Chase Jarvis photography in motion

Above is an uncut series of still photographs created in five days for personal work and for promoting the 2007 Hasselblad Masters.

According to photographer Chase Jarvis, only 6 to 10 of the 2000 images captured will ever be used commercially or for fine art.

If you enjoyed that vid, you’ll like this behind the scenes clip from one of Chase’s recent shoots, capturing ninjas.

Inside “The Black Box”

I found the above video on Chase Jarvis’ blog, where he adds:

“I’m posting this as part of my continuing mission to show what goes on inside “The Black Box” of commercial photography, uncovering what’s behind images you see for everything from Apple to Zillow, Microsoft, Nike, and everything in between.”

I’m not the only admirer of Chase Jarvis’ work.

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  1. “I’m not the only admirer of Chase Jarvis’ work.”

    Wow.. innovative way to link to a lot of posts!

  2. Thanks for this post David – that was totally cool. I love photography, and am dying for a better camera, as much as I like my Canon point and shoot. It’s always inspiring to see great work, and especially nice to see the behind-the-scenes stuff!

  3. Wow that was hella sweet! I’m really curious what the finished product for that Ninja shoot looks like.

  4. im speechless. @PG took the words right out of my mouth.

  5. Asgeir Hoem

    Wow. That’s incredibly cool. Not does the photo session itself look cool – but there’s ninjas. Swords. Jumping. I have never seen professional photo sessions like this. Thanks for posting.

  6. Thank you VERY much for this resouces David, I will be posting this to DeviantArt community and I will be crediting you mate.

  7. I’m glad you all enjoyed the video clips. Chase is obviously very talented so it’s a pleasure to give him what added exposure I can.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed those. Some great work! Can I have some More Please!

  9. Thanks for the kind words, friends. OK, the irony in this is that I find THIS blog incredibly inspiring. David – you’re a machine…there’s so much to read and learn here, it’s overwhelming (in a good way). Kudos to you AND the fine community here.

    Couple quickies…!?! cool. (that would be an honor and I’d love to get some more feedback)

    -Johno: more is on the way… Trust me ;)

    -@PG, musicmixingguru: there are some images on my site from these shoots… They’re far from “finished” as we’re buried right now. They’ll see some more polishing in the not-too-distant future. And there are plenty more that we’ll hope to get online soon aside from the few at the end of the vid clips and on the portfolio section of my site.

    -lastly, anybody feel like chiming in as to which one of the two concepts above is more valuable, interesting, or intriguing??? ChaseJarvisFRAMES:Hasselblad Masters (top) or ChaseJarvisRAW:Ninja (bottom)? Thanks!

  10. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that camera alone is around £17,000, never mind all the lighting, etc, etc.

    Cool find my friend.

  11. Chase,

    Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words about my site!

    In response to your question, I’d love to see both concepts used for the same shoot i.e. a ‘behind the scenes’ video for FRAMES: Hasselblad or a series of stills for RAW: Ninja.

    The two concepts together would be a superb addition to any portfolio, giving a more complete insight into your work.

    It’d be good to read what the others think here.

  12. @ David, thanks for linking back to me and thanks for the information about RAW:Ninjas

    @ Chase

    I like the two concepts very well. It’s a incredibly good way to see the processes and your work. I don’t remember how often i replayed the first clip… i spent a long time staring at your pictures, and i was facinated each time i saw the pictures again!

    As David stated in the last comment, it would be nice to see the combination of both concepts for the same shoot.

    Both concepts are intresting. the first concept FRAMES shows a lot about the process in a shooting.

    The second concept RAW aims to show the work around (makeup, ideas, environment).

    Both are very intresting, because a shooting in this dimension is not everydays business. I hope there will be a lot more like this ;-)

  13. Cool – thanks for the feedback. There will be a LOT more.

    We’re working to integrate the two concepts on some of the same shoots… we were originally thinking it might take the right kind of shoot for both concepts to fly well alongside one another, but I think we’re moving more toward the ‘show it even if it’s not ideal’ viewpoint. More soon…

    Anybody else have feedback on the two concepts? Your thoughts are really valuable to our ability/desire to purvey these thingies. I got my ears up if anybody wants to share…Thanks!

  14. Would it be rude if I just said “lovely jubbly”

  15. I’m sure Chase would appreciate it, Rajesh. You’ll find much more of his work (more recent, too) over on his excellent studio website.

  16. I’ve already made a note for viewing with a cup of tea in hand, later today : )

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