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Top 3 graphic design mistakes Americans make

Poster design inspiration from Switzerland

Swiss poster 1

For the poster design lovers out there I recommend a tour of this Swiss poster collection. The one above was designed by Ralph Schraivogel, Z├╝rich, in 1994.

Pulp Fiction in typography

An example of how typography can be used to accentuate language.

How to use typography in music videos

The Child

Typography can be seen all around us, in almost every aspect of our lives. There’s a music video, called ‘The Child’ for French DJ Alex Gopher, which was created back in 1999 and it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. In fact, even if you have it’s still enjoyable.

Movie title sequences

Movie title sequence

How big a movie fan are you? Do you get to the cinema early so you can watch the trailers or do you leave it until the last minute?

I’m a big movie lover. Especially those films with an added design element at the beginning.

Typography School

On the effects computers are having on the next generation of type users.

abc…xyz F*?! off

How proficient is your sign language? This collection of matchbooks gives a little refresher course, doubling up as some clever design. It’s a novel idea that I hadn’t…

Helvetica, Arial, Univers?

Flowing mainly around the distinctions between Arial and Helvetica, there’s some good typography chat over at Noisy Decent Graphics. The comments are interesting, particularly these from Bruno Magg….

Do you have an eye for typography?


Take this 30 second test to see how easily you can tell the difference between Arial and Helvetica.