International Year of Chemistry

It’s the International Year of Chemistry, and graphic designer Simon C Page (previously featured for his Year of Astronomy posters) has created a set of ten promotional poster designs. He’s kindly offered to send one of you the full set, signed and printed at 13×19 inches.

International Year of Chemistry poster series

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

International Year of Chemistry poster design

You can view all the larger images with some descriptive text here in Simon’s portfolio.


If you want to enter the draw for the full set of prints, all you need to do is leave a comment linking to one of your favourite poster designs, created by someone else, on any topic. I’ll draw one winner on Wednesday and update this post when done (notifying the winner by email).

Update: 16 November 2011
Dave Blackburn was randomly drawn as the winner. Thanks very much to everyone who left comments.

If you want Simon’s posters in other sizes, they’re available for purchase on inPRINT.

Visit Simon’s portfolio, blog, and Twitter.

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  1. It is difficult to choose a favorite poster but recently I came across these type posters based on one-liners by Arnold Schwarzenegger and it made me chuckle. The type is beautiful too. “If it bleeds, we can kill it” is my favorite from the set.

  2. I love Max Bills poster from the 1972 Olympics:

  3. Sean Stewart

    My Entry:
    Recently I’ve been loving the work of Kyle Kargov. Here’s a group Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners:

  4. Matthew Hauke

    Brockmann strikes again. His beautiful grid and typography that is intended to work at many distances. One of my favourites from his collection and the Swiss school in general.

  5. Wow, this set of posters is sensational! Here’s one of my favorite posters. Two Smashing Years by James White (signalnoise):

  6. Josh Yockey

    Non-format’s poster designs have always been a huge influence to me and my work. Their refined skill and typographical excellence are just awe-inspiring to me. The poster series designed by Simon Page are a set I would absolutely love to add to my growing collection as a student. These are clean, creative, and eye-catching designs that would stop me in my tracks.

  7. Awesome posters, would love to get my mitts on that prize.

    Some of my faves are by Matt Sundstrom


  8. Holly Detra

    Hi David—those are some beautiful posters you’re giving away. I’m a poster lover, my office at home (at work too!) is filled with posters. The link here shows the poster I currently have featured above my bed, signed and personalized. I love how graphic and emotional the poster is. John Seabury did a great job on this piece.

    Pick me for the posters!


  9. Sticking with a Max theme, Max Huber pull a few stunners off in his time, how about this one for Monza in 1957?

    Nice set by Page, not quite topping the astronomy ones in my opinion.

  10. I love this print – – the designer Andy J. Miller has a great style and flare for producing brilliant characters and settings.

    This print was for the Chicago Art Department, and his website is

  11. Scott Fuller

    Lancy Wyman’s poster designs for the ’68 Mexico Olympics. Just beautiful:

  12. Igor Kochajkiewicz

    I love gig poster design. Here’s an example.

  13. Tom Whalen creates amazing retro posters featuring comic super heroes and disney characters:

  14. I keep going back to Heads of State’s Gatsby Poster. Jordan’s business card is one of my favorite printed things. So beautifully appropriate.

  15. I really love design style for the Sasquatch Music Festival posters.

    The one from 2010 is my favourite

  16. Ellen Tolsma

    Still mesmerized by Brandon Schaefer’s film poster for the re-release of Kes earlier this year:

  17. Jason Day

    My favorite poster designer would be Cassandre –

    I especially love the series of ships/trains, as the architectural quality is amazing.

  18. I LOVE these posters! Thanks for the chance to win.

    One of my personal favorites is this Olma poster by Josef Muller-Brockmann:

    Amazing how it’s maintained its modernity. And I do love the color.


    I would love to have a set of these beautiful posters.

  20. These Posters are fantastic, but being the OCD Typographic guy I am, some of my favourite posters are still Cameron Moll’s Typography Architecture Posters. Like the “Colosseo”×16-signed-poster

  21. I saw these recently and they are excellent! What a fun giveaway.
    Here’s a favorite poster:

  22. Ikshit Pande

    One of the most striking and well researched posters I came across a few years ago is by art director/designer Nathaniel Cooper.


    Very rarely do you come across such a fine balance between art and message without sacrificing functional utility as the creative’s endeavor.

    The reason why this poster works is that it embodies all the major themes of the play in a very matter-of-fact manner. Like a language, not just mere memorized statements. You have to be well versed with your subject to achieve such a natural flair. It is like answering ‘If The Glass Menagerie was a poster, how would it look like?’ by a point of a finger to this poster design.

  23. I am very fond of Josef Müller-Brockmann’s poster designs.
    His “Beethoven” poster is among my favourites:

  24. You can’t imagine how bad I want to win these, they are beautiful!

  25. Stephanie

    Miss Van’s Corteo for Cirque Du Soleil is mesmerizing!

  26. Lowri Williams

    I love this Los Angeles poster by Jenny Beorkrem (ork posters)


    Love all of Paul Tebbbott’s posters but really enjoy this one.


    I love Saul Bass’ work and The Birds poster is one of my favorites. I think these Year of Science posters are wonderful and would love to frame them for my office.


