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Poster design inspiration from Switzerland

Swiss poster 1

For the poster design lovers out there I recommend a tour of this Swiss poster collection. The one above was designed by Ralph Schraivogel, Zürich, in 1994.

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UrbanFonts.com website critique

Urban Fonts

There are so many font sites out there that for the first time searcher it’s kind of over-whelming. You need time on your side when choosing the right fit for your design work. I think UrbanFonts.com is the first font site that I’ve taken a decent look at through my blog posts, and I’m doing so after they paid ReviewMe for my time.

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Pulp Fiction in typography

Here’s a nice example of typography, designed around a scene from the excellent Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction. Please be aware that there’s some harsh language throughout the video clip.

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How to use typography in music videos

The Child

Typography can be seen all around us, in almost every aspect of our lives. There’s a music video, called ‘The Child’ for French DJ Alex Gopher, which was created back in 1999 and it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. In fact, even if you have it’s still enjoyable.

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Movie title sequences

Movie title sequence

How big a movie fan are you? Do you get to the cinema early so you can watch the trailers or do you leave it until the last minute?

I’m a big movie lover. Especially those films with an added design element at the beginning.

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