good clients
    I’ll probably end up buying this since I love reading your blog so much.

  33. Hi Mr. David,

    I’d like to read the chapter 16 pricing your work or maybe designing your brand identity which is chapter 8


  34. I would love to read Pricing Your Work.

    Thank you.

  35. First choice: #8 Designing your brand identity
    Second Choice: #11 Marketing yourself and finding good clients

  36. Designing your brand identity


  37. I’d love to read Chapter 8, Designing your brand identity.


  38. darryl brocklesby

    I would like to know the best way of giving people and myself some worth.

  39. I’m curious about 8. As a designer, you are usually your own worst client. I’d like to know how to focus and stick with a design.

  40. David,
    I would say that chapter 6 (Planning for success) would be a great chapter to read. It really doesn’t matter to me because I’m buying the book, but it’s a step I think many good designers fail to take seriously and subsequently, they plan to fail.

  41. Wakasaki

    Great idea! Chapter 8, Designing your brand identity seems interesting!

  42. Choose Your Clients Wisely — thanks for offering the pdf!

  43. luan nguyen

    I would love to get chapter 16 ( pricing your work)
    thanks! :)

  44. I would love to sneak a peak at Chapter 11. Marketing yourself and finding good clients! Can’t wait to read the whole book!

  45. 8. Designing your brand identity.

  46. I would love to read the whole book, but for the free chapter my choice is 16 Pricing your work. Thanks!

  47. I think that would be great, specially these days… “Marketing yourself and finding good clients”
    Thanks David!

  48. “Pricing your work,” one of the hardest things to do as a graphic designer.

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