  29. It’s challenging to select a favorite poster out of a sea of masterful works, however, one comes to mind that I have always enjoyed:

    Not only am I a huge fan of images illustrated by hand, rather than utilizing photography to get a point across, but I’m also drawn to the layout and color choices themselves, within this piece. In addition, this marks a huge moment in history, not only for Chicago, but for architecture, technology, & music (to name a few). The combination of the artistic and historic aspects of this particular poster have held my attention for years and I don’t see that wavering any time soon.

  30. Hey there!

    Wonderful contest, by the way. Although there are many fabulous posters to choose from out there, my most recent favorite has to be this letterpress-piece done by Yee-Haw Industries for the National Gallery of Art’s 2006 Dada Exhibition.

  31. I encountered Max Bills poster from the 1972 Olympics two weeks ago, what chance to find it here again! So i would say its my favorite even though all of them very unique:

  32. How bout the entire works of Aaron Draplin:

  33. These are so beautiful and detailed…

    I’ve run across a few neat poster designers recently. I’m a particular fan of Jason Munn’s work:
    It’s beautiful and geometric, and uses icons and imagery in such meaningful and deliberate ways.

    I’m also a huge fan of Sanna Annukka’s illustration style. She has some great posters here:

  34. Wow, to ask me to choose a favorite poster? Oh my… well, I guess I would have to go with this one then, I really really like it. I was done incredibly well.
    Not sure who it was by, but it was a contest entry from 2010 in the GRAPH EXPO student design competition. It is the very first image in this link, so you won’t have to navigate anything thankfully:

  35. Simon is constantly killing it and if I don’t win this I will just end up buying them anyway lol

    Last poster I bought:

  36. Fran Rosa

    Constructivism has always been a graphic reference to me. But this poster from Lissitzky crossed the line between being memorable and being unforgettable:
    Equally disturbing and magnetic.

  37. Breakfast at Tiffany’s resulted in a flurry of posters internationally but I REALLY liked this one!

  38. @Ikshit Pande…if I lose to you on this one…it makes sense! This is so striking!

  39. Hey David….thanks for running this contest! It’s like a poster wonderland here…how are you ever going to choose? I have now been exposed to some really great posters …that I never knew existed!

  40. John Daigneault

    Erik Nitsche’s classic General Dynamic Posters:

  41. Dan Morrison

    BIG fan of Jason Munns work, this one for the media arts aspect of the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art is one of my favourites from his latest series.

  42. Beautifully thought out and realised set of posters. With reference to your recent posts on Saul Bass and film titles, I’ve always enjoyed the film posters for Stanley Kubrick films. In particularly the simple typographic versions such as those for Barry Lyndon

  43. With a little help from a random number generator, Meredith. It’ll save a headache. Some brilliant posters listed.

  44. I absolutely adore Polish film posters, but two of my favourites have to be these: by Jan Lenica by Andrzej Pagowski

  45. There are some very beautiful posters in that set.
    One of my favourite illustrators is Shigeo Fukuda. Here’s one of his posters:

  46. Coming from an education from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), my eye is drawn to Swiss posters. However, recently I saw a poster series by Christian Jackson that were clever and simple based on children’s books .

  47. Really like these posters, but on closer inspection I think Simon’s poster for Star Trek, The Search for Spoke is brilliant.

    Oh and I really like the classic movie poster for Metrpolis

  48. Kristine Gallagher

    This one caught my eye most recently:

  49. Mark Robinson

    I don’t think you can beat Abraham Games on so many level. His creative talent, style, career range and general influence.

  50. Some of my favorite posters are by Erik Nitsche for General Dynamics in the 1950’s and 60’s. Amazing work and original stone litho’s can still be found at auctions.

  51. This collection of peace posters makes me smile…

    Simon’s chemistry posters would be a great gift to my daughter who will be pursuing a chemistry degree next year. I’m having a hard time choosing just one of them. Love them all.

  52. I really like this fan-made poster for the movie 2001:

  53. Some of my favourite posters here:
    Love this style

  54. John-Marc

    I love the original Woodstock poster.

  55. Great serie for sure. Some of them makes me think about Jason Munn minimalism. I’m a big fan of Jason Munn posters : If you like his work, I highly recommand his book “The Small Stakes” :

  56. I like some of the old fashioned posters, wartime posters, pre war, that sort of thing.

    This is a poster for Bisto: which I think is quite cool.

  57. Whew!!! David, I couldn’t imagine having to select a winner based on the choices listed…..that would be a TOUGH job!

  58. Holly Detra

    I agree with Meredith, so you can just pick me. I’ll make it easy for you. Just kidding. Your posters are beautiful though and would make anyone proud to have.

    Thanks again.

  59. I know there is a lot of love for Starwars posters in general, and maybe I’m not very original in liking them, but my favorite one has always been a Russian one. From a time when the cold war set a boundary on American movies.

    I don’t know who did it, nor can I read the lines…but that’s what makes it such a fun mystery. Posters that you have to search for and delve deep to figure out.

    J Chema

  60. I absolutely love this series by Simon Page! It’s good, clean, simple design.

    One of my all time favorite studios is Invisible Creature. I have been following these guys since the days of Asterik. Truly beautiful work!

    Here’s just one of the many, many awesome posters they have created, and a personal favorite,

    Jeremy T.

  61. And the winner is…

    Dave Blackburn.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your faves, everyone.

  62. Posters received David – many thanks, a really nice collection.

  63. Great. Glad you like them, Dave.

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