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New portfolio complete

Davidson Locksmith padlock

Thanks very much to everyone who offered feedback last month. You were a great help.

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Experimenting with a new portfolio design

portfolio experiment

I’m always interested to know what you think, so if you have any thoughts, please comment.

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light writing alphabet

A Friday meme started by Tim Van Damme.

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Forget about design

old shoes new shoes

We judge people by how they look. It’s an everyday occurrence, no matter how unfair. But what if appearances didn’t matter? What if we could just say what’s on our minds and not worry about clothes, hair, makeup?

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7 SEO blogs and 21 useful articles

bar graph

As a self-employed graphic designer, reliant on my website for most new business, it makes sense to learn how to improve Google rankings. Here I point you in the direction of a few helpful SEO blogs, with links to particularly relevant articles.

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