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Why are designers never 100% satisfied?

orange pacman eating limes

Ask any designer if they’re 100% satisfied with their work, and whether openly admitted or not, there’s a very high chance of a negative response.

Creating an online graphic design portfolio

Apple laptop

Costly mistakes can lose you the client before you know it.

Tips for buying domain names ebook


Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips has published his first ebook, Killer Domains.

An informal chat with Google

Google talk

We’ve had our ups and downs, haven’t we, Google?

Should links open in a new window?

window fitter

This is a web usability question that concerns you, the people who read my blog, and also those who author their own blogs / websites. It seems that some people actually get angry when a website takes control of their browser by opening a new tab, and of course that’s not what I want here.

How to deter image and bandwidth theft

take control

It drains the bandwidth I’m paying my web host for.

My rollercoaster relationship with Google

Google roller coaster

A wry smile spread across my face today, and I gave a little chuckle.

I’ve come to realise that I need to hire a full-time SEO expert to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Yep, once again my Google search rankings are down the pan.

Collective effort restores David

New York Times logo

Three days ago, I reported on a GMail security flaw resulting in the theft of my domain name.

Today, I am delighted, humbled and relieved, to announce that is now back in my possession. Read on for more details.

WARNING: Google’s Gmail security failure leaves my business sabotaged

Gmail hacked

That’s what has happened to me, and I’ll tell you all I know.

David hacked

hacked off

As many of you know, I left for vacation last month. In hindsight, I should’ve kept this information private.

On the day I left, a hacker logged into my webhost support site and asked for the details to transfer the domain.

Online marketing for logo designers

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I specialise in brand identity design, but that’s not to say I should focus 100% of my efforts on marketing myself as such.

The 30 month evolution of my online graphic design portfolio

New Dawn Graphics website

It’s been a bumpy ride through the wonders of Microsoft FrontPage, overusing tables, and the tale of one man marketing himself as a large corporation.

How I reversed my Google ranking penalty

Google penalty

Yesterday, through a large increase in site visitors, I discovered that my Google penalty had been lifted. In this post, I’m going to tell you why I was penalised by Google, what I did to have the penalty removed, and how you can avoid a similar penalty for your website.

Google search rank drop: advice needed

David Airey web traffic

If you show advertising on your website, this is something you need to know. I’ve just removed what little advertising there was on my blog.

Google Analytics: referring sites

Google Analytics David Airey

Google Analytics (the web statistics package) can tell you a lot about your website, and one of those things is where your visitors arrive from. This is where knowledge of your “referring sites” proves useful.

$5000 college web design scholarship

College scholarship are offering the princely sum of $5,000 to the winner of their student web design contest. gets a new look

water drops

Ever since I started publishing articles on this blog, I knew I had to launch my own WordPress theme, rather than using a modified version of someone elses. There will no doubt be some bugs and tweaks in the coming weeks, especially as this is my first ever custom WordPress theme design.

One vital addition to any monetized blog

IDBI Bank advertisement

If you’re like me, you’ll be passionate about the subject you write about, caring less about any monetary gain and more about a genuine interest in the topic.

You’ll also want to cover the costs of your web hosting, and might place a few relevant ads across your site / blog (you can see how I do this in my right sidebar, under the ‘featured sites’ heading).

Five ways to build trust online


Five simple steps that have helped me build trust online.

Website Grader – free tips to improve your blog

Website Grader

No matter what line of business you’re in, it’s vital that you can measure the results of your endeavours. If you spend any amount of time dealing with websites, you’ll understand the importance of statistics, and how they can track progress and provide pointers for improvement.

What does your website say about you?


Your website opens doors to contacts you’d never imagine you’d meet. Now more than ever, millions of people have access to your online presence, and whether you like it or not, they’ll immediately judge you upon your site design.

The importance of a quality web host

Web hosting

When choosing your own host, don’t get sucked in by marketing spiel.

From nowhere to the first page of Google and Yahoo in 11 days

Graphic design Edinburgh

Just 11 days ago I was nowhere to be seen when searching for specific keywords. Today I’m on the first page of Google at number eight, and on the first page of Yahoo at number six.

Graphic design Edinburgh and keyword search ranking

Pantone color

How highly do you rank in search engines?

What is RSS?

Watch and learn how you can benefit by using RSS subscriptions. This short video tutorial from commoncraft describes how to save yourself time. Go on, get fed.

Dawud Miracle’s critique of my logo blog

Dawud Miracle

In the spirit of giving back to those who read your blog (the SOAP programme I wrote about earlier) Dawud Miracle, of Healthy WebDesign, has kindly written quite an in-depth critique of my logo design website.

Valuable tips for your blog design

Design quote

The design of your blog can greatly improve reader retention, so to help, here are a number of great post sharing valuable blog design tips.

Five important design tips for your blog


Here are five important design tips for your website / blog. Pay attention and you’ll give your visitors a much better experience.

My personal critique of Marc Rapp’s blog

Uniquely the Epitome screenshot

A few weeks ago I asked you how can I improve my blog? I thought the response was superb!