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Turn your type drawings into a font using Fontself — software extensions for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adrian Frutiger, 1928-2015

Adrian Frutiger

Renowned Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger died on September 12th after a lifetime of creating some of the most highly regarded typefaces in the world.

The Art of Hermann Zapf

The Art of Hermann Zapf

The Art of Hermann Zapf was the idea of Hallmark Cards. The company wanted to make an educational film to be lent to art schools and TV stations.

Fontstand launches

Fontstand foundries

Fontstand is a Mac OS X app that allows you to try fonts for free or rent them by the month for desktop use.

Typefaces for people with dyslexia

Dyslexia typeface sketch

When they’re reading, people with dyslexia often unconsciously switch, rotate, and mirror letters in their minds.


TextPref symbol

Together with a small international team, designer Miles Newlyn has just launched the TextPref type foundry.


Guillermo font

Creating a collection of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people.

Typeface combinations used in design books

Thinking with Type

Look for typefaces designed by the same designer or created during the same era.

From the reader #25


Deiter Steffmann’s type collection of Blackletter is free to download.

The Geometry of Type

The Geometry of Type

An intricate look at the construction of 100 traditional and modern typefaces.

The ubiquity of Helvetica

Subway signage Helvetica

Good design is unobtrusive and long lasting. That’s Helvetica.

From the reader #21

Italy flag from food

National flags made from each country’s traditional foods, by WHYBIN \ TBWA.

Banknotes for the visually impaired

Canadian banknote

Only the United States prints bills that are identical in size and colour in all their denominations.

Fontfabric free fonts

The Kabel font

I like the look of some of these free fonts.


WORDS font

Two Three free fonts as alternatives to Lorem Ipsum.

Idler, a modular typeface family by Lamesville

Idler typeface

Idler is an all caps, modular display typeface family for big, bold lettering.

Tien-Min Liao’s handmade type

Handmade type

This is a self-initiated typographic experiment that explores the relationships between upper-case and lower-case letters, and also records the transformation between them.

From the reader #8

Dark Side of the Doritos

I love this Food Stuff Flickr set.

Blanch font family, free download

Blanch font family

The Blanch font file is available as a free download.

Kerning game

Kerning game

Sounds nerdy. Probably is. Fun, though!

Just My Type

Just My Type

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts is a light-hearted collection of stories aimed at non-designers.

San Serriffe

San Serriffe

San Serriffe — my next island destination.

Type foundries worth a look

wood type numbers

It’s always useful to have a collection of type foundries to call upon. Here are a few notable mentions.

Pairing typefaces in book design

Typeface characteristics

Choosing typefaces is one of the two most important choices you make when designing a book.

Arcano Type

Arcano Type

In a project a little reminiscent of Miles Newlyn’s work for Unilever, graphic designer Giuseppe Salerno of Valencia-based Resistenza spent the past four months producing Arcano Type.

This is the end

The End

A gallery of the end titles from Warner Bros. movies (1924-1967), collated by designer Christian Annyas. Mouse-over each image (there, not here) to reveal the movie.

Typography field guide

Erik Spiekermann quote

Quick mention for FontShop’s education page that includes useful typography PDFs.

HypeForType font giveaway

typewriter letter s

Online type foundry HypeForType has kindly agreed to give you a choice of typeface from its collection.

Hatch Show Print

Hatch Show Print

A fascinating eight-minute look at Hatch Show Print, a 130 year-old working letterpress shop (established 1879) in Nashville, Tennessee.

The art of the title sequence

Catch Me If You Can title sequence

The title sequence for Catch Me If You Can, in particular, is one of my favourites, and here are a few others worthy of a mention.