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Pairing typefaces in book design

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Choosing typefaces is one of the two most important choices you make when designing a book.

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Arcano Type

Arcano Type

In a project a little reminiscent of Miles Newlyn’s work for Unilever, graphic designer Giuseppe Salerno of Valencia-based Resistenza spent the past four months producing Arcano Type.

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This is the end

The End

A gallery of the end titles from Warner Bros. movies (1924-1967), collated by designer Christian Annyas. Mouse-over each image (there, not here) to reveal the movie.

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Typography field guide

Erik Spiekermann quote

Quick mention for FontShop’s education page that includes useful typography PDFs.

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HypeForType font giveaway

typewriter letter s

Online type foundry HypeForType has kindly agreed to give you a choice of typeface from its collection.

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