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Google search rank drop: advice needed

David Airey web traffic

If you show advertising on your website / blog, or are thinking of doing so, this is something you need to know.

I’ve just removed what little advertising there was on my blog. The ads were shown below my category list, and included just four simple text link ads (two for print cartridge retailers and two for web template sites).

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Google Analytics: referring sites

Google Analytics David Airey

Google Analytics (the web statistics package) can tell you a lot about your website, and one of those things is where your visitors arrive from. This is where knowledge of your “referring sites” proves useful.

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$5000 college web design scholarship

College scholarship

CollegeScholarships.org are offering the princely sum of $5,000 to the winner of their student web design contest.

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davidairey.com gets a new look

water drops

Ever since I started publishing articles on this blog, I knew I had to launch my own WordPress theme, rather than using a modified version of someone elses. There will no doubt be some bugs and tweaks in the coming weeks, especially as this is my first ever custom WordPress theme design.

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One vital addition to any monetized blog

IDBI Bank advertisement

If you’re like me, you’ll be passionate about the subject you write about, caring less about any monetary gain and more about a genuine interest in the topic.

You’ll also want to cover the costs of your web hosting, and might place a few relevant ads across your site / blog (you can see how I do this in my right sidebar, under the ‘featured sites’ heading).

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