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The importance of a quality web host

Web hosting

When choosing your own host, don’t get sucked in by marketing spiel.

From nowhere to the first page of Google and Yahoo in 11 days

Graphic design Edinburgh

Just 11 days ago I was nowhere to be seen when searching for specific keywords. Today I’m on the first page of Google at number eight, and on the first page of Yahoo at number six.

Graphic design Edinburgh and keyword search ranking

Pantone color

How highly do you rank in search engines?

What is RSS?

Watch and learn how you can benefit by using RSS subscriptions. This short video tutorial from commoncraft describes how to save yourself time. Go on, get fed.

Dawud Miracle’s critique of my logo blog

Dawud Miracle

In the spirit of giving back to those who read your blog (the SOAP programme I wrote about earlier) Dawud Miracle, of Healthy WebDesign, has kindly written quite an in-depth critique of my logo design website.

Valuable tips for your blog design

Design quote

The design of your blog can greatly improve reader retention, so to help, here are a number of great post sharing valuable blog design tips.

Five important design tips for your blog


Here are five important design tips for your website / blog. Pay attention and you’ll give your visitors a much better experience.

My personal critique of Marc Rapp’s blog

Uniquely the Epitome screenshot

A few weeks ago I asked you how can I improve my blog? I thought the response was superb! website critique

Urban Fonts

There are so many font sites out there that for the first time searcher it’s kind of over-whelming. You need time on your side when choosing the right fit for your design work. I think is the first font site that I’ve taken a decent look at through my blog posts, and I’m doing so after they paid ReviewMe for my time.

Who’s for short loin?

Your guide to beef cuts

How much do you know about the steak you’re eating?

Music you enjoy, but didn’t know

Pandora is a nice free online music player that lets you enter your favourite musicians or bands and it’ll create custom stations around their music genre.

Best designed website?

When it comes to the first time you view a website, what do you look for? I suppose that hinges on the purpose of your visit. For instance,…

Over 50 CSS tips

A little freshness

If you’re like me then we both have a basic grasp of CSS.