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Site changes


After four or five years using my old custom theme it was time for an update.

Identityworks retirement


Tony Spaeth’s site was one of the first that inspired me to build my own.


Responsive design

I’ve been meaning to launch a responsive WordPress theme for quite a while.

From the reader #22

Steven Heller in conversation with Milton Glaser. An interesting listen.

Busier than expected


The other night I watched Panorama’s Tainted Love episode.

On selling websites

Heart dollar

Last week I was offered a five-figure sum for the sale of the Logo Design Love website.

Interactive mind maps

Visual thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus. A kind of interactive mind map.

WordPress vs ExpressionEngine

WordPress ExpressionEngine logo

Some decent reads on the pros and cons of each platform.

Bob Gill

Bob Gill website

He has a talent for turning design briefs into simple, memorable, appropriate, and witty outcomes.

How and why to add feed-specific content using WordPress

WordPress symbol

If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend giving PostPost a go.

To the commentators

Blog comment count

In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action.

Using Twitter in the information (overload) age

information overload

As someone who does almost 100% of my business online, a need to filter the bombardment of info ranks highly when it comes to paying the bills.

Online advertising earnings

painted dollar sign

Details of my online advertising earnings and website traffic for March 2011.

Don’t build websites using Flash

The Flash logo

If your website is built using Flash, that’s 15M+ potential customers you’re alienating.

Boycotting GoDaddy

elephant close up

I don’t want to give my money to a man who glorifies elephant-hunting.

Twitter recommendations

Twitter typography

Rather than restrict myself to 140 characters, or Friday, here’s my take.

Amazon Associates: helping designers look sharp

Amazon smile logo

It’s hard to imagine someone clicking an Amazon link for a design book, then thinking to themselves, “Mmmm, peanut butter.” But it happens.

Design blogs on my subscription list

blue neon arrow

You said you’d like to see what’s on my subscription list.

ICDSoft web hosting

computer tunnel

I received a nice email from my web host, ICDSoft, offering a couple of free accounts for any sites I was planning to launch. There’s nothing I want to use them for, so thought I’d give the codes to you.

WordPress plugins on

WordPress logos

A list of the WordPress plugins I’ve installed to make the most of the publishing platform.

Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference

Mission Bay Conference Center

The Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference is taking place in June, and I have a pair of tickets worth $1,390 to give to a reader.

How to improve your website’s about page

Always be a first rate version of yourself

Here are some tips that’ll have your “about” page in excellent shape.

New portfolio complete

Davidson Locksmith padlock

Thanks very much to everyone who offered feedback last month. You were a great help.

Experimenting with a new portfolio design

portfolio experiment

I’m always interested to know what you think, so if you have any thoughts, please comment.


light writing alphabet

A Friday meme started by Tim Van Damme.

Forget about design

old shoes new shoes

We judge people by how they look. It’s an everyday occurrence, no matter how unfair. But what if appearances didn’t matter? What if we could just say what’s on our minds and not worry about clothes, hair, makeup?

7 SEO blogs and 21 useful articles

bar graph

Here are a few helpful SEO blogs, with links to particularly relevant articles.

Google report Gmail problem as phishing

Google blog

One year after my domain name was stolen, Google’s Chris Evans has published a blog article reporting the theft as a phishing scheme, whereby the victim is tricked into sharing their email login details.

Orange anyone?

orange splash

As many of you know, I’ve been contemplating a site re-design for a while. Designers are never 100% satisfied.

Rather than a complete overhaul (it ain’t broke…), I opted for a simple colour change. Read on for a ‘before and after’.

The real value of keyword-rich domains

http domain name

I thought I’d share the importance of keywords within domain names.