International Year of Chemistry

It’s the International Year of Chemistry, and graphic designer Simon C Page (previously featured for his Year of Astronomy posters) has created a set of ten promotional poster designs. He’s kindly offered to send one of you the full set, signed and printed at 13×19 inches.

International Year of Chemistry poster series

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

You can view all the larger images with some descriptive text here in Simon’s portfolio.


If you want to enter the draw for the full set of prints, all you need to do is leave a comment linking to one of your favourite poster designs, created by someone else, on any topic. I’ll draw one winner on Wednesday and update this post when done (notifying the winner by email).

Update: 16 November 2011
Dave Blackburn was randomly drawn as the winner. Thanks very much to everyone who left comments.

If you want Simon’s posters in other sizes, they’re available for purchase on inPRINT.

Visit Simon’s portfolio, blog, and Twitter.

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    Non-format’s poster designs have always been a huge influence to me and my work. Their refined skill and typographical excellence are just awe-inspiring to me. The poster series designed by Simon Page are a set I would absolutely love to add to my growing collection as a student. These are clean, creative, and eye-catching designs that would stop me in my tracks.

  2. Hi David—those are some beautiful posters you’re giving away. I’m a poster lover, my office at home (at work too!) is filled with posters. The link here shows the poster I currently have featured above my bed, signed and personalized. I love how graphic and emotional the poster is. John Seabury did a great job on this piece.

    Pick me for the posters!


  3. One of the most striking and well researched posters I came across a few years ago is by art director/designer Nathaniel Cooper.


    Very rarely do you come across such a fine balance between art and message without sacrificing functional utility as the creative’s endeavor.

    The reason why this poster works is that it embodies all the major themes of the play in a very matter-of-fact manner. Like a language, not just mere memorized statements. You have to be well versed with your subject to achieve such a natural flair. It is like answering ‘If The Glass Menagerie was a poster, how would it look like?’ by a point of a finger to this poster design.

  4. It’s challenging to select a favorite poster out of a sea of masterful works, however, one comes to mind that I have always enjoyed:

    Not only am I a huge fan of images illustrated by hand, rather than utilizing photography to get a point across, but I’m also drawn to the layout and color choices themselves, within this piece. In addition, this marks a huge moment in history, not only for Chicago, but for architecture, technology, & music (to name a few). The combination of the artistic and historic aspects of this particular poster have held my attention for years and I don’t see that wavering any time soon.

  5. Hey David….thanks for running this contest! It’s like a poster wonderland here…how are you ever going to choose? I have now been exposed to some really great posters …that I never knew existed!

  6. Whew!!! David, I couldn’t imagine having to select a winner based on the choices listed…..that would be a TOUGH job!

  7. I agree with Meredith, so you can just pick me. I’ll make it easy for you. Just kidding. Your posters are beautiful though and would make anyone proud to have.

    Thanks again.

  8. I know there is a lot of love for Starwars posters in general, and maybe I’m not very original in liking them, but my favorite one has always been a Russian one. From a time when the cold war set a boundary on American movies.

    I don’t know who did it, nor can I read the lines…but that’s what makes it such a fun mystery. Posters that you have to search for and delve deep to figure out.

    J Chema

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